Das Jos, "1st National Bourges 43.541 Youngsters (2004)"


Jos didn’t know what was happening when he saw his pigeon coming out of the sky like a real rocket, he didn’t expect this at all. He just won the 1st national Bourges! And this wasn’t all, 12 minutes later the second pigeon came. This pigeons was still good enough to make it to the top 100 national, and was it a coincidence or not, this was the pigeon with which the 1st national was coupled. Both pigeons already changed fanciers for a big amount. And still Jos wasn’t finished. Jos’ pigeons arrived constantly. The proof that it wasn’t the first race of Jos and his wife Sonja, is their palmares. Seven times 1st provincial and he also won three cars! And yet it’s not the end of their successtory. Jos was already 20 times the general champion and 4 times the ‘emperor’.

The young pigeons are played on widowhood, but because there are more hens then cocks there are about 7 old hens basketted too. They can be together for about 2 hours and also the loft is made very cosy. He uses everything to get his pigeons motivated.
“ In June I cured them for 12 days against ornithosis and afterwards they got in good shape, they’ve got something electric”, Jos says.
Something real electric, because it takes 4 photos to take a good picture of that 1st National. Rarely, I’ve seen such a pigeon that was so motivated to get back to his nest.
In his pedigree we find Vos-Jennes at his father’s side and the mother is original from Erwin Schepmans from Grazen. “ A fancier with some real good pigeons”, says Jos.
And Jos also took care of his succesion because his grandchild Kennis Gerry is a very enthousiastic fancier that won the 3rd provincial from La Ferté. “I always get a pigeon from my grandfather when it is new year”, says Gerry.