Wyniki w prowincjach 2011: Oost-Vlaanderen

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10/09/2011Gueret (Old birds, Youngsters)Result
28/08/2011La Souterraine (Old birds, Youngsters)Result
20/08/2011Montrichard (Old birds, Youngsters)Result
13/08/2011Argenton (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
13/08/2011Orleans F.V.O.V. (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
07/08/2011Perpignan F.V.O.V. (Old birds)Result
07/08/2011Vierzon F.V.O.V. (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
06/08/2011Tulle F.V.O.V. (Old birds, Youngsters)Result
30/07/2011Bourges II (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
30/07/2011Narbonne (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
24/07/2011Marseille (Old birds)Lebon Maurice
23/07/2011Blois (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
23/07/2011Souillac (Old birds)Maes Willy
20/07/2011Tarbes - Agen (Old birds)Poppe Paul
16/07/2011Bourges (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
16/07/2011Limoges (Yearlings)Vandenheede Jacques & Freddy
09/07/2011Blois (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
09/07/2011Brive (Old birds)Van Loo Yvan
08/07/2011Barcelona (Old birds)De Winter Peter
02/07/2011Argenton (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
02/07/2011Bordeaux (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
26/06/2011Libourne (Yearlings)Dhuyvetter-Dhondt Julien & Marie-Thérèse
26/06/2011Montauban (Old birds)Santens Marc & Gerard
25/06/2011Montrichard (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
19/06/2011Cahors (Old birds)Vermassen David
18/06/2011La Châtre (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
17/06/2011Pau (Old birds)Hebberecht Chris
11/06/2011Châteauroux (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
11/06/2011Montélimar (Old birds)Result
04/06/2011Chateauroux (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
04/06/2011Limoges (Old birds)Result Raf Luyckx, Belsele achieved provincial victory in East-Flanders from Limoges with ‘Ricco’
28/05/2011Bourges (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
28/05/2011Orléans (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
21/05/2011Vierzon (Old birds, Yearlings)Vandenheede Jacques & Freddy Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Zingem are ready… it has been proven by their double interprovincial victory from Vierzon OVV-FVOV by the old birds and the yearlings.
14/05/2011Blois (Old birds, Yearlings)Result