Tarbes (Int.) 2011

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  • Data koszowania: 12/07/2011
  • Data wypuszczenia: 20/07/2011

Official resulsts: international

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National winner Belgium: Vantorre Remy (Virelles)

Vantorre Remy from Virelles wins Tarbes National 2011 with an average speed of 1298.85 m/min.

International winner: Mascart Mickael (Bruille-Saint-Amand, FR)

Mickael Mascart (Bruille-Saint-Amand) from France wins Tarbes International 2011. Average speed of his winning pigeon: 1332.96 m/min. Since he basketted in Belgium, he will not appear on the French national result. As a result, he will only appear on the international result.


National winner France: Moreau Claude (Ferrière-la-Grande)

Claude Moreau from Ferrière-la-Grande wins Tarbes National 2011 with an average speed of 1291.2 m/min.

National winner Germany: Schneider Dimitri (Hilst)

Dimitri Schneider from Hilst winst Tarbes National 2011 with an average speed of 1276.59 m/min.

Liberated at 7.50 a.m.

Weather: few clouds, good visibility, weak westwind

Weather maps

Weather for Wednesday: rain in the west, north and northeast; west to southwest wind


Tarbes – Agen: all or nothing tomorrow?

We just heard from a reliable source that it's all or nothing for the international race from Tarbes, or Agen since the pigeons were transported to this liberation site. Tomorrow morning not later then 7 a.m., the organisation should decide whether or not to liberate the pigeons at Agen. If the pigeons aren't released, the pigeons have to return home and, for the first time in hisory, an international race will not take place... cancelled because of the bad weather!

Delayed till Wednesday

Due to bad weather conditions the liberation has been delayed again. The EB-BV hopes to liberate the pigeons tomorrow, when the outlook is better.

Weather maps

Weather for Tuesday: showers everywhere but only local in the west. A west wind is blowing in the west of France.


Delayed till Tuesday

The BV-EB, which organises the race, has decided to return to Villeneuve Agen, the liberation site where pigeons were released two weeks ago for the international flight from Bordeaux.

Weather maps

Weather for Monday: sunny in the south, rain everywhere else. The wind is blowing mainly from the southwest.


Delayed till tomorrow

Weather in Tarbes this morning: low clouds, rain, no wind, moderate visibility

Weather maps

Tomorrow's weather: heavy downpour, thunderstroms in the west of France and southwest wind


Delayed till tomorrow

The race has been delayed till tomorrow.

Weather maps

Tomorrow's weather: rain in the west of France, sunny intervals in the east. A south to south-southwest wind will be blowing.


Number of pigeons (update: all countries)

This year, 10,675 pigeons are sent to Tarbes for the international race.

BELGIË - BELGIQUE - BELGIEN - BELGIUM:                     4877
FRANKRIJK - FRANCE - FRANKREICH - FRANCE:                  3145
Total: 10675

More details for Belgium click here


Announcement Belgische Verstandhouding-Entente Belge regarding Tarbes international

Next week the Zuid-Limburge Unie (Z.L.U. Netherlands) will not be participating in the international race from Tarbes of July 16th.


Belgische Verstandhouding,

Yvan Eeckhout,