Jos Das (Lummen, BE) claims national victory from Tours old birds after a chaotic race

Jos Das from Lummen can proudly look back on an excellent season, with his national old birds’ victory from Tours being the highlight.

Brenda, the hen from Tours

Jos is a highly talented pigeon fancier but he is also a retired trucker from Lummen, which means he has more time to spend in his loft. A combination of spare time, good support from his family and a lot of hard work resulted in a national victory from Tours in August 2014. Still, his victory was not a walk in the park. Jos was watching the release in Tours through the internet and he noticed it had been quite a chaotic race. The fancier from Limburg did not panic, as he knows things can go wrong every week. This is what makes it such an interesting and exciting sport.

Brenda, the eventual old birds’ winner from Tours, is named after the daughter of Jos, and she beat 3979 pigeons. “She is a good pigeon but she did not have a lot of experience, and so she was only my 12th pigeon in the team”, says Jos. “Still, her victory was not a complete surprise to me.” Pigeons are raced in total widowhood and they are bred from his very best breeders. After all, history has shown that highly successful pigeons will breed top quality descendants sooner or later. Jos has gained excellent results throughout his career, and he won his first national race from Bourges exactly ten years ago. “You could compare it to winning the lottery: it takes logical thinking, a lot of training and a lot of good luck. I was fortunate that my pigeons were in great form at the right moment.”

The bloodlines

His career started to develop in 2004, which is the year in which he won his national first prize from Bourges against 48,000 pigeons with Thorpe, possibly his very best pigeon ever. Jos gained a lot of experience over the years, and he collected several first prizes. For instance, he won an impressive 31 first and 28 second prizes in 2014 alone, and he won the title of Emperor in his club six times in his career. Most of his results were won with descendants of pigeons of Verreckt-Ariën, Erwin Schepmans (dam Thorpe), Armand Schoolmeester and Lambrecht Lismont (a son of Mats). Mats has won a 1st Couvin against 148 pigeons, a 1st against 176 pigeons, a 3rd against 2656 pigeons, a 1st against 318 pigeons, a 2nd against 3116 pigeons, a 2nd against 410 pigeons and a 6th against 3703 pigeons. Mats was then paired to Daughter Semi National Argenton BE06-5095570, a hen from the bloodline of Teen of Verbruggen, and the two bred Senne I and Thibe. 
Senne I won a 1st provincial Gien against 3131 pigeons and a 1st against about 9000 pigeons. Thibe won a 1st Laon against 116 pigeons, a 1st against 949 pigeons in the region, a 2nd Bourges against 236 pigeons, a 2nd provincial against 1133 pigeons, a 210th national against 13,354 pigeons, a 7th nanteul against 183 pigeons, a 33rd against 1122 pigeons in the union, an 18th Chateauroux against 424 pigeons and a 70th interprovincial against 31,310 pigeons.
The hen BE06-5037914 of Johny Janssens deserves special mention as well in the success sstory of Jos Das.

Brenda claims 1st national Tours against 3947 pigeons

Results of 2013

84th Chimay-industr. Klein Gewest 472 pigeons
132nd Chimay-industr. Groot Gewest 675 pigeons
45th Chimay-industr. club 257 pigeons
39th Chateauroux club 199 pigeons
249th Marne-La-Vallée Klein Gewest 1211 pigeons
135th Marne-La-Vallée club 439 pigeons
16th Melun Groot Gewest 1291 pigeons
11th Melun Klein Gewest 637 pigeons
8th Melun club 358 pigeons
176th Orleans Klein Gewest 867 pigeons
332nd Orleans Groot Gewest 1683 pigeons
91st Orleans Club 361 pigeons
948th Orleans Provincial 5194 pigeons
691st Orleans Provincial 3685 pigeons
109th Chateauroux Provincial 1044 pigeons
172nd Chateauroux Semi National 1944 pigeons
351st Chateauroux National 12,071 pigeons
1081st Nevers National 11,579 pigeons
3905th Issoudun National 16,615 pigeons
194th Nevers Provincial 1354 pigeons
40th Nevers club 172 pigeons

Results of 2014

11th Chimay-industr. club 75 pigeons
67th Chimay-industr. Groot Gewest 727 pigeons
1st Chimay-industr. club 72 pigeons
7th Chimay-industr. Groot Gewest 679 pigeons
4th Chimay-industr. Klein Gewest 295 pigeons
5th Chimay-industr. club 62 pigeons
124th Chimay-industr. Groot Gewest 716 pigeons
4th Sourdun club 83 pigeons
36th Sourdun Groot Gewest 525 pigeons
154th Gien Groot Gewest 905 pigeons 
321st Gien Provincial 2841 pigeons
23rd Gien Club 118 pigeons
120th Argenton Semi National 1377 pigeons
215th Argenton National 4505 pigeons
1st Tours 58 pigeons
1st Tours National 3947 pigeons
1st Tours Provincial 638 pigeons

Click here for the full pedigree of Brenda (BE13-5024606).