Chris van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL) wins first national Marseille against 2,916 pigeons with his outstanding Ringo

Jaap van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL) and his top class pigeon Ringo (NL08-1525228) produced a great performance last weekend in their favourite race from Marseille, winning a first national Marseille 2013 against 2,916 opponents.

This is obviously not the first important feat from Ringo, which is played in widowhood. In the last four races from Marseille he managed to win four top prizes:

25th  national Marseille 2010 – 3,248 p.
187th national Marseille 2011 – 3,486 p.
75th  national Marseille 2012 – 3,680 p.
1st   national Marseille 2013 – 2,916 p.

We wonder if this could be the most successful Marseille racing pigeon ever?

Jaap (42) came into contact with the sport via his father Chris, who died in 2010. He has successfully been running his father’s pigeon family since then. The fancier from Zuid-Beijerland plays with thirty widowers and approximately sixty nest pairs. Ringo is one of the pigeons raced in widowhood. “Initially we wanted to basket Ringo for the race from Pau but this race would prove too easy for him. He would be able to win his prize but he is capable of more,” a motivated Jaap explains. “So we changed our mind and we basketed him for Agen/Bordeaux one week later.” He finished just behind the top prize winners and he missed his first important prize in a long distance classic. Still, the experienced Jaap knew that a strong pigeon like Ringo can reach his top form in only a few weeks’ time.

This top class bird had done six sprint/middle distance races before his first important race of the season from Agen/Bordeaux. He was not basketed anymore in between Agen/Bordeaux and last weekend’s race from Marseille but he has been taken away once for a training flight together with his loft mates.

The first national Marseille 2013 is won by a truly exceptional winner that was bred from some of the very best pigeons of Jaap’s pigeon family. The sire of Ringo is none other than the renowned Super Vanoppen (NL00-1010256), which Jaap obtained from the father-and-son combination of Wijnands (Maastricht, NL). This Super Vannoppen is in turn bred from Blauwe Vannoppen, the stock sire of the Wijnands family. The dam of Super Vannoppen originates from a few other top class pigeons as well, including the 14th national Barcelona of Bram Kooij (Heijenoord, NL), with whom Jaap did a joint breeding.


Marseille 2013

Jaap can see the landing board from inside the kitchen. He was checking the first arrivals on his laptop early in the morning when he saw his first nominated Ringo land on the landing board at about 5:57 am. He ran outside to open the loft’s door and 30 second later he clocked his racing bird at 5:57’34”. This means his pigeon had a velocity of 987 m/min, a velocity no other pigeon from The Netherlands was able to match.

We asked Jaap to describe his winning pigeon to us and he told us he is a quiet and kind pigeon with great character. Ringo has been the first Van der Velden pigeon from Marseille for three consecutive years, which is quite an achievement. From next year Ringo will no longer be basketed for his favourite race however. Jaap has decided not to basket him anymore; from now on his amazing qualities will be used in the breeding loft.

The national first prize from Marseille 2013 was already the eighth national victory for the pigeon family from Zuid-Beijerland! This is an amazing number most fanciers can only dream of. We give you an overview of their national victories:

1st national Barcelona - 3,915 p.
1st national Bergerac - 11,953 p.
1st national St.-Vincent - 5,201 p.
1st national Pau - 2,706 p.
1st national Carcassonne - 1,371 p.
1st national Mont de Marsan - 6,220 p.
1st national Cahors - 7,250 p.

Last weekend an eighth national prize was added to the list:

1st national Marseille - 2,916 p. 

Jaap is a skilled fancier with a collection of truly outstanding stock pigeons, who knows how to get the most out of his pigeon breed. We are confident this has not been his last national victory. Jaap, we wish you the best. See you soon!