New auctions: Best of Germany 2 & Collector's Items 3

On Tuesday the 24th of February 2015, 2 new auctions started. Both auctions will end on Saturday the 7th of March 2015.

Best of Germany 2

Drapa, Freialdenhofen, Krüger, Esser, Rutz, Klaas & Timmermann

Pigeon racing in Germany is defined by a select group of highly dominant fanciers that have managed to stand out thanks to a number of major investments. These fanciers have helped shape the sport in Germany, and their self made pigeon breeds have been able to achieve great results in international one loft races.

In this auction we bring you pigeons from the best fanciers of Germany, who agreed to sell their greatest champions on PIPA.

Collector's Items 3

Youngsters of our sport's most renowned pigeons are always in high demand, especially because full brothers and sisters often prove to be great breeders. The renowned pigeons themselves have often been sold to a foreign fancier, or have proved to be no longer fertile.

PIPA is now selling a select group of Collectors Items in a unique auction!