Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) wins first Nat. St. Vincent against 3,786 old birds

A national victory at last! Everybody knew it would come sooner or later, especially because Chris had already won quite a few second national prizes, in addition to a whole lot of provincial victories. He had not yet been able take a deserved national victory however.

“Not again”, that was the first thing he said on Saturday morning. Initially it was Noël Peiren from Zedelgem in West Flanders who was expected to win the national first prize. His pigeon was clocked at 7:48 am; just enough for a narrow win against Chris Hebberecht. The chairman of the national sports committee had checked the results and he found out that Noël Peiren had clocked his pigeon one minute too soon. The pigeon actually arrived at 7:49’05” with an average speed of 903.58 m/min. This means Chris Hebberecht had the fastest pigeon at national level after all: his first pigeon arrived at 8:05’49”, covering 908.131km with a velocity of 903.78 m/min. He breathed a sigh of relief. He finally did it! This national win is a great addition to his list of national top prizes:

1st National St.Vincent 2013 against 3,386 pigeons with Evert (908 km)
2nd National Cahors 2010 against 8,651 pigeons with Jamar (763 km)
2nd National Castres 2003 against 4,101 pigeons with Calypso 
2nd National Beziers 2002 against 5,886 pigeons with Pancho (866 km)

We should not forget to mention the long list of provincial victories between 1999 and 2013, when Chris had to take over the entire loft of his father Octaaf after he passed away. He suddenly had to take the full responsibility, being assisted by his wife Kathy and initially by his two sons Bart and Tom as well. Since his new start he has won at least one provisional first prize every season, which is great! We should say that Chris has made great use of the excellent basis of his father Octaaf and he has further developed it into a top quality pigeon family. The old basis was founded on stock pigeons such as Korporaal, Pallieter, Jonge Jan, Fijnen and Zwarte Verheecke. They bred a new generation of excellent breeders, including Wringer, Lobke, Krommen, de Super (which was repurchased from Antoine Bral) and of course Bjorn, the stock sire of today’s generation of racing pigeons. The combination of these bloodlines resulted in a long series of ace pigeons, including Champion BE01-4094638 (1st Prov & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005), which is today’s star in the breeding section. The descendants of Pancho have been doing great as well. He was second Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004 and an excellent breeder as well, before Chris sold him. The fresh national winner from St. Vincent has quite a few outstanding pigeons in his pedigree.

Evert takes long awaited national win

Chris Hebberecht has an impressive list of achievements and yet he had not been able to win a national first prize, despite countless second prizes. You might start to think it would never happen. On Saturday morning it looked as if he had to be satisfied with another second prize. However, it was Yvan Eeckhout from the Belgian Entente who informed him by telephone that there had been a mistake with the first clocked pigeon. He had won the national victory after all and that was reason enough to celebrate for Chris Hebberecht.

The national winner was bred from the basis of the Hebberecht breed and he has some excellent origins. He is a half brother of the sire of Ike from his father’s side. Ike was the first Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010 with a record coefficient (click here for the pedigree of Ike). He is also a half brother of the excellent racing pigeon Vico from his mother’s side. Vico won the first international Ace Pigeon Master Award 2010 (and was co-winner of the title of first Nat. Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB 2010). This is Evert’s list of achievements in the national races:

-Evert BE10-4095160

’13 St.Vincent  Prov    683 p. 1
                Nat   3,786 p. 1
                Int  10,944 p. 8
’13 Montauban   Prov  1,466 p. 67
                Nat   6,772 p. 359
’12 Limoges     Prov  3,466 p. 193
                Nat  13,781 p. 783
’12 Tulle       Prov  1,345 p. 65
                Nat   6,817 p. 253
’12 Souillac    Nat   7,760 p. 700
’12 Montluçon   Nat  17,865 p. 4396
’11 Limoges YL  Prov  3,548 p. 117
                Nat  14,686 p. 396
’11 Chateauroux Prov  6,148 p. 471
                Nat  25,263 p. 2154

Click here for his full pedigree
Click here for his full list of achievements

Evert was basketed as third nominated but Chris had first planned to basket him as first nominated. Eventually he decided to basket two more experienced pigeons first, simply because this was the first international flight for Evert. Was he out for revenge because he had to step aside for two other pigeons? It is possible. He could see his hen before being basketed just to increase his motivation. This is something Chris does when he baskets only a small number of pigeons. When there are several pigeons to be basketed he sometimes puts two hens in the loft because this makes it easier to pick up his pigeons. The old racing pigeons did not breed before the season but they have been sitting twice for about five days.

One year later

Exactly one year after his first Prov. and Third Nat. from St. Vincent Chris has managed to win a national first prize in the same race. He finally did it and we might as well expect some more national victories in the near future. He had not been able to win a national first prize in his own loft until last weekend but other fanciers had already been successful at national level with his Hebberecht pigeons.

Bert Van de Berghe has won a national first prize old birds from Agen-Bordeaux and the sire of his winner is a son of Dochter Champion. Joël Verschoot won the first national yearlings in the same race from Agen-Bordeaux, also with a pigeon with Hebberecht origins: the sire of his winner was a son of Dochter Costello (Costello is a brother of Champion). A fancier from Great Britain won a national first prize as well: B. Winter won the first national from Tarbes with a pigeon from the lines of Jelle! Last weekend Anders Bo Brobeh from Denmark won a second national from Frieburg (906km) and the sire of this pigeon is a 100% Hebberecht, bred from Jef x Blauw 257/04 Pancho.

The racing team of Chris has been in excellent form lately. They won, for instance, a first local and second provincial from Libourne last weekend. Chris had an excellent result from Brive as well, with a local victory and a second provincial prize. We give you a few of the best results from the past two weeks, just to give you an idea of the quality of the Hebberecht racing team:

12/6 St.Vincent local 52 p. 1-2-4 (3/6)
     Prov   683 p. 1-7-36 (3/6)
     Nat  3,786 p. 1 etc…
13/6 Brive local 356 olds:
1-5-9-13-32-41-52-64-71-89 (10/12)
     Prov 1,637 p. 2-24-33-47-157-175-212-260-285-385 (10/12)
13/6 Brive local 253 yearlings:
3-6-10-11-14-18-44-54-58-62 (10/17)
     Prov 1,458 p. 18-28-44-45-57-81-214-263-280-289 (10/17)
06/7 Libourne local 168 olds:
1-4-13-16-19-28-55 (7/10)
     Prov 1,480 p. 2-10-30-48-54-69-251-266 (8/10)
05/7 Barcelona local 142 olds: 5-13-34 (3/3)
     Prov 1,933 p. 74-216-469 (3/3)      

Things have changed a lot for Chris Hebberecht since 1 July 2013. He is now on retired and his wife Kathy has closed her pet supplies store. He has also finished building a new house in the back of his garden (behind his pigeon loft) and he has also won a long awaited national victory. Time has come to enjoy life together with his wife Kathy and to spend more time in his loft. We think his pigeons will continue to achieve great results in the future. Life can be wonderful. Congratulations Chris and we are happy to finally see you take that deserved national win!