Freialdenhofen & Sons (Aldenhofen, DE) achieve one of the most impressive marathon performances from International Bordeaux/Agen ever

An invincible yearling team of German champions Freialdenhofen & Sons came to set new borders on the International marathon race from Bordeaux/Agen … clocking 27 (!) from 56 pigeons on the first day from 860 km with an opening score of 2nd-3rd-11th-12th-13th-18th-22nd-25th-35th-39th-40th-etc. Simply phenomenal.

The International clash from the French city of Bordeaux/Agen is the traditional trial of the yearling team from Germany’s wonder loft of Freialdenhofen & Sons. A team of 56 yearlings (and one 2-years old pigeon) was send, with cocks in normal widowhood system, some pairs in total widowhood system and 3 hens from nest system (17 days old eggs). Liberated at 6.45 with a tail breeze, the pigeon world could not have expected the perfect storm that was realized by the new generation talents from Aldenhofen … With a velocity of 1357 and 1355 mpm the first two pigeons were clocked, just before the rest rushed in like the devil himself was chasing them. The arrival times really say it all:
The result; 11 pigeons in the top 40 National from 1,347 birds … what a way to show their class.

‘Forrest Junior’ breakthrough in breeding

Mentioning Freialdenhofen is mentioning the founding breeder ‘Forrest Gump’. The 3. International acebird of 2002 whose roots are responsible for almost all the highlights that brought so much fame to the sympethatic family from the West of Germany. One of his successors in racing was grandson ‘Forrest Junior’, the 1. Int. Pau winner from 2012 and 3. Nat. Bordeaux winner behind 2 loft mates. Dirk Freialdenhofen had a forward-looking view when he believed this super cock was bound te become ‘Forrest Gump’s successor in breeding as well. The three first clocked pigeons all descend from ‘Forrest Junior’; what underlines his value in breeding directly!

      2nd Nat. Agen 2014 (860 km) – 1,347 birds (child ‘Forrest Junior’)
      3rd Nat. Agen 2014 (860 km) – 1,347 birds (grandchild ‘Forrest Junior’)
      12th Nat. Agen 2014 (860 km) – 1,347 birds (grandchild ‘Forrest Junior’)

The 2nd Nat. winner DV06348-13-207 ‘Queen Of Forrest Junior’ is bred from the Wijnands hen ‘Sister Pozzato’, original Wijnands and a top hen also breeding winners of  1st Nat. Pau 2013 … 1st Nat. Bordeaux 2009 … 9th Nat. Bordeaux 2010 (860 km) - 820 birds … 21st Nat. Marseille 2010 … 22nd Nat. Bordeaux 2012. Click here for the complete pedigree of ‘Queen of Forrest Junior’

3rd National Bordeaux/Agen winner is DV06348-13-364 ‘Granddaughter Forrest Junior’. Her father is a son to ‘Donkere Simons’ and mother a daughter to ‘Forrest Junior’ … it gives the 364 the same to grandfathers as 2013 Bordeaux/Agen sensation ‘All In One’, winner 1st Nat. Bordeaux - 1,226 birds. Direct children to ‘Donkere Simons’ were a/o winners of 1st Nat. Perpignan 2010, 1st Nat. Zone Marseille 2005 and 1. Zone / 2. Nat. Perpignan 2007. Click here for the complete pedigree of ‘Granddaughter Forrest Junior’

The dominance of the ‘Forrest Gump’ dynasty in the Bordeaux/Agen top prize winners is extremely impressive:
11th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-210
      Bred from ‘Son Forrest Gump’ x ‘Daughter Donkere Simons’ (click for pedigree)
12th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-231
      Bred from ‘Son Donkere Simons’ x ‘Grd. Forrest Gump’ (click for pedigree)
13th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-378
      Bred from ‘Son Forrest Junior’ x ‘Irun Lady’ (click for pedigree)
18th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-258
      Bred from ‘Son Forrest Gump’ x ‘Belokie Lady’ (click for pedigree)
22nd Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-222
      Bred from ‘Albert’ (son ‘Donkere Simons’)  x ‘Daughter Forrest Gump’ (click for pedigree)
25th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-595
      Bred from ‘Forrest Gump’ x ‘Fenna’ (click for pedigree)
35th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-215
      Bred from ‘Son 2. Nat. Barcelona’ x ‘Daughter Forrest Gump’ (click for pedigree)
39th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-316
      Bred from ‘Son Forrest Gump’ x ‘Daughter Shishigo’ (click for pedigree)
40th Nat. Bordeaux/Agen 2014 – DV06348-13-323
      Bred from ‘Son Forrest Gump’ x ‘Fenna’ (click for pedigree)


Freialdenhofen & Sons play their yearling team in different systems, varying from cocks in normal widowhood system and total widowhood system to hens from nest system. The first, second and fourth pigeon were from total widowhood system; the third and fifth are normal widowhood cocks. The pairs are coupled two times before the season (24th February and 4th April), always for 5 untill 8 days old eggs. Dirk: “By the second breeding, we start the private training with 1x 30 km and 3x 50 km … the yearlings than only fly the club races for training. That starts the end of April with 150 km and goes on the 208 km, 244 km, 305 km, 370 km, 510 km, 460 km and 420 km … the last race is 9 days before the basket day.”

As youngsters the Freialdenhofen pigeons are send only on 5 or 6 ocasions in a club in their area with the distance from the races from 50 km until 204 km. That is from 24th August until the last weekend of September. All with one goal in mind; their first ever meeting with the International elite on Bordeaux/Agen. This 2014 edition shall be remembered as the day the Freialdenhofen team caused the perfect storm.