Gyselbrecht Remi, "50 years active fancier, 50 years on the top"

Remi Gyselbrecht, Knesselare

The story
On the 6th of January Remi Gyselbrecht was visited by the KBDB. No, not to perform a loft control, but for a festive occasion… because Remi was honoured for being an active fancier for more than 50 years. The provincial chairman of the KBDB East-Fl, mister Arnold Van de Woestijne, in the company of the representatives of the local pigeon society in Knesselare (from which Remi has been chairman for the last 56 years), mister Adelin Van Renterghem and missus Gerda Verniest, who decorated him with the badge of honour. Being an active fancier for more than 50 years is no small feat… but when you have also been continuously at the absolute top of the 'pigeon happenings' for more than 50 years like sport friend Remi Gyselbrecht (with in 2007 1st club 355 p. and 24th Nat Barcelona 12.612 p.)… this is no every day occurrence. One can rightly say that here through the years a piece of 'pigeon history' has been written, and that you belong to the greatest 'pigeon sport celebrities' that our Belgian pigeon sport has ever known. Enough food for thought to make us want to visit the man behind the top successes: Remi Gyselbrecht himself.

A continuous success story

Remi started with the pigeons in 1953, after he had raced together with father Maurice for a number of years. Their speciality was the Sprint, but that soon changed. Remi directly began striving for the Middle Distance. At the beginning of the sixties the basis of the Remi Gyselbrecht colony was formed with pigeons from his good sport friend Gaby Verstraete and from Clement Huyghe, both from Balgerhoeke in Eeklo and Clement De Duffeleer. With these pigeons he straight away performed very well in the Middle Distance races.
In 1965 pigeons were added from Gerard Van Hee from Wervik. Even though the Middle Distance races were still the chosen terrain, there was a lot of Long Distance blood in these pigeons… that's why at the end of the sixties the Long Distance races were included in the programme, with great success. Pigeon loving Belgium must have felt it because what the Remi Gyselbrecht colony achieved in the period 1970-1983 is just phenomenal. We will make a brief selection out of a whole series of highlights of the Gyselbrecht pigeon during that time:

1° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance Old KBDB 1970 with "De ZWARTEN"
2° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1970. Selected by the KBDB for the Olympiad in 1971 in Brussels
1° Provincial Angoulême 1.449 p. in 1976 with the "VOORUIT"
1° Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1976 with the "VOORUIT"
2° Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1977
3° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1977
1° Champion of Belgium Long Distance KBDB 1977 General champion Long Distance OVV 1977
1° National Ace pigeon "De Belgische Duivensport" 1977
2° Large Marathon prize KBDB East-Flanders 1977
6° General champion of Belgium 1977
4° General champion of Belgium 1978
5° General champion of Belgium 1979
8° Prov Long Distance Champion KBDB East-Fl. 1981
1° General Marathon champion of East-Flanders 1982
1° Prov Marathon champion youngsters 1982
2° Prov Marathon champion old pigeons 1982

The leader of the Remi Gyselbrecht colony of that time was without doubt the legendary 'super crack' the VOORUIT (wherein 50% Roger Vereecke was incorporated). Not only was he an absolute topper in the racing loft, he later proved his weight in 'gold' in the breeding loft. He has uncountable references from fellow sportsmen who found the 'road to success' with descendants of the VOORUIT. In the Gyselbrecht lofts there are still up to today top racers (even up to Barcelona), with the superior VOORUIT in their pedigree.

One of the most famous is without doubt the 'Barcelona crack' the TURBO 810/91 (96° Internat Barcelona 20.943 p. in '95 and 76° Internat Barcelona 24.908 p. in '97)… his mother was a 'Granddaughter Vooruit'.
The BLAUWE BARCELONA 113/88 (4° nat Barcelona 11.423 p + 7° Intnat Barcelona 27.167 p in '91, and 455° Intnat Barcelona 27.158 p in '92) also stems on his father's side out the same 'Vooruit line'.
We would like to give you a few highlights in the magnificent victories of this 'wonder pigeon':

Victories VOORUIT 4638564/74
Angouleme Prov 1.449 p.
1st Chateauroux Prov 596 p.
1st Dourdan 527 p.
1st Dourdan 349 p.
1st Dourdan 516 p.
4th Montauban Nat. 1.996 p.
5th Brive Nat. 6.137 p.
27th Chateauroux 548 p.
27th Poitiers Prov 733 p.
38th Limoges Nat. 4.207 p.
58th Chateauroux Prov 3.979 p. 94th etc…

In the meantime, the sons Andre and Carlo were severely contaminated with the pigeon microbe by these pigeon successes. Both sons wanted to broaden the horizons and include the 'Grand distance' in the programme, with the ultimate goal being: shining in the 'Queen piece of the Grand distance', namely Barcelona! For this, new pigeons were bought, which later contributed to the further expansion of the colony and the top successes that were first achieved in the mid eighties in the 'Grand Distance'.

The call of 'Barcelona

Whoever speaks about 'Grand distance' can't ignore the International 'top classic' by far, in pigeon terms also called 'the Queen piece' of the 'Grand Distance', namely Barcelona. Excelling from Barcelona demands Barcelona pigeons, Remi Gyselbrecht knew this better than anybody else. The Gyselbrecht family didn't have to look far to strengthen their colony with excellent Barcelona blood. Andre managed to get hold of a son of the 'TEE' from Emiel Denys a year after this superior Barcelona racer had won the 'Golden Vleugel' in 1982. It was a direct hit, because this 'SON TEE 242/83' became, amongst other things, father of the 'KING' (1° Barcelona 166 p. in '94 and 92° Internat 26.807 p.) and grandfather of the ZWARTEN BARCELONA ( Barcelona 165 p. in '96 and 104° Internat 20.129 p.).

Another not to be scorned pigeon was the 'JUPITER-HEN 847/91' from sport friend Andre Brouckaert from Wervik, which became mother of the 1st Internat. Barcelona in 1995… whereas the "VANDERMEREN 647/82" (son of the 31° Intnat Barcelona 15.605 p, and 12° Nat St.Vincent 5.305 p by Patrick Vandermeren-Bruggeman) also played a major part, because… he became grandfather of the "Cahors" or half-brother "Laureaat Barcelona" (37° Nat Cahors 7.528 p), grandfather of the 1° Nat Narbonne 6.020 p in '93 by Erik Limbourg… and great-grandfather of the "Blue Barcelona 113/88" (7° Int Barcelona 27.167 p in '91) and the "Prince Barcelona 945/85" (31° Int Barcelona 21.545 p in '87).
The most important input, with an eye on the top successes from Barcelona, came when the Gyselbrecht family paid a visit to the 'matador' from Lauwe, Barcelona specialist by far: Andre Vanbruaene. This superior and strong inbred Vanbruaene-strain suddenly came into contact with 'strange blood' in the Gyselbrecht lofts (read: Van der Wegen, Brouckaert, Denys, Cobut…), and that caused a real 'explosion'… and in the shortest of time, maybe without even realising it themselves, the Remi Gyselbrecht colony stood at the absolute top of the 'Grand Distance happenings' at international level… and they soon grew to become the 'Barcelona-specialists' by far, with, amongst other things, a 1° International BARCELONA 1995 and a 2° National BARCELONA 1999 amongst their victories, next to a whole series of 1° Prizes regionally (see golden framework) and 'top-100' quotations Nationally! A supremacy of the modern Gyselbrecht blood, which finds its origin in the middle eighties, and at the moment, anno 2008, carries on uninterrupted!

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The 'golden' Laureaat line

The Gyselbrecht family had to dig deep into their pockets to get the very best of what Andre Vanbruaene had sitting in his loft. It is too much to name, but we want to share an anecdote with you. At the end of 1986, the family once again left for Lauwe to buy 3 new Vanbruaene pigeons (including 2 direct daughters of the "Barcelona II" or the 1° Intnat Barcelona). After the sale Andre showed them his "Laureaat 257/83".
The same year, 1986, this pigeon was crowned 3° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB with 50° Nat Cahors 5.330 p, 8° Nat Montauban 3.466 p. and 47° Nat Lourdes 4.129 p. He sat with older youngsters in the nest and his hen had just laid again. When Remi indirectly asked him what he was going to do with the eggs… Andre Vanbruaene proved his golden heart and gave them "as a present" to the Gyselbrecht family. A present for which they were eternally grateful in Knesselare, because they formed the basis for an unbelievable piece of pigeon history!
Out of these two eggs came the "Laureaat 972/86" who became father of - the "Laureaat Barcelona 350/92" (1° Intnat Barcelona 1995) - the Barcelona crack the "Turbo 810/91" - the "Cahors 173/90": 37° nat Cahors 7.528 p. His nest-sister, the "Laureaat-hen" 034/86 was in turn mother of the world-famous "King 816/91".
A pigeon dynasty that time and again surprised pigeon loving Belgium and up until now keeps surprising Belgium time and time again… producing real Barcelona cracks. Let us show you a few examples that speak for themselves:

Naturally the show-horse of the colony as winner 1° Internat Barcelona 20.925 p. in 1995.
He stems from the "Laureaat 972/86" (direct A.Vanbruaene) x "Jupiter-hen 847/91" (direct Andre Brouckaert, Wervik) - The TURBO 810/91 Half-brother of the "Laureaat Barcelona", because he is a son of the "Laureaat 972/86" x "Mother Turbo 164/88" (a daughter of "Son Vooruit 99/87" x "Marathon hen 519/84" Vanbruaene, also grandmother of the 1° Nat. Narbonne).

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won successively:
'94 Barcelona Internat 26.807 p. 270
'95 Barcelona Internat 20.943 p. 96
'97 Barcelona Internat 24.908 p. 76

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Pedigree : Click here

- The KING 816/91 Comes self from "Son Tee 242/83" (direct E.Denys) x "Laureaat-hen 034/86" (direct A.Vanbruaene and nest-sister of the "Laureaat 972/86).
The KING won:
'92 Limoges National 19.250 p. 96
'94 Barcelona Internat 26.807 p. 92
'95 Barcelona Internat 20.943 p. 365
The "KING" grew to be a top breeder and is, including other things, father of the 96° Nat Barcelona 13.966 p, 68 + 78° Nat Barcelona 13.659 p, 90° Intnat Dax 11.807 p… etc.

Comes out the "FATHER BLAUWE BARCELONA 240/84" (comes self out "Son Pursang 360/83", direct Vanbruaene x "Daughter Vandermeeren 760/83" out 'granddaughter Vooruit') x "Daughter 1° Intnat Barcelona 081/86", direct Vanbruaene (out the 1st Intnat Barcelona: "Barcelona II 151/79" x "Carine 275/83"). '91 Barcelona National 11.423 p. 4 Internat 27.167 p. 7 '92 Barcelona Internat 27.158 p. 455

Is a son of "Senna 990/85", self 9° Chateauroux 336 p, 66° Nat Brive 16.376 p, won 84° Intnat Perpignan 11.614 p and 3 x Barcelona (a 100% A.Vanbruaene out the "Marathon 596/84" x "St.Vincent-hen 522/84") x "Bijou 253/93" (direct A.&L. vd Wegen).

He won:
Barcelona National 12.731 p. 82
Barcelona National 13.966 p. 227
Barcelona National 12.678 p. 244
Barcelona National 13.659 p. 986
Barcelona National 13.161 p. 1064 With these results he was crowned 2° Int. Barcelona Ace pigeon '97-'98-'99-'00-'01 (over 5 years Barcelona)!

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- The RONALDO 058/94 Comes out the "Schift 088/93" (direct A.&L. vd Wegen) x "Mother Ronaldo 209/84" (a crossing Vanbruaene x 'Vooruit-line' x Cobut). '97 Brive National 20.611 p. 491 '97 Barcelona National 12.731 p. 11 Internat 24.908 p. 22

- The KING JUNIOR 504/96 Son of the "King 816/91".
He won the following toppers from Barcelona:
'99 Barcelona National 13.966 p. 96
'00 Barcelona National 13.659 p. 78
'98 Narbonne National 7.325 p. 220

Son of the "Laureaat Barcelona 350/92" (1° Internat Barcelona 1995) x "Narcis 360/95" (sister of the 2° Internat Barcelona 1995).
His performances from Barcelona:
Barcelona National 11.806 p. 236 Barcelona National 13.161 p.
262 Barcelona National 13.966 p. 789

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- The NARBONNE 535/98 Son of the "Laureaat Barcelona 350/92" (1° Internat Barcelona 1995) x "Sterke Vd Wegen 884/94" (direct A.&L. vd Wegen). The NARBONNE won 3 x Barcelona wherefrom: Narbonne National 6.423 p. 100 Barcelona National 11.806 p. 550 Barcelona National 13.021 p. 951

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- The BELOKI 075/01 Comes out the "Yzeren Laureaat 354/97" (son of the "Laureaat Barcelona") x "Mother Marseille 614/97" (out the "Catrysse 522/88" x "Daughter Junior Marathon 737/97 Vanbruaene) :
Barcelona National 11.806 p. 205

- The MAYO 434/00
Is a son of the "Slimme Schift 635/98" (out the "Schift 088/93" vdWegen x "Slim Laureaat 327/97" daughter 1° Intnat Barcelona 1995) x top breeding hen "Delphine 692/98" (Daughter "Turbo" and mother of 318° Nat St.Vincent 6.521 p in '07 + grandmother of the "St.Vincent" who won 1° reg + 24° Nat Barcelona '07).
MAYO won:
'03 Barcelona National 11.806 p. 57
Only raced 1 x Barcelona in the lofts of Dr.Andre Gyselbrecht. Was placed directly in the breeding loft when Andre moved house in 2004. One for one superior breeding pigeons which lie on the basis of the 'new generation' of top pigeons which are in action in the lofts of Remi, and in the lofts of Carlo in Knesselare and Andre in Ruiselede, and Degrave-Gyselbrecht in Hamme-Mille at the moment. Let us introduce you to the 'toppers' from 2007:

Is a son of "Schumacher 198/94" (2° Int Barcelona-ace pigeon) x "Nest-sister Slim Laureaat 328/97" (daughter of the "Laureaat Barcelona 350/92 x "Daughter Diplomaat 069/89" Vanbruaene).
This clapper won in the lofts of Dr.Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira:
'07 Barcelona National 12.612 p. 104

Comes also out the "Schumacher 198/94" (2° Int Barcelona-ace pigeon) x "Carine 315/99" (daughter of the "King 816/91 x Nestzus Slim Laureaat 328/97").
He won in the lofts of Dr.Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira:
'07 Perpignan Internat. 15.158 p. 93 National 5.547 p. 45

- THE DAX 277/04 Grandson of the "Laureaat Barcelona". Won top from Tours and Dax in the lofts of Dr.Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeire with, amongst other things: '06 Dax National 5.189 p. 62 Internat. 11.536 p. 197

- The BLEKE BARCELONA 624/05 Son of the"Narbonne 535/98" (Son "Laureaat Barcelona") x "Nest-sister Rya" (a half-sister of Sampras: winner 2° Nat Barcelona 1999).
He won as a two-year old in 2007:
'07 Barcelona National 12.612 p. 279 Provincial 2.229 p. 39
Won this in the lofts of Carlo & Thomas, where he has now been placed in the breeding loft to continue the golden line of the "Laureaat Barcelona" into the future.

- The ST.VINCENT 572/04 Son of "Il Briganti 658/97" (2° European Ace pigeon 2001 by Domenico Barberio) x "Jewel Brugemann 197/99 (granddaughter of the "Turbo 810/91 via his daughter "Delphine").
The new 'super crack' in the racing lofts of Remi Gyselbrecht with:
'05 St.Vincent National 10.020 p. 34
'07 Barcelona National 12.612 p. - 24 Provincial 2.229 p. - 4 Regional 355 p. 1

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The lofts by Remi

The Future The above number material proves without any doubt that the modern Gyselbrecht pigeon is really 'TOP' in the 'Grand Distance… it has never been any different. When we look at the combined Barcelona-result in 2007 of the 4 lofts where the Gyselbrecht pigeons are active at the moment (Remi Gyselbrecht, Carlo & Thomas Gyselbrecht, Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira and Degrave-Gyselbrecht), then collectively there were 27 pigeons entered for Barcelona 2007 wherefrom the following 18 prizes were achieved Nationally:

'07 Barcelona National 12.612 d.

We can put it to you that the top successes were not given to the Gyselbrecht family on a plate. Their search throughout the years… (and one that never stops), to strengthen their colony with the "very best" blood lines for the 'Grand Distance' which can be found up to international level, has done them good. Remi knows better than anybody else that 'crack pigeons' descend from 'crack pigeons' and '1° Prize winners' from '1° Prize winners'… it is anchored in the gene potential. A strategy which was without doubt the basis to the achieved top successes up until now… and will also form the guiding principle to top successes in the future.
One of the first "pigeon lessons" that wereceived from Remi was the following: from a tree you can only sell the fruit, but never the tree…that is, if you want to last long in the pigeon sport. The 'strong tree' in the past was without doubt the 'VOORUIT'… and the 'tree with the rich fruits' at this moment is without doubt those of the 'LAUREAAT-line' (read: Laureaat Barcelona, Turbo, King, Cahors and their descendants). These pigeons were, keeping in mind the strategy of Remi… indeed never sold, quite the opposite… they grew to become the support pillars of the current breeding loft. Via line breeding and/or crossbreeding with 'exceptional class pigeons' of the new additions they had to ensure the further expansion of the Gyselbrecht colony. The words have been used… the new additions! The demands which are made of these 'new' pigeons, are extremely high. They have to be of 'noble birth' to have (or to get) any chance in the breeding lofts Gyselbrecht, rightly called by us 'the noble paradise for the Grand Distance'. Let us introduce you to a few of these 'white ravens' that have recently been allowed into the breeding lofts of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht:

- IL BRIGANTI NL97-1967658
2° Ace pigeon ZLU International 2001
Joint winner European cup + West-European Super marathon 2001
Dax National 5.617 p. 7
Pau Internat. 7.841 p. 21
Dax National 4.328 p. 21
And a cartload of top prizes from Dax, Bordeaux, Perpignan etc… (see photo) in the lofts of Domenico Barberio from Weert (NL).
This pigeon is, amongst other things, father of the "St.Vincent 572/04" who won reg + 24° Nat Barcelona 2007 by Remi. He hasn't got it from a stranger…

Pedigree : Click here

Pedigree : Click here

- JUMBO BE00-4298841
6° National Ace pigeon 'Grand Distance' KBDB 2004
'02 Beziers Prov 1.119 p. 2 Nat. 5.886 p. 3
'03 Montauban Prov 1.123 p. 1e- Nat. 6.901 p. 2
'04 Dax Nat. 6.138 p. 36 - Intnat 17.526 p. 61 '04 Perpignan Nat. 6.489 p. 81 - Intnat 17.570 p. 182
Raced these top performances in the lofts of Cyriel & Dirk Martens, This was before he moved to the breeding lofts of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht from Knesselare.

- CRAYONNEE DAX BE03-4430677 5° National Ace pigeon 'Grand Distance' KBDB 2007
'07 Pau Prov 430 p. 1 (1712 m/min) Nat. 2.159 p. 2
'07 Irun Nat. 5.252 p. 45 (922 m/min)
'06 Dax Reg. 104 p. 1 (2 hours ahead 973 m/min) Nat. 5.189 p. 12 Intnat 11.517 p. 20
'04 Beziers Nat. 6.191 p. 250
'05 Cahors Nat. 9.275 p. 279 Won these performances in the lofts of Devuyst-Ghyssens from Lokeren.
Is one of the youngest acquisitions in the breeding loft of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht.

- LIEKE NL04-1099081
'07 Bordeaux (886 Km) Reg. 416 p. 1 (766 m/min) Distr. 1.207 p. 4 Nat. 5.675 p. 28
'06 Dax (1.019 Km) Prov. 4.949 p. 32 - Nat. 13.555 p. 81
She is a full sister of the super pigeon "Leonardo" who was: National Ace pigeon Perpignan 2007 over 5 Years 2003-2007 in the Netherlands!
A 'Super hen', directly from the lofts of Wilfried Stiel from Arcen (NL)

There were also new pigeons introduced into the lofts of Dr.Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira, and next to the achieved top successes in the 'Grand Distance' there was also a new challenge. Since 2004 the people of Ruiselede started racing the Middle Distance and the Long Distance races. This was mainly with pigeons from David Madeira (with pigeons from Van Hove - Uytterhoeven, G. Bolle, J.&J. Engels, R. Vereecke, R. Florizoone, R. & C.Dobbelaere…), replenished with pigeons from 2 other top lofts from Ruiselede: Antoine & Rudi De Saer and Rik Cools.
With success, because the "Rudi 447/07" (direct De Saer) was 3rd Prov Ace pigeon Yearlings KBDB W-Fl 2005, the "Argenton 527/05" (direct Rik Cools) won, amongst other things, 1st Prov + 1st Nat Argenton Zone A 990 Yearlings; the "Black 306/04" won 1st Prov Argenton, whilst the "David 354/04" signed for a 2nd Prov and 35th Nat Bourges 10.759 p.

The following "Crack pigeons" strengthened the Gyselbrecht-Madeira breeding loft, with the intention of crossing them with the powerful Vanbruaene strain:

- LE LIMOGES BE03-9089312
Limoges 2005 Nat. 12.266 p. 1 - Limoges Derby 2005 Nat. 6.617 p. 1 Cahors Nat. 9.275 p. 97
His grandmother ring 3267721/95 is a direct Gyselbrecht hen from a crossing Van der Wegen x Vanbruaene.
A super breeding hen who is mother of the Nat. Orange, and grandmother of the Nat. Limoges, the Nat. Cahors, 10° Nat. Perpignan and 16° Nat. St.Vincent!
She is also mother of the"229/99" who won 69° Nat Beziers, 58° Nat Limoges and 58° Nat Narbonne. "Le Limoges' descends from Bourlard & fils from Harveng.

- The RAMSES BE99-3111854
Argenton Nat. 3.496 YL 1 Souillac Nat 7.214 p. 15
Was 2° Prov Ace pigeon Yearlings KBDB West-Fl Middle Distance & Long Distance in 2000!
He was bought by Robert & Chris Dobbelaere from Marke.

- JAMES BE98-9147007
Argenton S/Nat 8.405 p. 1 Chateauroux Prov. 2.410 p. 1 Bourges Zone 2.615 p. 15 Nat. 12.161 p. 212 Bourges Zone 5.708 p. 9 Nat. 21.593 p. 24
He is a direct Maurice & Gregory Casaert from Néchin.

- PUNCH BE99-9128066 + ULTRA BE99-9128133
Two super pigeons direct M & G Casaert, Néchin.
The "Punch" won: Chateauroux Prov. 2.673 p. 1 (quickest from 5.083 p)
Chateauroux Prov. 2.008 p. 13
Chateauroux Prov. 2.595 p. 19
Bourges Zone 2.408 p. 23
The "Ultra" won in turn:
Chateauroux S/Nat 4.242 p. 2
Vierzon S/Nat 16.724 p. 8
Chateauroux Intprov 1.699 p. 4
Both come from the stock pigeons "Le Borgne Dedeyne" x "Sister 1° Nat Montauban 5.335 p"
These exceptional 'crack pigeons' from both breeding lofts, coupled with the very old Vanbruaene-stock, with of course 'top of the bill' the legendary "Laureaat-line", will have to ensure the continuation and the expansion of the world-famous 'Gyselbrecht-pigeon stock'!
The performance from Barcelona 2007, but with also St.Vincent Yearlings 2007 in mind, there seems to be no doubt that they will be very successful and that the future is secured. Not only the pigeons… but also the name 'Gyselbrecht' as a pigeon loving family is protected for the future, because Remi didn't only ensure that his two sons Andre & Carlo were infected with the pigeon microbe, but that also his grandchildren Hannes + Peter (from Andre) and Nikolaas + Thomas (from Carlo) learned the 'pigeon craftsmanship'.

To conclude

Remi would like to show his appreciation to his sons Georges + Johan who take care of the pigeons in the family lofts, whilst Remi is confined to his sickbed at the moment. It's no wonder that everything is concentrated around the pigeons there in Knesselare! Remi Gyselbrecht, laurelled as 'more than 50 years active fancier', and stock father of the richest 'pigeon dynasty'… a 'monument' in the pigeon sport! Johan & Georges Gyselbrecht

Johan & Georges Gyselbrecht

The 'GOLDEN' Barcelona-framework of the Gyselbrecht family
With superior 1° Prize winners in the Spanish Classic

1986 Sproete Barcelona 292 p. 1 - Internat. 18.079 p. 86
1987 Prins Barcelona 235 p. 1 - Internat. 21.545 p. 31
1991 Blue Barcelona 345 p. 1 - Internat. 27.167 p. 7
1994 King 166 p. 1 - Internat. 26.807 p. 92
1995 Turbo 167 p. 1 Internat. 20.925 p. 96
1995 Laureaat Barcelona 277 p. 1 - Internat. 20.925 p. 1
1996 Black Barcelona 165 p. 1 - Internat. 20.129 p. 104
1999 Son Blue Barcelona 410 p. 1 - National 13.966 p. 76
1999 Sampras 464 p. 1 National 13.966 p. 2 - Internat. 28.017 p. 10
2000 King Junior 308 p. 1 - National 13.659 p. 78
2007 The 'St.Vincent' 355 p. 1 - Internat. 25.716 p. 106