Ivan Vanvuchelen (Grazen, BE) wins first national old birds from Tulle

Den Tulle 047-11 of Ivan Vanvuchelen won the first prize from Tulle against 7350 old birds on 3 August. The winning pigeon is a late youngster of 2011 and he was ringed in the last week of September! His pedigree is a collection of nothing but top class pigeons!

The sire is “Den 599-07”, which won a fourth national from Souillac in 2011, as well as top prizes from Cahors, Brive and Montauban. The dam is the 245-10, a daughter of top class bird Geronimo of Patrick and Dimitri Houflijn (Wortegem-Petegem, BE) that was obainted from Roger Persoons from the neighbouring town of Halen. Click here to take a look at the pedigree. He had a successful 2012 season (despite being a very later youngster) with for instance a 99th provincial Blois against 2077 yearlings and a 294th interprovincial against 6058 pigeons from Nevers. He took a 308th national against 16,325 pigeons in the national from Argenton I this season before taking the first prize from Tulle.

Den Tulle was raced in classic widowhood, just like all other racing pigeons. Ivan does not show their hens before basketing however. He caught the attention of Ivan in the week before Tulle, by chasing everything that moved around him in the sky.

Ivan has been keeping pigeons since the age of nine and he got his passion for pigeons from his father. At first he played together with his father under the name of Julien Vanvuchelen. He has been running his own loft since 2002 from his loft in Grazen. He takes part in all competitions but his main goal is the long distance. Ivan has always been a close friend of Etienne and Frank Devos (Deerlijk, BE) and they take part in the tandem championship together. It is not surprising that the basis of the Vuchelen pigeon breed consists of pigeons from Etienne and Frank Devos.
Ivan does only race his cocks; he started this season with 20 old birds and 30 yearlings. The young birds are flown in function of the old birds’ game so they are basketed for a couple of middle distance races, as well as a few national races. In the last few years Ivan repeatedly managed to win top places in several championships. We listed his most important prizes below:

In 2007 5th National Champion Long Distance KBDB
In 2008 General Champion Long Distance Brabant Union
In 2009 12th National Champion Long Distance KBDB
In 2010 9th National Champion Long Distance KBDB
In 2011 Winner of the Six Days of the Belgian Entente
In 2012 2nd General Champion Long Distance Brabant Union
In 2012 2nd General Champion Long Distance Vlaams Brabant

Feed and medical guidance

Ivan always opts for the Beyers mixtures. In the beginning of the week he uses Beyers Vandenabeele, after which he switches to Super Widowhood (the last four meals) and a combination of 50% Super Widowhood and 50% Briljant (for the last two meals). All pigeons are fed individually in their nest box and they have separate drinking bowls as well. When they arrive home some grape sugar is added to the drinking water. Ivan goes back to basics, which means he does not provide vitamin supplements before the pigeons are basketed. He pays regular visits to his vet Vincent Schroëder, who provides cures or medicines if he considers it necessary.

An end to a long career in pigeon racing

Ivan had decided in the beginning of the season that it was time to put an end to his career due to health problems. Ivan has been having respiratory problems lately and few fanciers can end their career with a national victory!