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About PIPA


What is PIPA?

PIPA was founded in 2000 as a hobby-project where information was collected about everything related to the pigeon sport. Later on PIPA became a term in the world wide pigeon sport. It is the abbreviation of Pigeon Paradise, the original name of the site. Because PIPA is easier to use and pronounce, everybody uses PIPA when they talk about Pigeon Paradise. Nowadays PIPA is a professional company, under the name PIPA Holding.

PIPA 's mission is

First: to provide pigeon fanciers with up to date, correct and fast world wide pigeon news and to bring together the world wide community of pigeon racers.

Second: to act as trader online, offline and via public auctions of the highest quality pigeons.

Third: to preserve and collect the best genetic material in the PIPA Elite Center (middle distance and one day long distance) & Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht (long distance).

We want to accomplish this by :

  • promoting the Belgian/Dutch/German pigeon sport & pigeon sport in other European countries, all over the world, but with the focus on Belgium/the Netherlands/Germany as they are the cradle of the pigeon sport.
  • delivering up to date, correct & detailed information about the pigeon sport, especially from the pigeon sport in Belgium, The Netherlands & Germany
  • bringing news from all the countries where the pigeon sport is practised.
  • bringing pigeon fanciers closer to each other by giving them the opportunity to let them discuss with each other, by letting them exchange information, by providing an international forum for networking.
  • only selling pigeons with the highest possible quality, only selling pigeons that can make our customers win worldwide.

Main activities?
PIPA’s (PIPA is abbreviation for Pigeon Paradise) main activities are :

  • online newspaper (world's largest in the pigeon sport)
  • exclusive online brokerage sales of quality pigeons
  • exclusive offline brokerage of quality pigeons
  • organising public auctions of quality pigeons
  • management office for top pigeon racers
  • the breeding and maintaining of exclusive races in the PIPA Elite Center

So to conclude :

  • We don't want to just bring news - we only want to bring the hottest, most up to date & most correct news!
  • We don't want to just sell pigeons - we only want to sell the highest quality pigeons.
  • We don't want to just breed pigeons - we want to breed the very best pigeons that live up to the highest standards.