Tulle 2011

  • Organiser
    Les amis de Bordeaux-Télévie
  • Kategorie: Old birds, Yearlings
  • Data koszowania: 03/08/2011
  • Data wypuszczenia: 06/08/2011

Official national and international results online

Click here for the results.

National winner old birds: Van Eylen - Imbrechts (Boortmeerbeek) (update: photos)

The national winners of Tulle 2011 (old birds) are Van Eylen - Imbrechts from Boortmeerbeek (Flemish Brabant). The average speed of their pigeon was 1105.74 m/min.

Closure for yearlings

Closure Tulle for yearlings at 12.00.

Preliminary result (update1)

Click here for the preliminary national result.

National winners yearlings: Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE)

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede score their 4th national victory in three years' time. After the 1st National Bourges yearlings 2009, the 1st National Bourges old birds 2009 and the 1st National Argenton old birds 2010, now they win the 1st National Tulle yearlings.

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede already achieved massive succes this season with no less than 6 provincial victories up to the previous weekend but the 1st National Tulle is the icing on the cake for one of the best middle distance and long distance colonies of Belgium. Note that the 1st National Tulle is a full sister of the 1st National yearlings in 2009.

Text accompanying the pedigree:

Kanselier is full brother legendary Freddy
Frans comes directly out of dream-couple De Rauw-Sablon
Jobo is full brother legendary Freddy
Hooverphonic is son Limoges, Limoges is out of dream-couple De Rauw-Sablon
Aline is also a daughter of Dream-Couple De Rauw-Sablon
Black Champion and Hooverphonic are sold previously on PIPA

Liberated at 9.00

Local weather: (rather) cloudy, very good visibility, soft southwest wind

Number of pigeons

11465 pigeons will be flying home from Tulle this year. This is a decrease by approx. 1500 old birds and 2000 yearlings compared to 2010.

Click here for the exact numbers.

Weather maps

Weather for tomorrow: sunny intervals in the west, rain in the north, thunderstorms in the east; south wind in the east, from the centre onwards west wind in the west and south to south west wind in the centre and east