Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE) wins 1st National Zone B1 La Souterraine yearlings with Bocca

The 3rd of July 2016 was another great day for Johan De Belser from Berlaar. Johan won a zonal first prize in Zone B1 from La Souterraine with racing bird Bocca, which was the fastest of 2,695 one year olds.

Johan De Belser and Bocca

Once more La Souterraine

It would be impossible to include every top result of Johan De Belser and his outstanding pigeon family, since he has already won several provincial, zonal and national top prizes. Six years ago he was particularly successful in La Souterraine as well, winning a 6th and 7th National against 17,005 young birds with two grandchildren of the outstanding Den 500. In addition, they finished in 2nd and 3rd place provincial against 2,507 young birds. Racing bird Bocca (BE15-6046414) was victorious in this year's edition of La Souterraine, being the fastest of 2,695 yearlings in Zone B1. He also finished in 3rd place national against 9,580 yearlings. Interestingly enough, Bocca is a great-grandchild of that same Den 500.

BE15-6046414 Bocca, 1st National Zone B1 La Souterraine (2,695 yearlings)

BE15-6046414 Bocca

Bocca is a wonderful blue coloured cock that has already won a 10th prize from Souppes sur Loing against 1,800 pigeons. His sire is a son of 709-10, a brother of Palme D'Or, which bred two national ace pigeons for Cassaert-Sénéchal. The dam is Dolcy, an excellent breeding hen. She is a granddaughter of De 500, which is in turn the grandfather of the 6th and 7th National La Souterraine 2010 against 17,009 young birds. You can find the full pedigree of Bocca here.

We have included the full results of the yearlings' race from La Souterraine on 3rd of July:

Houtvense Fondclub (234 YLs): 1-4-31-43-... (5/9)
Provincial (1,512 YLs): 2-25-174-... (5/9)
Zone B1 (2,695 YLs): 1-23-207-... (5/9)
National (9,580 YLs): 3-100-718-951-... (5/9)