Pigeons of Alfons Klaas (Rietberg, GE) have excelled in several one loft races last weekend

There were quite a few one loft races taking place across Europe last weekend, and we saw the bloodlines of German fancier Alfons Klaas feature prominently in the winners' pedigrees in three of these races!

It resulted in a truly fabulous weekend, both for the winning fanciers and for Alfons Klaas himself. We introduce you to all three race winners from last weekend's one loft races.

Balkanic Fair Play: BG19-75735 wins final race

We start off with the Balkanic Fair Play OLR in Romania, where a 100% Alfons Klaas bird claimed victory in the final! Racing bird BG19-75735 from the Bulgarian KSJ combination completed the 518km-long final race with a velocity of 1099 m/min.

Both his sire and dam are pigeons of Alfons Klaas.

The sire is ‘Best from the best’ DV 00507-16-582. This blue coloured cock is related to several one loft race champions.
The grandfather is none other than Son Konstantin TRP 13-24923 (Kitchenbrnad-Klaas), which is a son of Konstantin, a former winner of the SAMDPR South Africa for Alfons Klaas.
The grandmother is Victoria DV 00507-13-342, a sister of Victor, another renowned race winner: he claimed the 2011 edition of the Sun City One Million Dollar Race.

The dam of last weekend's winner is Miss Noordseerennen DV 00507-16-643.
The grandfather is related Victor as well, the 2011 Sun City OLR winner against 2,575 pigeons.
The grandmother is ‘Daughter Alfonso’ DV 00507-11-1346.

Click here for the full pedigree of the winning pigeon.

Balkanic Golden Race: DV05536-19-601 eerste asduif

Altmiks Soudy Pigeons (Sylt, GE) win the title of 1st ace pigeon in the Balkanic Golden OLR with racing bird Franco DV 05536-19-601. Franco held first place in the ace pigeon championship after the final race (514km) on Saturday 7th of September. This is a magnificent result, and the winner is a 50% Alfons Klaas descendant.

The sire of Franco is a direct Alfons Klaas: New Blue Bolt 0507-17-725. He stems from a crossing of 'Mr. Universum‘ 0507-10-1001 of Klaas and 'Daughter Birdy‘ ZA-13-24932, which is another 50% Klaas descendant.

The dam is a full sister of '2 Tschechien‘ 02733-17-1038 of Markus Söllner.

Click here for the pedigree of DV05536-19-601.

Algarve Golden Race: DV01654-19-263 wins first prize in Portalegre

We go from Eastern Europe to Southern Europe, to the Portuguese Algarve region, where the race from Portalegre took place on Friday 6th of September. The winner of this 230km race is yet another 50% Alfons Klaas descendant. It's been quite a weekend!

Klaus Stieneker takes the win in the third race of the 2019 edition of the Algarve Golden Race with Castelo Branko DV01654-19-263. Castelo Branko finished ahead of 4,368 opponents with a speed of 1302 m/min.

The sire of this winner is 01654-11-802, a pigeon bred from Carlos x Miss Kannibaal, which went straight to the breeding loft thanks to his excellent origins.

The dam is Blacky 09072-15-935, a direct Alfons Klaas. She stems from a brother of Mr. Bolt 00507-12-946 and 'Die Schnelle' 00507-10-1005.

Click here for the pedigree of the winner in Portalegre.

Excellent one loft race bloodlines

This shows yet again that the bloodlines of Alfons Klaas are particularly suited for the often very demanding international one loft races. The Klaas pigeons, among others, have been dominating these races for quite a number of years now, and 2019 was no different! We have a few more one loft races coming up in the next several weeks, including the Algarve OLR, and we will continue to scan the pedigrees of the various winners and ace pigeons to spot Klaas origins...