Jan Eskes (Streefkerk, NL) achieves great results in 2013 after having won two titles with Leon in 2012

Jan Eskens had won the title of Best Young Bird both in the Wie Heeft Ze Beter and the Best of the Best competitions with his pigeon Leon in 2012 and he has been very successful in 2013 as well, with several top prizes and high prize percentages.

The fancier

Jan Eskes runs a transport company together with his wife, where his two sons are employed as well. He takes care of the pigeons on his own; Adrie Van Rhee (Alblasserdam, NL) gives advice throughout the season. Jan has a 19 metre long loft divided into 10 compartments. The young birds are housed in four compartments of two by two metres and the loft houses 32 pairs of racing birds and 16 breeding pairs as well. Jan also trains hunting dogs in his free time and these two hobbies allow him to take his mind off his company once in a while.

Jan is a fancier with a proven record, with several top results, including a 1st national Bergerac, a 1st national Châteauroux and a 1st national Troyes on his list of achievements. In 2012 his pigeon Leon NL12-1655965 won the title of Best Young Bird in both the Wie Heeft Ze Beter (WHZB) and the The Best Of The Best (TBOTB) competitions. Besides, he achieves high prize percentages and top results every weekend.

Jan in front of his loft

The Heremans pigeons

Fellow fancier Peter van St. Maartensdijk introduced Jan to top class fancier Leo Heremans a few years ago. They got along very well and one day Jan paid him a visit together with his advisor Adrie Van Rhee. They now have 34 direct pigeons from Leo Heremans, purchased as young birds or as eggs. Jan obtained pigeons of exceptional quality, which shows that the two fanciers have become close friends. These pigeons were obtained in 2011 and they were very successful right from the start. If 10 of Jan’s pigeons arrive home from a young bird race, at least six of them would originate from the Heremans breed. In fact, the dam of Leon (NL11-1781324) was obtained as one of the Heremans eggs. It is obvious that the introduction of Leo Heremans pigeons has allowed Jan to take his loft to another level and he is very grateful for Leo’s help.

NL12-1655965 Leon, 1st WHZB and 1st TBOTB 2012

Leon is a very strong cock from the third round of 2012. His dam was a summer youngster that was paired for the first time. It soon proved an excellent combination. The sire of Leon is NL07-1863853 Zoon Dee Jee, winner of, for instance:

116th Pommeroeul 2,674 pigeons
180th Pommeroeul 4,097 pigeons
115th Creil      3,822 pigeons
140th Peronne    2,146 pigeons
101st Strombeek  3,076 pigeons

Zoon Dee Jee was also the sire of the 10th best young bird 2011 WHZB after winning the following prizes:

1st  Chantilly  12,768 pigeons
1st  Albis       2,081 pigeons
4th  Pommeroeul  3,915 pigeons
11th Menen       2,950 pigeons
3rd  Pommeroeul    500 pigeons

Leon originates from Saffier and Dubbel Aske of Leo Heremans from his mother’s side. This is a top class pigeon bred from previous champions. He has won the title of Best Young Bird WHZB and TBOTB thanks to the following results:

1st  Peronne     2,990 pigeons
1st  Duffel      1,861 pigeons
2nd  Grimbergen  1,794 pigeons
10th Morlincourt 2,736 pigeons
10th Peronne     1,458 pigeons
24th Sens          983 pigeons
24th Nijvel        311 pigeons
35th Nijvel      3,209 pigeons

Click here for the pedigree of Leon.

The results of 2013

Jan obviously has more than just one excellent racing pigeon in his loft, which you can tell from his results in the Entente of South Holland East in district 5:

Ronquieres      3,788 p.  150 km  4-5-16-17-18-24-29-30-etc. (44/64)
Nivelles        1,240 p.  149 km  1-6-7-10-14-15-16-20-etc. 32/46)
Sens            1,051 p.  425 km  3-5-8-13-18-20-24-etc. (21/30)
Duffel          2,479 p.   92 km  2-3-10-21-23-24-25-etc. (50/93)
Nivelles        2,292 p.  149 km  1-4-6-8-10-17-21-27-etc. (55/94)
Pommeroeul      2,015 p.  176 km  3-8-9-10-13-14-15-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-etc. (57/94)
Peronne         1,933 p.  254 km  2-4-5-10-13-17-21-22-23-etc. (58/95)
Mantes-la-Jolie 1,379 p.  388 km  3-4-7-10-11-12-13-15-16-20-etc. (41/93)
Pommeroeul      1,925 p.  176 km  1-2-18-19-23-26-28-29-etc. (26/30)
Peronne         1,792 p.  254 km  1-2-4-8-9-10-12-17-18-19-21-22-23-etc. (61/109)

To conclude

We have paid a visit to an excellent fancier. He would like to spend more time in his loft but he has to invest a lot of time in running his company as well. Despite his lack of time, Jan has been able to breed a group of pigeons that are tough to beat. He has won impressive championship titles and national ace pigeons, partly thanks to the recent introduction of Leo Heremans pigeons. At the moment his best pigeon is Leon, which is named after grandmaster Leo. We tend to believe that this has not been our last visit to Jan Eskes.

Jan in his loft