Argenton 2012

National and zonal results now online
Preliminary result: Belgium National, Yearlings
Click here for the Argenton 2012: Preliminary result: Belgium National, Yearlings.

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Result: Belgium National, Old birds
Click here for the Argenton 2012: Result: Belgium National, Old birds.

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National winner Belgium Old birds: Geerinckx L. & B. & J. (Wommelgem)

Bart, Jurgen en Luc Geerinckx (BE) from Wommelgem have won the national race from Argenton in the category of old birds with an average velocity of 1638 meters/minute.

Pigeon characteristics and past performances: Cock, full brother of Iron Lady: 2° Nat La Souterraine, 3° Nat Argenton, 1° Prov Chateauroux.

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National winner Belgium Yearlings: Dierickx-Visschers J. (Zele)

Dierickx-Visschers J. (BE) from Zele has won the national race from Argenton in the category yearlings with an average speed of 1667.85 m/min. Their blue hen is also the fastest one in the entire race.

Pictures of the winner will be added later.

Released at 08:20 CEST
Weather conditions during liberation: high clouds, southwest wind, good visibility

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Weather expectations: light wind, rather cloudy, north wind
Number of pigeons

This year, 34781 pigeons, of which 12447 old birds and 22334 yearlings, will participate in the race from Argenton. Compared to 2011, when 30783 birds were liberated at Argenton, this is a rise by 3998 pigeons.

ARGENTON 30-06-2012

                                Oude/Old/Vieux/Alte    Jaarling/Yearling/Yearling/Jungtauben    TOTA(A)L

Oost-Vlaanderen                         2956                5719                                                8675

West-Vlaanderen                        2049                4121                                                6170

Brabantse Unie                           1570                2885                                                4455

C.F.Wallonie                                2201                3423                                                5624

Union Antwerpen                        1565                2842                                                4407

Limburgse Fondclub                    1061                1773                                                2834

Derby Hainaut                              783                 1151                                                1934

Tournai                                         262                  420                                                  682
                                                  -------                 -------                                             ---------

                          Totaal          12447                22334                                             34781

               in 2011                       11001               19782                                             30783

General information

General information on the race:


Eindelijk eens een vlucht met meer duiven.

Luc Klaps

Very good results and high speed and excellent .. congratulations to all winners and participants .. All thanks and appreciation to the staff of pipa this coverage .. Thank you very much ..............

best regard

جميل عبد الشهيد

Wordt het toch niet tijd om in België geen onderscheid meer te maken tussen oude en jaarling duiven?
Dus gewoon alles in één concours net als in Nederland.
Ook nu zie je weer vier snellere jaarlingen dan oude duiven.

proficiaat voor de winaar

bij de jaarling , vergeten PIERRE Roger & David uit Pécrot met een duif aan 1610 m/m op de 12° plaats

Smile Dank u