Vandijck – De Beule (Geetbets, BE) national winner Bourges 9.761 old birds, also the fastest pigeon from 54.010 pigeons!

It is just the first season that the tandem Vandijck-De Beule is active in the grand middle distance, and they have immediately added their name to the ‘top classic’ by far in the grand middle distance… the national ‘Bourges II’, and this by the old birds!

The national Bourges II had a total of 54.010 pigeons, about  1700 pigeons less than last season. The difficult  races in the middle distance last weekend will definitely have played a part in this. Many fanciers came ( of necessity) with a smaller basket to the basketting centre than intended! They had to wait a long time to see if the pigeons would be liberated on Saturday. It was excellent racing weather above France, but the clouds were thicker and more persistent towards the French-Belgian border… with drizzles here and there. The slight northern wind would make the job more difficult. The parting shot was finally given at 9h30, for  quite a difficult Bourges, with speeds not even reaching 1150 m/min. Yet there were early pigeons spread out all over the country.

The highest velocity was near the border of the provinces Flemish-Brabant and Limburg, in Geetbets to be more exact, by the tandem Vandijck-De Beule who clocked their pigeon at 16h16’ 57” from a distance of 466,268 Km, which gave a velocity of 1145,28 m/min… good enough for national victory by the old birds, and the highest speed of the entire convoy of 54.010 pigeons. In 2nd second place we find Guido Loockx from Tessenderlo (1139 m/min), whilst  Roger Speybroeck from the East-Flemish Vinkt completed the national podium (with 1128 m/min).

 Vandijck-De Beule win

Roger Vandijck races in tandem with his wife… but can also rely on the help of Maurice De Wil. Maurice is a caterer by trade, and so doesn’t always have time to race independently… that’s why he and Roger joint forces. That is also the reason why we have now only raced the ‘grand middle distance’ for the first time. You should know … I would like to race the pigeons every day… from a simple midweek race in the sprint to the middle distance in the weekend. For the middle distance for Toury and Orleans we basket on Thursday evening, but for the grand middle distance (also on Thursday) I have to go to a different club. This is impossible for me, but now Maurice takes care of it… and so our pigeons have also raced the grand middle distance for the first time this year. After all, we have the right sort for this in our lofts. Our colony is namely built up for 70% with pigeons from Lambrechts-Lismont. This basis was supplemented with an extra hen from Jos & Jules Engels from Putte (which unfortunately escaped), and further pigeons from Jef Van Winckel from tielt-Winge, and Willy Christiaens from Geetbets.

From these they formed 40 breeding couples… although Roger only considers them breeding pigeons once they have proven their breeding worth (read: have produced useable descendants), whilst the rest are ‘proof’ pigeons for him. There are then 40 couples… in addition to 70 widowers and a good 180 youngsters. Which all together is quite a large team of pigeons. 26 pigeons are specifically reserved for the sprint… which can be basketted both on Saturday and Sunday there… whilst the rest is destined for the middle distance.

At the end of last season the counter stood at 23 x 1st prize! This year the old birds also performed excellently prior to Bourges… they were basketted 11 times for the middle distance and won 5 x 1st prize and 4 x 2nd prize! Results in which the first 4 (1-2-3-4…) or the first 5 prizes (1-2-3-4-5…) were achieved! Super isn’t it? The game with the widowers takes preference, and they are raced from the first to the last race… or so long as the pigeons have enough flights and feathers. Because, prior to the season the racing pigeons raised 2 nests, which accelerates the moulting. That’s why they could only basket 2 old birds for Bourges… according to Roger the rest were too far into moulting, some only had 4 flights! It was ‘The 732’, now christened the ‘Roger’, which signed for national victory! He previously performed as follows in 2011 

-The ‘Picasso’ B09-2008732



30/7/11 Bourges Nat  9.761 p. 1
24/7/11 Nevers         394 p. 79
09/7/11 Moulins        375 p. 20
             Fleurus 2.057 p. 78
                C.O. 3.505 p. 164
02/7/11 Argenton       537 p. 92
                     3.286 p. 431
18/6/11 La Châtre      666 p. 66
                Nat 15.780 p. 751
28/5/11 Bourges Nat 24.676 p. 1771
21/5/11 Vierzon I.P 11.062 p. 1594 


 He is a 100% Lambrechts-Lismont pigeon!

Father: Blue White flight B02-2144775

A direct Lambrechts-Lismont out the ‘Blauwe inteelt Wittenbuik206/97’ (line ‘Wittenbuik G.Vandenabeele, originating from Walter Van Durme) x ‘Daughter 006’ 505/00 (crossing Edmond De Kerpel x G.Verbruggen).

Mother: Gesteke B05-2213466

A 100% Lambrechts-Lismont, out 2 direct pigeons originating from Kortenaken…  namely the ‘Gesteke Witpen 926/00’ (line 1st Nat Bourges Grondelaers x Maurice Voets) x ‘Gesteke 486/03’. 

A fine breeding line in the lofts of Vandijck-De Beule it seems… because the current best pigeon of the loft comes out a full sister of this 1st Nat Bourges winner, namely ‘The 097’, which has won no less than 32 prizes from 32 baskettings, including 9 x 1st prize!

Close to nature

Roger likes to keep his pigeons close to nature! For this he has his own garden with various herbs so as tarragon, sage, thyme etc… He makes herbal tea from these herbs, to which he adds a dash of garlic, and this tea is always ‘brewing’ in 2 bottles, says Roger. He only visits the vet to vaccinate against paramyxo, and the pigeons haven’t been examined by a vet for 10 years! Prior to the season… so before the pigeons are coupled, they are given a preventive cure of ‘Cosumix +’ against paratyphoid for 10 to 12 days, but he doesn’t vaccinate them for this!

The widowers are not shown their hen either before being basketted nor when they arrive home… a somewhat different approach, but apparently this has no influence on the results! When you basket nearly every day of the week, or race pigeons… then the hens would have to be in the loft every day… is the understandable answer from Roger, and seemingly it is not detrimental to the performances there in Geetbets!

When they return home they are given ‘Super Power’ from Mariman or a mix of Subliem and Variamix, supplemented with nibbling seeds. The following day they receive ‘super diet’ (never depurative, as Roger is an adversary to ‘barley’), to which 4-oils, mixed with optimix conditioning powder is added. The ‘super diet’ is given up to the 4 or 5 meals before basketting (depending on whether easy or tough racing conditions have been forecast). Then it is once again the sport mixture from Mariman which appears on the menu, supplemented with peanuts. Sheep fat or Wheat germ oil (last 2 meals) is added to the feed. Occasionally a dash of vitamins, a product for human consumption, which Roger buys from the chain store ‘kruidvat’. He then crushes a vitamin pill, and adds it to the drinking water, along with Supradyn! That is usually the care routine for the Vandijck-De Beule pigeons.

Apparently with success, because from this quite difficult to tough national Bourges II, national victory was achieved through this manner of working… and this in their first season in the grand middle distance of the season with the old birds! That definitely leaves a taste for more! Congratulations Roger and Maurice… and enjoy it to the full! 




Proficiat met deze overwinning. Iedereen in je omgeving gunt je dit van harte en dat we nog vele malen tegen elkaar mogen spelen, zoals we dit al enkele jaren doen. Sportief op een hoog niveau.

Vanwege Benny en Fille


Van harte proficiat!!!!!!

Guy Baerts