La Souterraine 2011

  • Organizator: O.V.V.
  • Kategorie: Old birds, Youngsters
  • Data koszowania: 25/08/2011
  • Data wypuszczenia: 28/08/2011

National result and zonal results online

Click here for the results.

Preliminary national result online (update: photos Bart Van Oeckel)

Click here for the result.

National winnner youngsters: Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderlo) (update: pedigree)

Verreckt-Ariën from Tessenderlo win La Souterraine 2011 (youngsters). Their winning pigeon achieved an average speed of 1547.91 m/min (distance: 594,835 km).

We would like to thank Sarah Jung for the pictures!

Robert Rutten, Sarah Jung and Agy Verreckt

Sarah Jung and Agy Verreckt

National winner old birds: Van Oeckel Bart & Nance (Oud-Turnhout)

Van Oeckel Bart & Nance from Oud-Turnhout win the 1st national La Souterraine 2011 (old birds). The winning pigeon achieved an average speed of 1548.25 m/min (distance: 620.202 km). In addition, they have two other pigeons achieving very good results.

More pictures will be published asap.

Bart Van Oeckel (l) next to his father Jan, at the end of May national winner Bourges (yearlings)

Released at 8.30

The weather during liberation: nice, good visibility, no wind.

Weather maps

Weather for Sunday: sunny intervals and sporadically some showers in the north of France. The wind will be blowing from the west to southwest.


Delayed till tomorrow

Due to bad weather conditions, the race has been postponed until Sunday.

Number of pigeons

This year 20124 pigeons will be flying home from La Souterraine: 3548 old birds and 16.576 youngsters. Compared to last year, this is a decrease by approx. 1600 pigeons in the total number.

Weather maps

Tomorrow's weather will be rainy and in the north of France there will be some local thunderstorms. The wind will be blowing from the west to westsouthwest.


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Algemene info

27 augustus 2011 - La Souterraine