Pomarańczowy 2013

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Result: Belgium National, Old birds
Click here for the Orange 2013: Result: Belgium National, Old birds.

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National winner Belgium Old birds: Wits Roger (Bierbeek)
The national winner Belgium from Orange in the category "old birds" is Wits Roger (Bierbeek).
The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 17:59:05 CEST after a race of 745.877 km, achieving an average velocity of 1114.77 m/min.

Photos: Kris Jacobs
First pigeon has arrived
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Released at 06:50 CEST
Weather conditions during liberation: moderate wind, nice, west wind, good visibility

If you wish to follow the race live, you can go to the tab "Live Results" where you will see a list of all early arrivals added on PIPA. Under "Live Results", you can click on "Radar" if you wish to see the location of the arrivals.
Weather maps
Weather expectations: blue sky and sunny spells, north wind

Delayed till tomorrow

The race has been delayed till tomorrow due to bad weather conditions on the race path

Weather maps
Weather expectations: nice, north wind

Number of pigeons

3869 pigeons will be liberated in Orange this weekend, 574 less than last year (4443 pigeons).

Orange 2013:

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I am currently havf no pegeons but i use to have some few and i like pegeons and i never participated in the pegeons race so can i get some help to get started. I am from PE.

I am currently havf no pigeons but i use to have some few and i like pigeons and i never participated in the pigeons race so can i get some help to get started. I am from PE.

Hoeveel duiven heeft Laurette Onkelinckx nu mee , was deze vlucht die zeker moest doorgaan!!!!!!!..
geen 5000 duiven afvoeren dus .geen reden van bestaan ,en anders zoals Pau slechts enkele lokalen per provincie . wie kan hier nog lokaal voor openhouden ?????

dit is niet ernstig meer
onkelinxkx of niet zo kan het niet meer verder

zoals in de politiek dienen minimum getallen gehanteerd

ik vrees voor wie het niet horen wil dat er op argenton deze avond een dikke 20000 gaan zijn

aan Halle is er voor deze winter een stukje werk .....