Chris Hebberecht - Evergem (BE) is, with ‘Ike’, top candidate for winning the 1° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010!

In our reports in the ‘Look at the week’… we have repeatedly made allusions to the fact… that Chris Hebberecht lay or lies in ‘pole position’… for winning the 1° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010.

Although you can’t sell the skin until you have caught the bear… because it is often in the ‘last races’ of the season that the prizes are determined. The national Tulle last week was then also the last race that qualified for this ‘Ace pigeon title’… and for which a few pigeons the chance had to try to equal the pigeon from Chris Hebberecht. Seeing that this season in addition to national and zonal results… also the provincial results qualified… there is always the chance of surprises, and suddenly an ‘Ace pigeon’ can appear which nobody had expected. Hence our circumspection in this matter …
Certain media had already headlined the victory for Chris Hebberecht… although he had a very close assailant in the pigeon from Van Hee-Decoster… likewise a ‘super crack’ with a 6° Nat Limoges and 5° Nat Souillac (in addition to a 13° Nat Chateauroux 17.109 p. earlier in the season, which didn’t qualify for the title of ‘Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance’) but performed better in both races than the pigeon from Chris… Tulle therefore had to deliver the verdict in this matter! However they immediately removed all the tension in Jabbeke… by simply not entering their pigeon for Tulle! A missed opportunity? A question which we will never know the answer to… but nevertheless an important fact! Because through this the chances of Chris Hebberecht winning this ‘national Ace pigeon title’ shot up dramatically! It is the 2 year old super crack ‘Ike’ which at the moment has the ‘smallest coefficient’ known to his name… a ‘new tyrant’ in the Hebberecht lofts… who is ready to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessors in the Hebberecht lofts so as ‘AXL’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Grand Distance KBDB ‘05), ‘Pancho’ (2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’04), the ‘Champion’ (2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’05)! Admit it… not many of u scan breed, race and ‘win’ such a series of Ace pigeons… in their own loft!

Ike’ B08-4351119
A summer youngster 2008 which was trained up to Clermont (212 Km). His further honours list looks like this

In 2009:
Etampes         395 p. 129
Etampes         846 p. 194
Argenton        783 p. 9
    Prov      5.627 p. 117
    Nat      21.092 p. 778
Tulle           213 p. 57
    Prov      1.281 p. 283
In 2010:
Vierzon         922 p. 26
    Prov      7.030 p. 199
Brive           315 p. 3
    Prov      3.004 p. 11
    Zone A    6.470 p. 31
    Nat      16.815 p. 45
Cahors          177 p. 4  (after 3 loft companions)
    Prov      1.703 p. 25
    Zone A    2.734 p. 36
    Nat       8.651 p. 46
Limoges old birds    278 p. 1
    Prov      2.754 p. 2
    Zone A    4.765 p. 11
    Nat      10.448 p. 11
    Derby 2-J   199 p. 1
    Prov      1.750 p. 1
    Zone A    2.786 p. 8
    Nat 2-J   5.607 p. 8
Souillac        137 p. 1
    Prov      1.829 p. 1
    Zone A    3.495 p. 6
    Nat       7.045 p. 6

He is also living proof that ‘Ace pigeons’ descend from ‘Ace pigeons’… it is anchored in the genes!

Father: ‘Jempy’ B07-4373192… a half-brother of ‘Champion’ (1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB)
GF: ‘Pancho Jelle’ B04-4437282… son of ‘Pancho 210/99’ (1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB)) x ‘Sister Branko 940/02’ (a daughter of the 1° Prov Perpignan winner ‘Jelle 494/95’ x ‘Vooruitje 213/99’).
GM: ‘Chequered Kromme’ B99-4262223… mother of ‘Champion’ (and daughter of the ‘Krommen 629/91’ x ‘Daughter Bjorn 996/94).

Mother: ‘Chequered Joosen’ B06-6185492… property of international Marseille winner 2010, Jos Joosen from Brecht… which stayed for a while in the lofts of Chris Hebberecht by means of ‘joint breeding’, wherefrom the youngsters were divided between Chris and Jos.
Gf: ‘Son Bonga’ B97-6101055… son of the stock breeder ‘Bonga 475/85’, the line from which the 1° Intnat Marseille 2010 was also bred!
GM: ‘523-Hen’ B02-6051523
This ‘Ike’ is not just any old pigeon as it turns out… in the four national races that he took part in, he always ended in the ‘top 46’ national… simply phenomenal, and something which has seldom happened!

Magnificent Long Distance season 2010
If you ask us, this Chris Hebberecht is not only the top candidate for winning the ° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010, but also in many other championships his name is shining at the front or at the top of the list! The logical consequence of a magnificent sport season 2010… whereby the Hebberecht pigeons often rolled over the competition. You would otherwise have to ask them in the famous ‘fondclub Lokeren’… where there was just no end to the mastership of the Hebberecht pigeons… that becomes clear from the results below. We have selected a few of the prizes achieved ‘Top 100 National’… a list that is far from complete since not all the results are yet known… so that you can browse through the honours list achieved in the races of the national long distance calendar! 
As shown in these figures, Chris Hebberecht has had one of the best sport seasons ever… fighting for the victory flowers every week on virtually all fronts… often achieving incredible performances… it’s not for many. Especially as Chris doesn’t race with the ‘mass’! We can only conclude that the Chris Hebberecht stock belongs to one of the best breeding stocks of our country… possible the best breeding source of our country at present where the long distance and grand distance is concerned’! A breeding source which hasn’t only bred a heap of crack pigeons over the last few seasons… but also ‘Ace pigeons’ up to national level!

The provisional prizes achieved within the ‘Top 100’ national

      2° national Cahors against 8.651 pigeons
      3° national Narbonne against 6.332 pigeons
      6° national Souillac against 7.039 pigeons
      6° national Tulle against 6.585 pigeons
      8° national Limoges 2 year olds against 5.607 pigeons
     11° national Limoges against 10.448 pigeons
    13° national Tulle against 8.246 pigeons
     25° national Orange against 4.491 pigeons
     26° national Cahors against 8.651 pigeons
     28° national Montauban against 6.654 pigeons
     30° national Souillac against 7.045 pigeons
     31° national Souillac against 7.045 pigeons
     37° national Cahors against 8.651 pigeons
     45° national Brive against 16.815 pigeons
     46° national Cahors against 8.651 pigeons
     48° national Tulle against 6.585 pigeons
     50° national Limoges 2 year olds against 5.607 pigeons
     58° national Limoges against 10.448 pigeons
     74° national Souillac against 7.039 pigeons
     82° national Limoges against 10.448 pigeons
     93° national Cahors against 8.651 pigeons
   100° national Tarbes against 4.576 pigeons

The impressive honours list2010

Tulle 31/07/2010 (635 Km)
Regional   106 old birds:   1-2-12-24-33-35 (6)
National 6.585 old birds:   6-48… (prognosis ‘Top 50’ Nat)
Regional   196 yearlings: 1-3-5-12-14-38-42-51 (16)
National 8.246 yearlings: 13… (prognosis ‘Top 50’ Nat)
Perpignan 31/07/2010 (925 Km)
Regional   133 old birds: 9-13-23-33 (10)
Narbonne 24/07/2010 (887 Km)
Regional   123 old birds: 1-5-10-12-34 (10)
Internat 13.531 old birds: 4-80… (prognosis)
Libourne 24/07/2010 (750 Km)
Regional   105 yearlings: 6-32 (3)
Souillac 17/07/2010 (710 km)
Regional   137 old birds: 1-2-3-5-6-10-12-14-24-27-44 (16)
National 7.045 old birds: 6-30-31-74 (prognosis)
Marseille 17/07/2010 (905 km)
Regional    57 old birds: 3-6-7 (3/4)
Tarbes 11/07/2010 (920 km)
Regional    91 old birds: 1-2-7-13-14-21-24 (6/7)
National 4.576 old birds: 100-106-309- ...
Limoges 03/07/010 (614 km)
Regional    278 old birds: 1-2-5-16-17-18-23-33-44-55-70-71-93 (13/22)
Zonal     4.765 old birds: 11-48- 0 (prognosis)
National 10.448 old birds: 11-58-82-289-290-291-440- ...

Regional   199 2-yearlings: 1-3-14-21-29-34 (6/11)
Zonal    2.786 2-yearlings: 8-43 (prognosis)
National 5.607 2-yearlings: 8-50-243-425
Barcelona 02/07/010 (1091 km)
Regional    290 old birds: 2-10-19 (3/6)
Soustons 02/07/010 (902 km)
Regional    295 yearlings: 19-26 (2/4)
Orange 26/06/010 (781 km)
Regional     88 old birds: 1-6-13-17-18 (5/7)
Provincial  556 old birds: 6-42-95-115
National  4.491 old birds: 25 (prognosis)
Argenton 26/06/010 (528 km)
Regional 431 old birds:   32-68-138 (3/3)
Regional 848 yearlings: 25-44-121-136-257
Montauban 21/06/010 (807 km)
Regional     134 old birds: 2-5-10-12-32 (5/6)
Provincial 1.291 old birds: 10-36-90-113-282
Zonal      2.597 old birds: 21 (prognosis)
National   6.654 old birds: 28-174-471
Pau 20/06/010 (918 km)
Regional 165 old birds: 5-8-19-54 (4/5)
Int.prov. 458 old birds: 7-16-49
Montrichard 20/06/010 (458 km)
Regional 408 yearlings: 18-27-40-77-156-158 (6/8)
Cahors 13/06/010 (753 km)
Regional     177 old birds: 1-2-3-4-8-11-30-43-57 (9/12)
Provincial 1.703 old birds: 1-13-20-25-44-56-223-358
National   8.651 old birds: 2-26-37-46-93-134-699-1169-1566-1722 (10/12)
Montelimar 05/06/010 (734 km)
Regional   124 old birds: 14-17-27-30 (7)
Provincial 803 old birds: 60-71-122-161 (4/7)
National 7.187 old birds: 353-465-910-1235
Brive 29/05/010 (684 km)
Regional    315 old birds: 3-20-22-24-26-46-63-66-67-68-
Zonal     6.470 old birds: 31 etc
National 16.815 old birds: 45-764-832-974 etc
Vierzon 15/05/010 ( 450 km)
Regional 922 old birds: 3-6-7-12-16-16-19-21-24-26-33-35-37-39-44-55-57-73-84-85-
94-116-117-127-159-178-184-193 (33/38)


superbe specimen

Bravo pour les perf !

Chris en Katthy,

Het is jullie van harte gegund na een super seizoen met de oude duiven,
Dikke proficiat,

Desmet Didier
Dedonder Nancy

Een dikke proficiat ,je moet de duiven hebben die het kunnen, je moet het er allemaal kunnen voor opbrengen.
Je moet ze telkens maar opnieuw kunnen voorbereiden.
Nogmaals een dikke proficiat.


Congratiulations my friend!
Super pigeon! Smile