Super class breed of Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) excels at many levels

Peter Theunis has been successful for more than two centuries, thanks to his extensive efforts to try and create a collection of top quality pigeons. He has won a long list of top results in Brabant 2000, and the Embregts-Theunis pigeons have proved to be really successful in the loft of Jan Timmermans in Friesland as well. And this loft is just one of many references.

Peter Theunis is clearly a man with a mission, a goal, and a vision. He has won almost everything he could win in the province of Brabant and so it was time for a new challenge. "The main goal for my own loft is to win first prizes in important competitions and to achieve good overall results", Peter explains. "And my collaboration with Jan Timmermans from Donkerbroek in Friesland gets me motivated as well. He built a new loft last year based on my instructions, where he races a group of pigeons from my breed. The loft achieved fantastic results in 2014 but we think there is still room for improvement."

Peter believed it was a good idea to keep what he had, and so he decided to keep the youngsters and grandchildren of his Dragon Rocket (Marinus Van Gastel) and Witbuik (Cees Gijzen) and to make them the basis of his breeding loft. 18 years later, the fancier from Brabant has not regretted this decision. That does not mean he does not look for additional reinforcements from time to time, and he obtains them some of the best lofts in Belgium. Peter has been pairing these newly purchased pigeons to his best breeders, and if their youngsters turn out not to be successful, then he gets rid of these pigeons, despite the price tag.

Just a few of these introductions have managed to earn a permanent place in the breeding loft, most notably:

‘Young Rossi’ (Leo Heremans, Vorselaar)
‘Beauty Queen’ (P. & J. Roziers, Bevel)
‘Schoon Zabeltje’ (Johhny Jonckers, Drieslinter)
‘Zottelien’ (Op De Beeck-Baetens)
‘Blue Angel’ (J. & J. Engels, Putte)
‘Wariors Boy’ (R. & E. Grootjans, Ranst

Every season a number of pigeons from his good friend P. Van Oerle from St. Job are introduced in his loft as well, to be put to the test in Peter's breeding loft.

This loft has set a high bar for 2015: "The goal will be to excel in the teletext races NPO middle distance and one day long distance old birds but I want to do well in the teletext races NPO young birds too, both in Brabant 2000 and the province of Friesland with Jan Timmermans." These are great objectives for the fancier who has really mastered the art of keeping a sucessful young birds' team, as you can tell from his best results in this competition:

Feluy 2,539 pigeons; 126 basketed – 32x 1:10 and 58x 1:4
Quievrain 2,435 pigeons; 113 basketed – 31x 1:10 and 59x 1:4
Morlincourt 1,852 pigeons; 95 basketed – 33x 1:10 and 54x 1:4
Prov. 20,248 p.: 2nd-3rd-14th-16th-22nd-24th-35th-36th-37th-40th-42nd-43rd-60th-74th-75th-80th-88th-etc
Nanteuil 1,595 pigeons; 94 basketed – 21x 1:10 and 41x 1:4
Sens 1,429 pigeons; 80 basketed – 24x 1:10 and 40x 1:4
Roye 898 pigeons; 71 basketed – 21x 1:10 and 43x 1:4
Prov. 10,341 p.: 2nd-4th-5th-9th-18th-22nd-29th-30th-78th-82nd-115th-125th-146th-etc
Gien 818 pigeons; 63 basketed – 19x 1:10 and 29x 1:4
Creil 445 pigeons; 55 basketed – 12x 1:10 and 20x 1:4

His most important championship titles include:

1st Loft Champion Overall middle distance old birds Brabant 2000 R2 in 2014
1st Champion Middle Distance nominated old birds Brabant 2000 R2 in 2014
1st Champion not nominated middle distance young birds Brabant 2000 R2 in 2014
1st Loft Champion sprint/middle distance young birds overall Brabant 2000 (NPO about 1800 members)
4th Loft Champion middle distance old birds overall Brabant 2000
5th-11th-14th Ace Pigeon sprint/middle distance young birds Brabant 2000
1st Golden Crack young birds FZN
9th Golden champion in the province FZN

These are some of the stars of the 2014 young birds' team:

Click here for the pedigree of Henky’s Jewel

Click here for the pedigree of Fast Jewel

Click here for the pedigree of Wariors Girl

Click here for the pedigree of Rainbow Star

The pigeons of Peter Theunis have been performing really well in the southern regions of The Netherlands, and their bloodlines can now be found in the most successful young birds in the province of Friesland as well, which are raced from the loft of Jan Timmermans from Donkerbroek. "I have known Peter for years", says Jan, "and we have become good friends. I have always appreciated the talents of Peter Theunis as a fancier and the quality of his Embregts-Theunis pigeons. I did not have to think twice when he asked me if I could use any help. Today, most of my pigeons come from Peter's loft, and I built a new loft in 2014 based on Peter's ideas." Click here to read how the loft was constructed.

The young birds of Jan were tough to beat in Friesland last season. They have won for instance a 2nd nominated and 4th not nominated championship titles in the Province of Friesland with the 1st, 15th and 20th prize in the pigeon championship. In addition, Jan won 3 first championship titles and several top 10 ace pigeon titles in Entente E and Rayon Frysia.The most successful pigeon in the loft in Donkerbroek was NL14-1431577 Rooney’s Diamond, a super class hen bred from a pairing of Embregts-Theunis x Pander. He has won the following prizes:

2nd  nat. pigeon champion young birds 2014
1st  ace pigeon young birds prov. Friesland ’96
6th  ACG La Louviere 1,953 p. / 14th NPO 8,004 p.
6th  ACG Morlincourt 1,507 p. / 14th NPO 6,663 p. / 32nd sector 12,676 p.
10th ACG Weert 3,110 p. / 127th – 1,451 p.
26th ACG Sittard 3,612 p. / 34th – 16,739 p.

Klik hier voor pedigree ‘Rooney’s Diamond’

This is the palmares of the young birds of J. & S. Timmermans from Donkerbroek in Frisia East 2014; his team consists of 100% Embregts-Theunis pigeons:

Meer 2,331 pigeons; 103 basketed – 23x 1:10 and 41x 1:4
Sittard 2,158 pigeons; 100 basketed – 43x 1:10 and 66x 1:4
Prov. Sittard 16,739 p.: 5th-6th-9th-10th-16th-etc.
Weert 1,905 pigeons; 95 basketed – 25x 1:10 and 59x 1:4
Menen 1,633 pigeons; 92 basketed – 19x 1:10 and 42x 1:4
La Louviere 1,191 pigeons; 60 basketed - 31x 1:10 and 49x 1:4
Prov. 8,004 p.: 14th-24th-25th-26th-etc.
Morlincourt 980 pigeons; 60 basketed – 28x 1:10 and 37x 1:4
NPO 6,663 p.: 2nd-6th-7th-8th-14th-26th-etc.
Nat. SIV 12,676 p.: 4th-12th-13th-14th-etc.
Tongeren 1,118 pigeons; 55 basketed – 18x 1:10 and 31x 1:4

Click here for the pedigree of Mysterie Rocket