Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) had another splendid one day long distance season in 2015

We assume almost every fancier has heard of Koen Minderhoud's famous Geeloger, a great champion that managed to win three provincial first prizes in a single season in 2013. Koen promptly transferred him to the breeding loft, where he developed into an invaluable breeding pigeon in the following years.

Koen Minderhoud and his famous Geeloger

The renowned Geeloger NL11-3014703

The NL11-3014703 called De Geeloger was from a different planet in 2013. The blue coloured racing bird won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Allround in The Netherlands and 3rd International Ace Pigeon Allround at the Europa Cup that season. These titles were won based on the following results:

1st Prov. Pithiviers     – 6,340 p. 2013
1st NPO La Souterraine   – 3,077 p. 2013
1st NPO Chateauroux      – 2,227 p. 2013
3rd Prov. Gien           – 3,824 p. 2013
6th Prov. Morlincourt    – 6,625 p. 2013

Indeed, this pigeon had won three provincial first prizes in a single season. This means he also won three teletext prizes: twice in the NPO one day long distance and once in a provincial middle distance race. Not many pigeons have achieved this feat.

The sire of Geeloger is Gebroken Vleugel, winner of a 4th NPO Montluçon against 4196 pigeons and a 7th provincial Creil against 10083 pigeons. Gebroken Vleugel is also the sire of Dagfond Duifje, 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon with three first prizes. You can read more about Dagfond Duifje 041 later in this article. The dam of Geeloger is Fransiska, a direct Albert Derwa and a direct daughter of the exceptional breeding hen Paulien. She was 8th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance, having won a 1st semi nat. Chateauroux 8,218 p., a 1st Prov. Gueret 1,298 p., a 2nd Prov. Blois 2,836 p. and a 10th semi nat. Argenton 7,353 p. Click here for the pedigree of Geeloger.

Stock breeder: De Gebroken Vleugel

As we said, the NL05-0514804 De Gebroken Vleugel is the sire of many great pigeons in this loft. He is an excellent breeder, having raised multiple generations of top quality pigeons. He is not only the sire of Geeloger but also Dagfond Duifje NL08-3812041. This pigeon won many early prizes in the NPO competition, including most notably a 4th NPO La Souterraine against 3388 pigeons. Dagfond Duifje is now paired to NL10-3011170, a pair that has bred many outstanding pigeons. Blauwe 170 was a great racing bird as well, having won two second prizes NPO: a 2nd NPO Chateauroux against 5,223 pigeons as a one year old and a 2nd NPO La Souterraine against 3,077 pigeons in 2013, where he was beaten by his famous loft mate Geeloger. Below is a picture of the renowned Super Koppel breeding pair.

The youngsters of this super class pair: "Turbo's"

We begin with Late Turbo 608 NL11-3014608, which won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon one day long distance in Province 1 Zeeland in 2013. He has quite an impressive palmares already, and the results below show that he is very talented bird:

2nd Prov.  - Roye           7,452 pigeons 
2nd Prov.  - Gien           3,824 pigeons
2nd NPO    - Chateauroux    2,227 pigeons 
4th NPO    - Chateauroux    3,238 pigeons 
4th SS     - Sens           1,412 pigeons 
7th Prov.  - Souppes-s.-L.  6,036 pigeons 
8th NPO    - Ruffec         2,084 pigeons

The next pigeon from the Turbo generation is Nieuwe Turbo NL11-3014705. This cock became 4th Ace Pigeon one day long distance Province 1 Zeeland '96 in 2013, while finishing in 3rd place at the 2014 Ace Pigeon championship middle distance Province 1 Zeeland '96. His best results are discussed in detail below. Click here for the pedigree of 705/11.

The one day long distance races of 2015

This loft only took part in four one day long distance races this season, and Koen managed to claim victory in Entente 7 both in Bourges and Argenton. He finished in second place Entente in the race from La Souterraine. We take a look at his four one day long distance races of 2015:

Entente 7:

24-05-15  Bourges        825 pigeons  1-2-12-27-30-48-61-98-etc. (20/10)
07-06-15  Argenton       604 pigeons  1-3-9-17-23-24-35-44-54-74-80-etc. (26/16)
20-06-15  La Souteraine  469 pigeons  2-10-21-32-34-72-76-78-etc. (14/8)
18-07-15  Chateauroux    474 pigeons  12-20-31-49-61-98-etc. (16/6)


24-05-15  Bourges        4,278 pigeons  5-6-56-114-124-249-302-449-etc. (20/10)
07-06-15  Argenton       2,984 pigeons  5-9-27-45-55-110-111-146-169-221-246-etc. (26/16)
20-06-15  La Souteraine  2,119 pigeons  9-34-72-106-114-222-etc. (14/9)
18-07-15  Chateauroux    2,549 pigeons  89-132-171-234-283-etc. (16/6)

Koen's racing birds managed to win no less than five top ten prizes at provincial level, adding an additional five NPO teletext prizes to his already impressive palmares. This is a major achievement!

This list of achievements resulted in a number of championship prizes as well: he won the title of 1st Champion one day long distance in his Entente, as well as a 1st and 5th Ace Pigeon. In addition, he won a 1st Ace Pigeon championship and a 6th one day long distance championship at provincial level. His NL13-1298110 won the ace pigeon championship in the entente and at provinciel level with ease. This hen, of which we do not have a picture yet, is a daughter of Albert Derwa's Fransiska, which we mentioned earlier on. This makes her another half sister of the renowned Geeloger. These top quality bloodlines continue to show up in the pedigrees of countless prize winners. Click here for the pedigree of the 110/13.

That same bloodline has also given the hen NL11-3014591, a full sister of Dagfond Duifje 041 and a half sister of Geeloger. Click here for the pedigree of 591/11. She knows how to win early prizes, just like her illustrious half brother and sister; she won the following top results in the first three one day long distance races:

24-05-15  Bourges        4,278 pigeons  6th
07-06-15  Argenton       2,984 pigeons  55th
20-06-15  La Souteraine  2,119 pigeons  9th

Another top class racing bird of 2015 and winner of a teletext prize is  NL14-34113280 Den Argenton, a direct son of Geeloger. This pigeon won the demanding one day long distance race from Argenton Entente against 604 pigeons in 2015, while finishing in 5th place against 2,984 pigeons. This was another impressive teletext prize for a direct Geeloger son. This is really an outstanding pigeon breed. Click here for the pedigree of 280/14.

Fond of the one day long distance

The now 71 year old Koen has deliberately taken a step back from the program races. He told us he is still as motivated as ever but he does not want to be on top of his game throughout the season. Instead, he decided to aim for the one day long distance races only, and it turned out to be a successful approach. Congratulations!