De Zutter en zoon, "1st international Biarritz hens (2004)"

The liberation at noon, with the temperature at 38 C° and a soft North East wind, this were the circumstances in which Biarritz was raced this year. It would become a hard race, and it was one. The first pigeons were expected earlier, but it stayed very quiet at the telephone with the early announcements. Suddenly there was the little checkered hen from Willem De Zutter & son. It was early, but how early? The clock showed us 13.29. It was the first announcement in the club in Moerbeke, and also very early national and international. It appeared to be the 1st international hens, 2nd national and 3rd international. A wonderfull performance. Another nice performance at the loft of De Zutter & son.

The pigeon:

The winner is a two year old checkered hen with ringnumber BELGIUM 4263656/02.
On the pedigree we can see that at the father’s side we find Dick Postma (Van den Hoek x Janssens Arendonk) and also Latruwe, Vandenabeele and Mattheeuws. The mother is a pure Anton and Lucie Van der Wegen pigeon, where especially “Turbo”, “Straaljager”, the “Perpignan” and the “Schift” are the most famous pigeons. She’s a nice round small hen. Also the nice eye is very remarquable. Before the basketting she put her eye on a nice young cock. She was taken away from the loft for a few days and at the day of the basketting she went back to the loft. This was clearly a good motivation to achieve this great performance. This hen had already some good results in the past, but the real top performances were not coming untill this year off course.
In 2002, as youngster she obtained 8 prizes, those of Quievrain, Noyon, Dourdan and Blois.
In 2003 she obtained 7 prizes of Bouillon, Dourdan and Bourges.
In 2004 she was being prepared for the “big work” on the very long distance, he won a prize on Noyon, twice on Dourdan and on Vierzon.
On july 2nd she raced Barcelona with local 76/441 and 26/194 hens. On july 17th she raced Bourges with a 6th prize of 96 old hens. 9 days later she wint into the basket with direction Biarritz with the well know results…...
1st International Hens!!!
The chance is big that this flight was her last flight, and that she is moving to the breeding loft, which is already full of toppers. It’s no wonder that this pigeons will go through the rest of his life as “The Biarritz”.

The loft:
De Zutter & son, Outerstraat 24, Ninove isn’t ‘nobody’ in the international pigeonworld. They’ve been performing well for a long time now and they are part of the absolute world top in the pigeonsport. The many national and provincial topprizes and announcements in the championships prove that. Willem was born for the pigeonsport, because of his father Victor who played together with his cousin for several years. Yet the first pigeons only arrived at the house of Willem after he was married with his friendly wife Assunta. His father Victor lived there too, and then they started racing under the name De Zutter and son. Nowadays it is father Willem and son Kristiaan. Willem does the work on the lofts, the task of Kristiaan is the administration of the pigeons. The first strains on the lofts of De Zutter, were Schelfaut pigeons, and after a short time there were pigeons added from Dick Postma ( the grey Tourniers, crossed with Janssen Arendonk). They started to fly more and more middle distance flights instead of sprint distance, and later they also started with long and very long distance. There were more pigeons added, like the Raoul Verstraete pigeons, with the result that more and more toppigeons were bred, such as the “wondere Dunky” (three times ace pigeon), “Ecu”, “Farrari” and “Erica” and a lot of others. “De Cent” (1984), a pigeon that is the result of a crossing between Postma-Tournier with Jules Rijckaert, had some nice results on the long distance with the 16th national Barcelona and 17th national Narbonne.
De Zutter & son collected many 1st provincial prizes, provincial championships during many years.
In 94 they became vice-champion KBDB young pigeons middle distance. 1997 and 1998 also became real top years for the The Zutter family: 1st general championship KBDB East-Flanders 97, 1st championship long distance KBDB East-Flanders 97, 1st championship Cureghem Centre 97 and 98, 1st championship “Flanders Cup” young pigeons 97, 1st championship “Entente Belge” 98, 1st general championship KBDB East-Flanders 98.
Their pigeons aren’t only very good, they are also very pretty. On the olympiade of Lievin, France in 2003, De Zutter and Son represented Belgium in the section of “old pigeons” with Trici. This hen won in her career 61 prizes in 5 years, of which 2 times first prize and national 55th Argenton, 68th La Souterraine, 122nd Gueret, 161st La Souterraine and 342nd Bourges. A few years ago they added some pigeons of the famous long distance loft of A&L Van der Wegen. The mother of “The Biarritz” is a pure Van der Wegen hen.
The last three years they raced more and more with the hens, because their widowers suddenly didn’t had good results anymore because of an unknown reason. The hens took the tasks of the cocks over with a lot of class. After a lot of searching and some vistis to the vet without result, they found the cause of the bad performances of the cocks last winter. A very bad fungus infection in the loft. They cleaned everything, and very slowly the cocks starting to perform normal again.
The winning of the 1st national prize was still missing on the nice palmares of the loft De Zutter & Son. We wish the father and the son and the whole family a lot of good results in the future and we want to congratulate them with this very nice performance.

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