Marathon star Jaap van der Velden (Zuid-Beijerland, NL): an impressive list of achievements!

A fancier who can win nearly everything in the marathon competition, who manages to overcome difficult times and whose pigeons are doing very well in other lofts all over the world has without doubt a pigeon breed of outstanding quality. Well, this also applies to Chris & Jaap van der Velden!

The late Chris and his son Jaap van der Velden

Chris and his son Jaap started their career in the two day races in 1987 and they had no idea that they would become so successful. Their first successes at top level were achieved already in 1992 (which is rather quickly for a two day loft) and it seemed that nothing could stop them. Indeed, 21 years later they have an impressive list of achievements that probably no other loft in The Netherlands could ever match. The loft became very successful and it still is, despite the death of father Chris in 2010. His son Jaap decided to continue his career as a fancier under the same name, to honour his father and mentor. After all, it was with that name that they gained (inter)national recognition in the marathon discipline. You can find the list of achievements of Chris van der Velden below. Keep in mind that we have only included the most important titles, because otherwise this list would be too long.

1st Not nom. F.B.Z.’11 (for the fourth time)
1st General Internat. Champion I.F.C.’10
1st 5-nom. Int. Barcelona ’06-’10 (5 years)
1st Bony SGR Cup’10 (Fondcl. Midden Limburg)
1st Champion Hens I.F.C’10
1st Not nom. F.B.Z.’10 (for the third time)
1st Not nom. Internat. Long Distance District 5’10
1st Primus Inter Pares Int. Barcelona ’09
1st 5-nom. Int. Barcelona ’06-’09 (4 years)
1st Primus Inter Pares Int. Barcelona ’08
1st 5-nom. Int. Barcelona ’06-’08 (3 years)
1st 5-nom. Int. Barcelona ’06-’07 (2 years)
1st Championship of Straatsburg (6 nom. Barcelona)’07
1st Emperor of the Grand Distance ’92 and ‘06
1st 10-nom. Int. Fondclub ’04 and ’06
1st Kreutzer’s Int. Championship ’06
1st Emperor Championship Club der Azen’05 (for the third time)
1st Category 8 Nat. Fondspiegel ’02 and ’05
1st Category 7 Z.L.U. Fondspiegel ’04
1st Champion N. & S. Holland’03
1st Emperor Championship Club der Azen’02
1st West Holland Marathon’95 and ’02
1st Not nom. F.B.Z.’01 and ’00
1st Grand Prix Z.L.U.’00
1st General classification Z.L.U. Fondspiegel 1996-1998
1st Category 8 Z.L.U. Fondspiegel ’97 and ‘98
1st Emperor Championship Club der Azen’97
1st General Champion F.B.Z.’97
1st European Cup ’95

Enkele duivenhokken bij van der Velden

These are impressive achievements. As we said, there are probably not many Dutch fanciers with a similar list of achievements. We think it will be difficult for other fanciers to match the success of the Van der Velden loft, both in The Netherlands and abroad. One of the most remarkable feats with a 50% Van der Velden pigeon was achieved by Monsieur Robert Ben from Calais in France. His pigeon Super Ben might be one of the most successful pigeons worldwide. Super Ben has won for instance:

1st National Barcelona
2nd National Barcelona
3rd National Barcelona
3rd National Perpignan
3rd National Perpignan
6th National Perpignan

And at international level:
5th  International Barcelona
20th International Barcelona
44th International Barcelona
3rd  International Perpignan
21st International Perpignan

Prizes won with pigeons that stem completely or partially from the Van der Velden bloodlines

Fanciers from abroad have been very successful with the Van der Velden pigeons as well. A recent example is Herman Borgerlink. He won a first National from St. Vincent in sector 3 with a silky soft hen that consists of no less than 50% of the Van der Velden bloodlines. In addition the Helsdingen brothers from Nijkerkerveen won a first National from Bordeaux old birds with their bird Het Fenomeen, which is also a 50% Van der Velden pigeon.

The amazing success of the Van der Velden pigeons is probably the result of their composition. The basis of this pigeon family is their own Blauwe Stam’breed, which has Aarden (75%) and Stichelbout (25%) origins. This basis was successfully crossed with pigeons of for instance, B. Batenburg & Sons, Chr. Vanoppen, H. Wijnands & Sons, Van der Wegen, Robert Ben (from Super Ben) and Jan Ouwerkerk. These are all noble long distance bloodlines!

To cut a long story short: the above bloodlines have turned the Van der Velden pigeons into the successful pigeon breed as we know it today. Thanks to this high quality basis Chris and Jaap have won quite a few prizes over the years: 39 teletext notations, the European Cup and the first national Barcelona. They managed to win the title of Primus Inter Pares International Barcelona two times with a single pigeon. In addition they collected seven national victories and five silver medals. This is a loft with unprecedented results, not only in the early years but also after the death of Jaap’s father Chris. It seems that Chris was a great mentor to his son Jaap, who managed to lead the pigeon loft on his own, gaining worldwide fame.

The top 10 national results of the Chris van der Velden loft

Anything is possible with outstanding birds

You need to have top class pigeons if you want to achieve something. Even the best fancier cannot win top prizes without excellent pigeons. Fortunately Jaap is a great fancier with great pigeons. The birds in his loft are invaluable and he managed to bring these birds to the top, initially together with his father. Their collection of ‘only’ 11 national prizes is something to be proud of. This might be one of the best marathon pigeon lofts in the world, especially when considering the achievements of other fanciers with their pigeons. Which are the pigeons that turned the Van der Velden breed into a world famous pigeon family? We would like to introduce some of the big stars to you:

Maximus is an amazing bird. He was first International Ace Pigeon Perpignan over four years’ time and first International Ace Pigeon Perpignan over 5 years’ time. His greatest results include an 8th National from Dax, a 9th National from Perpignan, an 11th International from Perpignan and an 18th International from Dax. This pigeon is in turn breeding new champions in the breeding loft of Chris van der Velden.

Paulo was bred from the very best pigeons of Jaap. He is a grandson of no less than three national winners, a recipe for success. It was just a matter of time before these winners would breed a similarly talented descendant. Paulo won a first national from Pau in 2011. He had already been basketed for Pau in 2009, when he took an 19th national prize. This is obviously a cock with great talents.

The breeding pair De Super Vanoppen and Cheeta is an excellent combination. The Super Vanoppen is of course, a son of the world famous Blauwe Vannoppen of H. Wijnands & Sons, which is the sire of countless top class pigeons. At least thirty of his children and grandchildren have won a top 100 prize nationally. This bloodline was combined with Cheeta, the best line of Van der Velden and it proved an excellent breeding pair, breeding several top class racing pigeons. Cheeta is the winner of a first National from Barcelona in 2003, a 32nd National Perpignan and an 84th National Montauban. This is top quality!

Jaap van der Velden continued the success story that he and his father started many years ago. They have never had a bad season. Year after year they had national top results and they were also successful in the championships. It is great that other fanciers had excellent results as well thanks to the introduction of the Van der Velden pigeons. This pleases Jaap a lot. There is no denying that this outstanding marathon fancier has a great future ahead of him, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Jaap, good luck in 2013!