Video: Gerard Koopman shows his Jewels of the Sky pigeons

Gerard Koopman shows us in eight short videos which of his pigeons are offered in the Jewels of the Sky October I auction.

Note: These videos have not been subtitled.






Ma Belle:

Major Blue:


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koopman .. amateur cup very, very professional .. and possesses extremely birds in magnificence and results .. and these films very beauty and splendor .. thanks to pipa staff to view these films .. thank you very much

best regard
جميل عبد الشهيد

klasse duiven. Proficiat

the vids are really really good..and the birds are wonderful..

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What a colorful eyes of a sky pigeon. Honestly, I want to watch the video with a subtitle, I know they are talking about a lot of very interesting things about sky pigeon. Hope to watch it with subtitle. Thank you. - get more views youtube