Sebastiaan Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL)… I have a Dream….

This is the picture of ‘Basje’ about 25 years ago (painted by his sister). Looking through his window at a pigeon returning home from a tough race. This is also the picture of when he decided to become a pigeon coach. And not just any old coach, but a real true champion.

The Verkerks are not dreamers, no they are ‘realisers’. Their success story all began in Alphen a/d Rijn, many have possibly forgotten, but it was there that Sebastiaan, coached by his father Gerard, became a real champion. Not at their current address in Reeuwijk. Let us take a look back to Alphen a/d Rijn. There were 2 lofts there, the widowers loft and the hen’s loft (aviary). Not much more than every fancier in our country has. But on average they did achieve more than the other fanciers. This indicates the amount of added value Bas and Gerard Verkerk gave their pigeons for the races. Because the top pigeons kept coming there, week after week. Bas can let pigeons excell in any races he wants, but even more, he lets the pigeons rise above themselves..And these unbelievable qualities they achieved the status which only a few have achieved in the pigeon sport. That feeling for pigeons demands respect. Inborn?.. maybe, but both Bas and Gerard, have had to work hard to get where they are now, at the top of the Netherlands, but also the top of the world.

When we think of the Verkerk gentlemen, we soon think of their ‘Pigeon Mansion’ in Reeuwijk…Understandable as there stands their pride and joy which they have worked hard for for years, every season, every race, and every day! But that is not the roots of Verkerk, they lie in the lofts below. That was where he was trained to be a grandmaster in the pigeon sport…there he became Sebastiaan Verkerk!! 

Each space was put to use, overpopulated ? Definitely, but if you are a good fancier, and the loft provides enough oxygen, then there is nothing wrong.. And that is no word of a lie.. one shouldn’t forget that this is the place where the following pigeons raced together their honours lists: 


Olympic Ronaldo    Olympiad All Round Blackpool   1999
Olympic Evita      Olympiad All Round Blackpool   1999
Olympic Survivor   Olympiad Middle Distance Liévin   2003
Olympic Shakira    Olympiad Long Distance Liévin     2003
Olympic Sogno      Olympiad Middle Distance Liévin   2003
Olympic Unbelievable Olympiad All Round Porto     2005
Olympic Sponge Bob Olympiad All Round Oostende    2007
Olympic Stradivarius Olympiad All Round Dortmund  2009
Olympic Solange    Olympiad All Round Dortmund    2009

More than 240 -1° prizes were won. And it would be impossible to list all the titles here. It says enough that no less than 20 pigeons had a top-3 National Ace bird title, and another 13 had a Top-25 National Ace bird title..and the fact that they weren’t only performances on which they could build, was proven by the performances of others with the ‘Verkerk-pigeons’. Year after year they built on an empire of performance pigeons. Both Sebastiaan and Gerard  have always been clear about the building up. They have never sold an Olympiad pigeon, never sold a Top-3 Ace! These were crossed into their stock, because they also understand that you are not a champion until you remain one. They did this by buying pigeons out Olympiad pigeons and Ace birds… But also applicable here, a pedigree doesn’t fly so everything was entered for the races to be tested. In this way they have built up a stock of pigeons over the years which constantly race top!

But just like every other fancier, Bas also had his dream. He once watched the video from Jos Thoné. He couldn’t believe his eyes, the loft, the fancier, he must also be able to achieve this.

After years of racing at such a high level from such a minimal loft ( qua space!) he’s made his mark and when they had to move he saw the chance to realise his dream… the result is well-known, yet we would like to go into more detail.

It is a magnificent accommodation, but seeing the previous loft, it seems as if the fanciers possibly attach more worth to their loft than their pigeons. Because also this year they performed magnificently, and that from a brand new loft and a team of inexperienced yearlings….it is unbelievable! 

Top 25 NPO

4th  NPO Vierzon  14.964 p. with Mr. TT (son Party Animal x Magic Yi)
5th  NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with Alexis (daughter Guardian x Sienna)
7th  NPO Argenton  7.584 p. with Fleur (daughter Little Tiger x Nadala)
10th NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with Jessie (daughter Federer x Sieka)
11th NPO Tours 10.490 p. with daughter Icarus x Sita
11th NPO Argenton 7.584 p.with son Ronunbel x Magic Yi
13th NPO Argenton 7.584 p. with daughter GPS x Eva
18th NPO Orleans 5.503 p. with daughter One Eye Bandit x Bridget
20th NPO Orleans 5.503 p. with son Florian x Sola
21st NPO Orleans 5.503 p. with son Flintstone x Bondgirl
22nd NPO Tours 10.490 p. with son Mission Impossible x Magic Amoré
23rd NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with daughter Gerelly x Candy
24th NPO Tours 10.490 p. with daughter Olympic Survivor x Fergie

There are obviously some differences, more pigeons are basketted which means they have to work more and harder to keep things running smoothly. The curtains have been exchanged for roller blinds, the small boxes measuring 20 by 30 cm ( as there was no more room in Alphen a/d Rijn ) were exchanged for beautiful widowers boxes. And yes, they thought of everything! Sebastiaan has made his youthful dream come true!

‘Olympic Solange’ the basis for the success in 2011
This year the 1° and 4° Provincial Ace bird Extreme M|idle Distance raced from the lofts of Gerard and Sebastiaan Verkerk… The 1° Provincial Ace bird Extreme Middle Distance is ‘Amy’. She is a daughter of the best cock in the Verkerk loft in 2009 “Pole Position”, which in turn is a son of “Armstrong” x “Doutzen”.  The mother of “Amy” is “Catwoman”; a daughter of the world famous “Figo” (A. & H. Reynaert).

But what about a super hen so as ‘Replica’ She is a daughter of “Icarus” (son “Bulldozer” x “Olympic Unbelievable”) x “Olympic Solange” (daughter “Olympic Survivor” x “Magic Amoré”). On the 11th of June she won her 5th prize 1:100 (1%) and on the 18th of June she won her 9th prize 1:10 (10%)

The topper of the entire 2011 season in the lofts in Reeuwijk is “Feline”. She is a daughter of “Prince”; a son of the “Street Fighter” x “Akira” from Gerard and Elly Reedijk-Jongekrijg. The mother of “Feline” is “Euphoria” and once again a pigeon with a noble lineage. Her father is “Bulldozer” and her mother nothing less than “Olympic Solange”. a full sister of “Euphoria” is “Bonita” which in 2009 was the best youngster in the late races in the district. The nest brother of “Euphoria” was bought by Yong Lin, who not only self bred a few good youngsters from him, but also bred the 1st against 4.609 pigeons for Piet van de Merwe. That same Yong Lin bred from a half-brother Olympic Solange the ‘Divine Queen’ 6° Best  hen WHZB with 8° NPO against 17.256 pigeons.

From that same coupling as Bonita and Euphoria Danny Hutchins, USA, bought a pigeon from which the winner in the 225-mile race in the Sierra Ranch Classic was bred. 

A watchful reader will have noticed the enormous influence of top pigeon  ‘Olympic Solange’. This hen self is naturally the ‘creme-de-la-creme’ of the world. She raced together a marvellous honours list: 

1st Argenton against  6.595 pigeons ( 1st Nat/NPO)

2nd Peronne against  2.543 pigeons

3rd Creil against  3.761 pigeons

3rd Creil against  2.197 pigeons

10th Bourges against  8.548 pigeons ( beaten by 5 loft companions and 10th Nat/NPO)

Olympiad bird –sport class All Round 2009

Record holder by winning  6x1° National Ace bird titles.

But now she has been put to breed, it turns out that it was not only racing that she was good at. We can rightly say that we have a new breeding legend here.
So is she mother of ‘Bonita’; 1° Best youngster late races district. But her descendants also inherit her qualities. What about ‘James’ ( Little Tiger x Bonita ) who is a grandchild of ‘Olympic Solange’ and raced 1st from Strombeek against 2.269 pigeons.

Further ‘Olympic Solange’ is aunty to pigeons so as;
‘Chanel’ ( Houdini x Dcht Olympic Sponge Bob ) which raced 1st Ablis against 1.831 pigeons.  ‘Cannonball’ (Houdini x Fergie) which raced 2nd – Sens (NPO) against 4.421 pigeons ( also 7th NAT against 19.480 pigeons).
‘First Lady’ ( Solana X The Aviator) which raced 1st-Peronne against 3.559 pigeons.
‘Pippa’ ( Solana X The Aviator) which raced 1st- Peronne against 831 pigeons.

This is just the start of her ‘breeding career’. Recently Sittner-Premier sold his breeding colony on PIPA..Including a half-brother of ‘Olympic Solange’, this pigeon ‘Sabastion’ ( Olympic Survivor X Amorina) was a super breeder and produced top pigeons; 

1st NAT. Argenton against 7.132 pigeons

3rd Prov. Chateauroux against 2.273 pigeons

4th Argenton against 1.064 pigeons

9th Dourdan against 2.231 pigeons

16th NAT. Chateauroux against 7.400 pigeons.

Another half-brother of ‘Olympic Solange’ bred the 2nd Nat. Chateauroux province 3 in 2010 by Hermans-Hoekstra.

And what about England’s best breeding couple ( 100% Verkerk!) from Wall Lunt and Green..Also known as the Merlin pair (they recently sold a few on PIPA) . . The hen from this top couple is a half-sister of ‘Olympic Solange’ . .( out Olympic Survivor x Sweety).. She is (grand) mother of: 

1°Mangotsfield 4.933 birds
1°Poole.       3.602 birds

1°Cheltenham 1.065 birds 1°Mangotsfield 2.313 birds 1° Cheltenham 4.157 birds 1° Yeovil 1.349 birds 1° Otterburn. 8.164 birds 1° Hexham 6.708 birds 1° Otterburn 6.370 birds 1° Otterburn 702 birds 1° Portland 3.654 birds 1° Mangotsfield 3.047 birds 1° Wollaston 1.515 birds 1° Otterburn 6.890 birds 1° Kelso 7.332 birds 2° Cheltenham 4.476 birds 2° Mangotsfield 5.859 birds 2° Cheltenham 1.450 birds 2° Otterburn 2.574 birds 2° Mangotsfield 3.047 birds 3° Portland 6.490 birds 4° Yeovil 5.056 birds 4° Mangotsfield 3.047 birds 4° Otterburn 2.574 birds.

This is just a taste of what top pigeon  ‘Olympic Solange’ has produced. But here we shouldn’t forget the invaluable worth of father ‘Olympic Survivor’. An important detail is that this pigeon, which is now 11 years old, has 2 children in the auction now online on PIPA. This is very exclusive as there is a good chance that these will be the last children of this top pigeon! A unique chance!.. But also in other parts of the country (and afield) god performances are achieved with pigeons from Sebastiaan and Gerard Verkerk..last month Co van Veenendaal raced a 3rd in a 1-loft race in China after the pigeon had a raced a 1st ( 9 minute lead)..but also Rik Hermans from Pulle, has a real topper in his loft with Athena ( daughter The Force x Bubbles). 


Just like top pigeon  ‘Minerva’ which comes out Daughter Pavarotti X Olympic Shakira .

Bas and Gerard Verkerk, 2 super fanciers who deserve respect from every fancier..Luckily they keep their feet on the ground and certainly don’t behave big headed. They are always in search of better, for both their own loft as for the sport. Helping when necessary, and where the pigeons are concerned, not leaving anything to chance. Something which every top fancier does without exception. They will do everything to have a successful pigeon year again. They performed for years from their old location, at the highest possible level… And only then, after working hard for years, did they change over to a more professional accommodation. Well deserved and although they have more pigeons, the performances didn’t suffer.. A deep bow down to the Verkerk gentlemen who are an example for many within our beautiful pigeon sport!. An example for young fanciers who want to realize a dream. Gerard and Sebastiaan Verkerk…Living Legends! 



Klasse !
en een mooi schilderij !

Hy, nice article about very good pigeons. In 2010 i bought 2 daughters from " Bonita ".
3 Youngsters out of this 2 females reached on 3 different races 8., 10., 11., 20., 37. And 38. Price.
( 1278 , 1168 and 1346 pigeons).

Regards. Reinhold Faust

Félicitations ,une bonne page de colombophilie vers la victoire à prendre note ,
Amities colombophiles

Verkerk not only living legends but also living the dream.Well done and well deserved.Great results!

Bas, Gerard,
My most sincere CONGRATULATIONS by this successful auction.
Great pigeons deserve such beautiful loft.

Juan Gutifa