Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE) is national champion KBDB longer middle distance old birds 2014

Ulrich Lemmens needs no introduction. This highly talented fancier has become a household name, winning an increasing number of prizes with a pigeon breed that gets stronger and stronger. We were not surprised to see him win yet another championship title. This time Ulrich Lemmens claims the title of national champion KBDB longer middle distance old birds, and many more.

Results of 2014

The results of 2014 speak for themselves, as Ulrich continues to achieve brilliant results at the highest level, dominating his opponents. The motto of team Lemmens is “one team, one heart”. Jef and his son Ulrich have clearly reaped the benefits from this approach, which is described in detail in some of our previous PIPA reports. Click here for our report of March 2014 and our report from March 2013.

Still, this loft has seen a number of changes in 2014, the reason being that it takes more effort to maintain your position as a top level fancier than to actually make it to the top. This means Ulrich is always looking for ways to improve and to professionalize. This season they started working together with feed supplier Beyers, which provide advice and information about when their pigeons should be given which type of feed.

An endless list of victories of 2014 is available under the following link, if you have some time to spare. Click here for the results of the Lemmens Pigeons in 2014.

Some of the stars in this solid breed

The top class breeding pigeon Gust gets a lot of attention but we should not forget that he is backed up by other exceptional breeders. The following is an overview of some of the best pigeons of Lemmens, which really need no further explanation.

Click here for the pedigree of Julia BE10-6234454the palmares of Julia BE10-6234454 can be found here. Julia is in fact the dam of Thriller BE13-6031447, winner of several top results:

Tours 530km
1st Provincial
3rd National - 4,039 pigeons

Argenton 575km
7th Provincial - 2,847 pigeons
80th National - 19,303 pigeons

Gueret 608km
7th Provincial - 1,562 pigeons
81st National - 9,815 pigeons

Tulle 673km
17° National Zone C - 1,690 pigeons
137° National - 5,731 pigeons

This palmares has made him 2nd Ace Pigeon All Round in the long distance club in Mol.

Click here for the pedigree of Jozefien BE12-6036013

Click here for the pedigree of Lore BE12-6032551

Click here for the pedigree of Kenji BE13-6031441

Click here for the pedigree of Ivonne BE12-6319856the palmares of Ivonne BE12-6319856 can be found here

Breeding references of pigeons sold on PIPA

Ulrich has sold quite a few pigeons on our online PIPA auctions. You can tell from the following list that other fanciers have been really successful with these pigeons from Balen as well:

6234700-2010 “Yentl” (Daughter “De Gust”)
Sold to Rainer Leisegang (Germany), where she became the dam of: DV 0634-12-453 “Semper Fi” 1
438 Argenton (10° Provincial 2768 pigeons) (0.23%)
23° National 22463 pigeons Argenton 575km
91° National 22663 pigeons Bourges 495km
59° National C 3368 pigeons Montlucon 560km
4 - 661 Momignies (0.61%)
9 - 426 Soissons (2.11%)
428 - 19691 Chateauroux (2.17%)
443 - 15007 Gueret (2.95%)
785 - 19155 La Souteraine (4.10%)
559 - 13588 Bourges (4.11%)
91 - 1476 Momignies (6.17%)
1049 - 16988 Gueret (6.17%)
6 – 779 Sourdun (0.77%)
3 – 894 Momignies (0.34%)
2 – 891 Souppes Sur Loing (0.22%)
2 – 312 Sourdun (0.64%)
50 – 670 Souppes Sur Long (7.46%)

6171399-2011 “Hitchcock” (De Gust x his own Mother)
Sold to Hans Roos (Netherlands) and bred after the auction:
1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance Molse Fondclub 2014
21° PIPA Ranking Long Distance 5 races 2014
6191551-2008 “Peter’s Best” (Brother “De Gust”)
Sold to Peter Stakenborg (Limburg) and became the sire of:
5166335-2010 “Dikke Gust”
7° National Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint 2013
2° Pre-Olympic Pigeon Brno Cat. A 2014
6100593-2014 “New William”
2° National Ace Pigeon Cureghem-Centre 2014
30° National Argenton 27267 pigeons
47° National Gueret 16619 pigeons
6171508-2011 “Tarantino” (Son De Gust)
Sold to Bart & Francis Verdeyen (Brabant) and bred:
“Vale Gust”
5 – 242 Souppes
5 – 237 Gien
10 – 240 La Soutteraine

6032511-2012 “Line”
14 – 1106 Gueret 607km (1.26%)
10 – 754 Soissons 235km (1.32%)
353 – 22663 Bourges 495km (1.5%)
113 – 6972 Tulle 673km (1.6%)
7 – 372 Soissons 235km (1.88%)
299 - 15007 Gueret 607km (1.99%)
453 - 21827 Montlucon 570km (2.08%)
17 – 447 Souppes 400km (3.8%)
58 – 1429 Poitiers 640km (4.05%)
810 - 19691 Chateauroux 545km (4.11%)
26 - 575 Pithiviers 400km (4.52%)
695 - 13588 Bourges 500km (511%)
15 – 275 Laon 211km (5.45%)

Sold to Kerby Chua (Pipa-Agent,Filipenes), where he bred:
2 money winners and ace birds!
Hi Ulrich, how are you? Hope all is well. I would like to let you know that the Sister of Gust I got from the pipa auction has already produced me 2 money winners and ace birds this year. This line is indeed very strong. Looking forward to more winners from this line. Best regards, Kerby
6032661-2012 “FOR DRIES” (Inbred halfbrother “William” & “New William”)
Sold to Kobe & Kato & Raf Herbots (Limburg) and bred for them:
2199512-2014 “Jef”
1° National KBDB Youth 785 pigeons Bourges
1° Provincial 3420 youngsters Bourges
11° National Bourges 30180 pigeons

The end bid of this pigeon was donated to charity by Ulrich & Pipa.
6327837-2011 “Lucky 7” (Son of “Brother Gust)
Sold to Tomasz Wiczling (Pipa-Agent, Poland) became the sire of:
1 – 2318 323km
3 – 2165 515km
4 – 2720 199km
4 – 2274 321km
4 – 1124 515km
5 – 2318 323km
Bred more than 12 top 10 winners.

6032697-2012 (Son of “Brother Gust”)
Sold to Jack Olsen (USA) and became the sire of:
3° Place World trade Center Race 367 miles
23° Place World trade Center Race 367 miles
29° Place Coast To Coast Race 350 miles
12° Overal Pigeon Coast To Coast Race
4° Place Queens New York Race 297 miles

6032677-2012 (Niece “Lore” 4° Nat. Valence, Niece “William” & “New William”)
Sold to Jack Olsen (USA) and became the dam of:
45° Place Perth Amboy Open Futurity (Bond Race) 367 miles

6037129-213 (Son “Bettini” x “Canelle”)
Sold to Carter Mayotte (USA) and bred two babies until now:
7° Place Midwest Convention (Mr. Nielsen) 2014
22° Place Midwest Convenntion (Mr. Stahler) 2014

6037092-2013 (Grandchild Gladiator – Geerinckx)
Sold to Bartosz Morel (Poland) and became the sire of:
2 – 1109, 4 – 2638, 36 – 3669, 38 – 2957, …

6032454-2012 “Leontine” (Halfbrother “De Gust”)
Sold to Bartosz Morel (Poland) and became the sire of:
1 – 2045
4 – 1530
4 – 3260
5 – 3260
7 – 875
7 – 3260
10 – 3260

6032746-2012 “The Special One” (“Bettini” x Sister Mother William)
Sold to Bartosz Morel (Poland) and became the sire of:
4 – 2429
10 – 2054
18 – 1354
22 - 2930

This proves once again that Gust is a truly exceptional breeding pigeon based on a bloodline that combines with almost every other pigeon breed. You might say that this bloodline is guaranteed to bring you good results.


Proficiat Ulrich,

Mooie resultaten op korte termijn !!
Succes voor het komende seizoen !!

Gerry Conaert

Congratulations Ulrich, great performances




Proficiat Ulrich en zijn team
prachtige resultaten

Purchased a number of Ulrich birds recently and I have been very impressed with them,are there many better blood lines than the Gust?
Ulrich has also been a great source of advice to me even taking the time to visit me in the UK.

Good Luck Ulrich for the season ahead!!

proficiat lemmens J. &U.met het behalen van de 1é nationaal kampioen van belgie

grote onderscheiding..............nogmaals proficiat.


Proficiat ulrich, fantastische resultaten en top liefhebber! veel succes in 2015!

Congratulations Ullie !

Thank you for "Leontine" and "The Special One", they for sure will be the best breeders in my loft for a many years !
I hope all my Lemmens pigeons will be same good, and they will win TOP prices for many many years in my loft !

Best Regards

Proficiat Ullrich,

Als jeugdige liefhebber bij de top behoren.Je moet het maar doen,chapeau.
Veel succes in het komende seizoen.


Alex en Corry,

Colombophile talentueux et pasionné et colombiculteur émérite!

Great class racer and great breeder. The gust familiy is impressive!



Proficiat Ulrich
Met uw fantastische resultaten
en veel succes voor 2015

Congrats Ulrich,

With your birds together we will take the USA by surprise. Your son of Bettini has already produced fantastic racers in the USA from his only 2 youngsters last year. I really look forward to breeding from the grandchildren of Gust.

Thank you again and really look forward to seeing you again in Omaha, Nebraska USA October 2015

Your Friend,


Proficiat Ulrich & Jef,

Het winnen van dit kampioenschap is een super prestatie en kan alleen maar gewonnen worden met een hok fantastische duiven.
Nationaal kampioen worden in deze dicipline is enkel voor de aller grootse.

Bart & Nance