Bordeaux (Int.) 2011

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  • Data koszowania: 28/06/2011
  • Data wypuszczenia: 02/07/2011

Official international result online

Click here for the results of the old birds, yearlings and hens.

Official national result Belgium online

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National winner Belgium 4.921 old birds: Van De Walle M & F (Zwalm, BE)

The bros Marc & Francky Van De Walle (Zwalm, BE) are the new official winners in Belgium from Bordeaux (Villeneuve Agen). What happend? The original winners in the national prognosis made a big mistake by not clocking their control-ring within the 10 minutes (according to the national rules KBDB), they did it afte 17 minutes. So their official clock-time became 19h24 (instead of 19h07)... and because of that they lost their national victory. The new national winners are Marc & Francky Van De Walle from Zwalm (province East-Flanders)! With an average speed of 1071 m/min, they are the new 'national winners' against the 4.921 old birds in Belgium!


National winner Belgium 6.249 yearlings: Ardeel Roger (Sijsele, BE)

The national winner Bordeaux (Vileneude Agen) for Belgium is Roger Ardeel from Sijsele (close to Damme) in the province of West-Flanders. His national winner against 6.249 yearlings wins at an average speed of 1069 m/min.


Up and down: Roger Ardeel and his wife with their national hero!

Visit from national winner Pau 2011 Peter Symaeys holding the national winner in his hand, ex-national winner Hendrik Mortier provided a bottle of champagne!


International winner 11.417 yearlings: Mark Gilbert (Windsor, UK)

The international winner Bordeaux yearlings is Mark Gilbert (Windsor, UK).

His pigeon is the fastest one of 11.417 yearlings with an average speed of 1091,49 m/min. Congratulations!



International winner old birds and the fastest one in the entire race of 22.029 pigeons: Mr. & Mrs. Cooper (Bath, UK)

The international winners Bordeaux (Villeneuve Agen) old birds, and the fastest one in the entire race against 22.029 pigeons are Mr. & Mrs. Cooper with their cock 'Farmer Georges' at an average speed of 1159 m/min.

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper

The  international winner old birds: 'Farmer George'




National winner Germany old birds: Neurath Joachim

National winner Germany yearlings: Freialdenhofen & Sons

National winner The Netherlands old birds: P. Oele

National winner The Netherlands yearlings: Schmitz Geert

Released at 6.45 a.m.

The pigeons were released under a clear blue sky with a soft wind blowing from the Northeast.

Pay attention! The pigeons are released at Villeneuve-Agen (not at Villeneuve sut Lot), this is about 26 Km further on!

New co-ordinates:

+ 441021.0 / + 003921.0

Number of pigeons

The total number of pigeons that is basketted: 22.029 pigeons

Belgium = 11170
The Netherlands = 8577
Germany = 1636
United Kingdom = 646
Total = 22.029 pigeons
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Weather maps

Weather forecast for this Saturday: good weather conditions and a Northeast wind.