Montluçon 2012

Preliminary result: Belgium National, Yearlings
Click here for the Montluçon 2012: Preliminary result: Belgium National, Yearlings.

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Preliminary result: Belgium National, Old birds
Click here for the Montluçon 2012: Preliminary result: Belgium National, Old birds.

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National winner Belgium Old birds: Storms Wim (Berlaar)

Wim Storms from Berlaar wins the national race from Montluçon 2012 in the category old birds. His pigeon’s average velocity was 1469.16 m/min.

6175903/2008  janne

Melun  1368/ 115
Orleans 1221/20
                Pro 9860/115
Argenton  nat  36816 /625
Gueret  nat  14754 /494
Bourges nat 22476 /381
Chateauroux pro 2273 /61
Montlucon  pro 1260 /60
Melun  1186 /30
La chatre  pro 1738 /86
           Nat  15780 / 393
Argenton  pro 1213 /17
                  Nat 11001 /76
Vierzon   pro 1892 /82
Bourges  pro 3184 /137
               Nat 20589 /883
Chateauroux  pro 1762 / 176
Montlucon   nat  17432 / 1


National winner Belgium Yearlings: Vercammen Marcel & Gunter (Vremde)

Marcel & Gunter Vercammen from Vremde win the national race from Montluçon 2012 in the category yearlings. Their pigeon rushed home at an average velocity of 1470.66 m/min, the highest velocity of all pigeons (old birds and yearlings). According to the early arrivals in Antwerp, they only just beat Van Hove – Uytterhoeven, who performed well in both categories: yearlings and old birds.

Released at 07:40 CEST
Weather conditions during liberation: rather cloudy, sunny intervals, no wind, good visibility

If you wish to follow the race live, you can go to the tab "Live Results" where you will see a list of all early arrivals added on PIPA. Under "Live Results", you can click on "Radar" if you wish to see the location of the arrivals.
Weather maps
Weather expectations: intermittent clouds, sunny, warm, south-southwest wind, southwest wind
Postponed till tomorrow

The race has been postponed till tomorrow due to bad weather on the race path.

Weather maps
Weather expectations: cloudy, local thunderstorms, showers, southwest wind
Number of pigeons

From Montluçon, which replaces the national race from La Châtre (2011), 40,104 pigeons will fly home. Last year approximately 38,000 pigeons were basketted for La Châtre.

General information

General information on the race:


Hope it turns out to be another great race, Good luck to all competitors..

Over 40,000 pigeons, what a great race!
Bonne chance!

Luc and Nada Klaps

Indien bovenstaande kaart zich morgen in realiteit omzet, zal het lossen fors in het gedrang komen.

Juist buienradar gezien het ziet er nie goed uit voor vandaag.

Congratulations Mr. Wim Storms on this win and this result is distinctive .. good luck with appreciation ..

best regard

جميل عبد الشهيد