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Mr. Ali Adel Obaed (IQ) is building up an elite breeding stock with Fyther and Gloria as cornerstones

After purchasing both Fyther and Gloria, the two aces and eye-catchers in the Bert Vandenberghe sale, all eyes were turned to the buyer and new owner Mr Ali Adel Obaed. That can count as a quality boost!

Success in pigeon racing, it depends on multiple factors. Yet the most important is and will always be the quality of your pigeons. Without quality, it will be as good as impossible to achieve success in the long term. Fanciers from abroad found this out a long time ago as well. It is therefore not surprising that national ace pigeons from the Western European hemisphere have become extremely desirable merchandise for foreign investors and top fanciers.

One of these people is PIPA agent Mr Ali Adel Obaed from Iraq. He holds a university degree, heads a big construction firm as CEO and is passionate about pigeon racing in his sparetime. Since 1987 he has been active in pigeon racing as a member of one of the most competitive pigeon associations in Iraq, the Basra Central Club. In Iraq, he has been enjoying a good reputation for quite some time for introducing the finest breeding lines from Western Europe. For example, he invested in pigeons of the following fanciers: Jos Thoné, Gerard Koopman, Gaby Vandenabeele, Martha Van Geel, Wim Muller, Cor de Heijde, Boscheind flyers (A. van der Wiel), Hugo Batenburg, Erik Limbourg, Bart Geerinckx, G & S.Verkerk and Etienne Meirlaen.

Gloria and Fyther

From these lofts, Mr Ali collected top quality. Several pigeons of his stock can now be tagged world-class. Last year, he once again seized an opportunity in the PIPA auction of the West Flemish star fancier Bert Vandenberghe to buy two ace pigeons named Gloria and Fyther. Both are direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons with whom Bert Vandenberghe caused a furore in 2013 and consequently gained international fame.

- Gloria BE11-4291462

2nd Nat. Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB 2013
      1st Nat. Zone Limoges old birds 2013 – 5,742 p.
            4th Nat. Limoges old birds – 14,271 p.
            1st local Limoges old birds – 556 p.
      10th Nat. Zone Cahors old birds 2013 – 2,801 p.
            159th Nat. Cahors old birds – 8,570 p.
            1st local Cahors old birds – 188 p.
      11th Int. Agen/Bordeaux hens 2012 – 2,869 p.
            32nd Nat. Bordeaux YL – 5,480 p.
            39th Int. Bordeaux YL – 10,620 p.
            2nd Interprov. Bordeaux YL – 276 p.
            1st local Bordeaux YL – 76 p.
      51st Nat. Zone Châteauroux YL 2012 – 6,962 p.
            53rd Nat. Chateauroux YL – 15,902 p.
            11th local Chateauroux YL – 299 p.
      55th Interprov. Orleans old birds 2013 – 3,197 p.
            8th local Orleans old birds 2013 – 301 p.
      59th Nat. Zone Souillac old birds 2013 – 2,435 p.
            72th Nat. Souillac old birds – 5,282 p.
      72nd Int. Narbonne hens 2012 – 5,098 p.
            147th Nat. Narbonne YL 2012 – 6,933 p.
            174th Int. Narbonne YL – 11,000 p.
            11th I.prov. Narbonne YL – 405 p.
            4th local Narbonne YL – 144 p.
      4th Clermont old birds 2013 – 141 p.
      7th Clermont old birds 2013 – 99 p.
      8th Angerville old birds 2013 – 558 p.
      8th Souillac old birds 2013 – 304 p.
      10th Angerville old birds 2013 – 127 p.
Check out Gloria's pedigree here.

- Fyther BE11-4291405

      1st Nat. Agen/Bordeaux old birds 2013 – 5,507 d.
            1st local Agen old birds  2013 – 126 p.
      50th Nat. Narbonne YL 2012 – 6,933 p.
            54th Int. Narbonne YL – 11,000 p.
            2nd Interprov. Narbonne YL – 405 p.
            1st local Narbonne YL – 144 p.
      578th Nat. Zone Limoges old birds  2013 – 5,742 p.
            1097th Nat. Limoges old birds  – 14,271 p.
      526th Interprov. Tours YL – 3,634 p.
      865th Interprov. Vierzon old birds  – 6,420 p.
      15th Arras old birds  2013 – 273 p.
Have a look at Fyther's pedigree here.

No wonder both pigeons are the current showpieces of his stock. However, there is more. Mr Ali also invested in dozens of other ace pigeons. Allow us to list some of them for you:

International Joosen, now called Galax

- Galax: a 100% Jos Joosen bought from PIPA Elite Center. He is a half-brother of Ike (same mother): 1st Nat. Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB 2010 at Chris Hebberecht's. He is also a son of Marseille, 1st Internat. Marseille 10,343 p. at Jos Joosen's.

- Daughter Gilbert: a direct Erik Limbourg, from his racing and breeding ace Gilbert: 1st Prov. Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB 2010 and 1st International Bordeaux of 13,386 pigeons. This ace hen was already used for joint breeding with the 1st Nat. Barcelona winner New Witbuik at the lofts of Hugo Batenburg.

- Daughter Lucky 848: mother of the 8th Int. Bordeaux 10,622 p. at Erik Limbourg's. This pigeon is still used for joint breeding at the Limbourg lofts with the father of the 8th. Int. Bordeaux winner.

- Son Eagle Eye: direct son of super ace Eagle Eye of Erik Limbourg, paired to Dochter Limoges of De Rauw-Sablon. This pigeon was purchased from Mark De Cock. (have a look at Son Eahle Eye's pedigree here)

- Prince Ali: direct son of Pros Roosen's Blauwe Prins (pedigree).

- Sister Olympic Solange: a direct Gerard and Bas Verkerk used for joint breeding with for example Bart Geerinckx (pedigree)

- Daughter Paulien: direct descendant from wonder hen Paulien of Albert Derwa.

- Daughter Euro Diamond - Sedna: ace hen from boy wonder Euro Diamond of Dr H.P. Brockamp paired to Sedna I, the superior stock dam at Jos Thoné's (pedigree).

- Sister Cor: full sister of Cor, 1st Nat. Ace Bird Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2008 at Etienne Meirlaen's lofts

- Son Di Caprio: diret son of Di Caprio, the current star at Dirk Van Dyck's lofts (pedigree)

They are world-class pigeons, every single one of them, used for joint breeding with top lofts in Belgium and Holland. Mr Ali's goal is clear. He assures himself that his pigeons are paired to the finest breeding stock that is to be found in Western Europe. Furthermore, a few descendants will also be tested at the lofts of these top fanciers, as a result of which he will not only gain a quick insight into the breeding value of his purchases but he will also have immediate return on his investments. When, in the future, he introduces this high-quality breeding material in Iraq, he will already know which pigeons will produce successful offspring, allowing him to work with purebred at his own loft.

Pigeon racing's new look

You're young, ambitious, mad about pigeons and wish to accomplish something in pigeon racing. In addition, you have the financial means to acquire some star birds. If this applies to you, then Mr Ali Obaed's approach as a foreign investor might be a way for you to get actively involved in Western European pigeon racing and to measure with top lofts from around here. It sounds promising. We're curious about the results that will no doubt be good. Lots of success!