Auction weekend raises more than 600,000 euro! Geerinckx collection brings in 467,250 euro, with an average 2,781 euro for 168 pigeons!

Seven different auctions closed this weekend, selling 271 pigeons in total. The overall revenue was 602,900 euro, or an average sale price of 2,225 euro per pigeon!

Premier Stud – Geerinckx collection – 168 pigeons – 2,781EURO/pigeon
A unique collection of Bart Geerinckx pigeons was offered for sale, comprising no less than 109 direct pigeons from Wommelgem, and 59 young birds bred by Premier Stud himself. As expected, the most expensive pigeons were youngsters of Wittekop Sylvester and Gladiator. The most expensive bird, a youngster of Wittekop, was sold to China for 20,000 euro, while another youngster of Wittekop was sold to the Iraqi fancier Ali Obaed for 18,200 euro. The third and fourth most expensive pigeons were two youngsters of Wittekop as well. They were sold to China and the PEC, raising both 17,200 euro. The young birds of Premier Stud bred from direct Geerinckx pigeons proved rather expensive as well: the 59 young birds were sold for an average price of no less then 1,000 euro, which is a remarkable price for such a big collection of young birds with an English ring. The 168 pigeons raised a total of 467,250 euro.

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp – 12 pigeons – 1,825 EURO/pigeon
Twelve youngsters of this world famous combination were sold in auction. Two of them, a youngster of Rossi and a youngster of Nieuwe Olympiade (sale 1 and 2), will be shipped to the same Chinese fancier. They were sold for 4,600 euro each. The 12 youngsters raised 21,900 euro in total.

Marco Klein Falckenborg – 33 pigeons – 897 EURO/pigeon
The last auction to close this Saturday was that of Marco Klein Falckenborg, who sold his best racers and breeders. The most expensive pigeon was Mega Mindy, which was sold to a Chinese fancier for 2,900 euro. The second most expensive pigeon was Olympic Euro, and was sold to Lorenzo Van Russel & Fank Liu for 2,800 euro. The 33 pigeons raised 29,600 euro in total.

De Vroe Van Gaver Vandeputte pigeons – 13 pigeons – 2,035 EURO/pigeon
This combination had an outstanding racing season and they were now selling a group of 13 racing birds and young birds. The most expensive of them was zonal winner Prima Donna (Sale 1), sold to China for 7,000 euro. That same fancier also obtained Aurore, the second most expensive pigeon, for 4,800 euro. Aurore won 7 top 100 prizes in the zone/province. The combination sold 13 pigeons for 26,450 euro.

Casaert-Senechal – 15 pigeons – 917 EURO/pigeon
Sebastien Casaert sold an additional 15 youngsters of his most renowned breeders, which he had sold in late 2014. The most expensive pigeon, a youngster of Nikolaas, was sold to China for 5,200 euro. The auction raised 13,750 euro in total.

International winners – 13 pigeons – 1,858 EURO/pigeon
Three fanciers were selling youngsters from their best pigeons: G&C Cooper, Mark Gilbert and Freialdenhofen & Sons. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of 1st Int. x 1st Int. of G&C Cooper, which was eventually sold to Taiwan for 4,200 euro. A youngster of the 1st Int. Pau of Freialdenhofen was sold to Japan for 3,200 euro. The 13 young birds raised 24,150 euro.

Martin Hetzel – 17 pigeons – 1,165 EURO/pigeon
A group of Collector's Items was offered for sale by the German Martin Hetzel, including mostly pigeons of Gunter Prange and Heinz Meier. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of 261 paired to its dam. He was sold to South Africa for 6,200 euro. The 17 pigeons raised 19,800 euro in total.