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Nico van Noordenne (Hardinxveld-Giessendam, NL) wins two first prizes in Entente ZH-East in Province 5 once again

Nico Van Noordenne’s team for 2016 consists solely of yearlings, since he sold his entire collection of old birds last winter. However, his opponents have learned that Nico’s yearlings have great potential as well: they have already won two first prizes in the highly competitive Entente ZH-East in Province 5 this season.

Nico van Noordenne

A fresh start with the yearlings

As many of you know, Nico sold his highly successful team of racing birds in December 2015. This means he was left with only a team of promising yearlings for 2016. This has turned out to be a very talented generation, as you can tell from their results of 2016 so far:

09-4-2016 Duffel              996 pigeons  7-8-9-32-34-etc.(39/22)
23-4-2016 Quiévrain         3,179 pigeons  2-5-17-24-32-65-68-86-91-etc.(34/27)
30-4-2016 Quiévrain         3,395 pigeons  1-24-26-29-38-46-etc.(32/19)
15-5-2016 Pont-St.-Maxence  3,075 pigeons  8-10-15-27-31-55-61-68-75-etc.(30/26)
21-5-2016 Nanteuil            870 pigeons  4-14-15-37-67-etc.(27/11)
28-5-2016 Quiévrain         1,874 pigeons  10-32-46-47-48-49-50-79-86-etc.(20/15)
05-6-2016 Menen             2,504 pigeons  1-71-89-97-etc.(12/6)
12-6-2016 Peronne           1,509 pigeons  13-19-20-22-24-29-54-etc. (12/11)

This is a great palmares, especially for a team of yearlings. We take a closer look at the winners from Quiévrain and Menen.

NL15-1718095, winner Quiévrain

NL15-1718095, 1st Quiévrain 3,395 pigeons

The race from Quiévrain on 30th of April 2016 was won by the outstanding pale cock NL15-1718095. This one year old not only won the race, he was also 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint in the union which Nico competes in, with a considerable lead. This pigeon is expected to get high marks in the pigeon championship of Entente ZH-East in Province 5 as well. The 095/15 originates from the same bloodlines that have led to great results in the lofts in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. He is a half brother of Nico's top class pigeon No Limit, whose palmares includes a 1st Prov. Creil against 12,243 pigeons. It explains why 095/15 is now called Limit 095. Click here for the pedigree of NL15-1718095. These are the best results of Limit 095 this season:

30-4-2016 Quiévrain    1st  against 3,395 pigeons in entente ZH-East in Province 5 
12-6-2016 Peronne      20th against 1,509 pigeons in entente ZH-East in Province 5 
16-4-2016 Asse-Zellik  30th against 3,504 pigeons in entente ZH-East in Province 5 

NL15-3539967, winner in Menen

NL15-3539967, 1st Menen 2,504 pigeons

The race from Menen on 5th of June 2016 was easily won by NL15-3539967. Nico purchased this cock on the Dutch Golden Classic, a young birds' competition in South Holland. He is bred by pigeon fancier P. Van Gelder from Rotterdam; click here for the pedigree of NL-3539967. The 967/15 has shown to be in great form over the past three weeks, as you can tell from the following results:

28-5-2016 Quiévrain   10th against 1,874 pigeons in Entente ZH East in Province 5 
05-6-2016 Menen        1st against 2,504 pigeons in Entente ZH East in Province 5 
12-6-2016 Peronne     22nd against 1,509 pigeons in Entente ZH East in Province 5 

Successful in other lofts as well

The pigeons of Nico van Noordenne have been equally successful in other lofts as well. For instance, Mark van de Berg from Ijsselmuiden achieved a great result only last weekend with a Van Noordenne pigeon. And last year we also reported about the impressive results of racing bird Nico, ring number NL14-1071912. This great looking blue white cock was bred by Nico Van Noordenne before moving to the lofts of Mark van de Berg (Ijsselmuiden, NL). Nico is a son of top class pigeon Alonso, making him a grandson of Nico's top breeder Torero. Nico won a 1st NPO North Province 8 from Chateaudun (596km) against 3,107 pigeons, and a 2nd NPO overall in Province 8 against 5,820 pigeons. He is quite a talented racing bird!

Nico, bred by Nico van Noordenne​

And several more fanciers have won top prizes with descendants of Nico's pigeons. Leo Baardman from Hardinxveld-Giessendam won a 4th Pont-St.-Maxence against 12,589 pigeons (and 4th fastest overall against 34,493 pigeons) with a granddaughter of Torero. Martial Maindrelle from France claimed victory in the interprovincial race from Bergerac against 2,955 pigeons recently with a granddaughter of Torero. You can find the pedigree of this racing bird here. And the list goes on.

What does 2016 hold in store?

Nico started the season wondering if his yearlings could match his results from recent seasons, but they were clearly up for the job: Nico is once again one of the leading names this season, with a very strong team of yearlings. We look forward to his achievements this season.