Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene - Lauwe (BE) … allowed the Vanbruaene-star shine again in the jubilee year ‘100 year Andre Vanbruaene’!

We are writing about ‘April 1910’, the birth month of the late pigeon celebrity Andre Vanbruaene from Lauwe! Today we are 100 years… a ‘century’ later… the ‘Vanbruaene star’ is still shining just as brightly in the pigeon sky.

Now, Andre Vanbruaene was not just any old fancier. He won 2 times 1° Internat Barcelona (in 1966 + 1984)… with the now famous ‘Barcelona I’ 903/61 and ‘Barcelona II’ 141/79… which were directly related. It was a grandson of the ‘Barcelona I’… the ‘Late Elektriek 701/75’, which is father of the ‘Barcelona II’. Performances which made the Andre Vanbruaene colony world famous… a status that he managed to retain all his life. He also had a bit of ‘luck’ on his side by the building of his superior ‘Barcelona pedigree’… because the basis of his ‘pedigree’ rests on a ‘stray’, a late youngster…  which he was given by his uncle when he was still a ‘starter’… simply because it was such a tiny and insignificant pigeon, wherefrom his uncle thought that he was doing the owner a favour by giving it to a friend… to put the sick and ‘snotty’ pigeon out of its misery. Until it emerged that the pigeon was registered to a certain Desprets  (Deprez)… and by coincidence he was the son-in-law of Julien Commine from Leers-Nord… a name that was synonymous for ‘super class’! With the idea in the back of his mind that ‘not all the ugly ones are bad’ and ‘all the nice ones aren’t good’… Andre Vanbruaene subdued his ‘ugly one’… after giving him a cure.. to a few tests in the races, where he immediately let his opponents see his ‘much too long’ tail .

André met kleinzoon Patrick

As he and his direct children repeated this ‘showmanship’ of ‘front racing’ several times… Andre put him to breed against the best hens that he had, or which he borrowed from a few of his friends . He couldn’t at the time has possibly thought… let alone ‘believed’… that this pigeon would later grow to be the absolute ‘stock father’ of the loft Andre Vanbruaene, on which his entire pigeon strain is based! Andre christened his first stock pigeon ‘Schuwen 933/31’… and coupled him with a hen from a certain Benoot from Olsene… a coupling which produced the ‘Oude Stier’ (Old Bull). After this pigeon had won a ‘bull’  (hence his name),Andre Vanbruaene learned whilst basketting for Commine that his ‘stray’… was a son of the top favourite from Leers-Nord… namely the famous ‘Napoleon’ (coupled with a Labeeuw hen)!  The ‘Stier’ was in turn father of the famous ‘Jonge Stier 559/47’ (the primus with 1° Nat Libourne ’51 and 1° Internat. Pau ’51). It was a ‘Daughter Jonge Stier 602/53’ (out joint breeding with the famous ‘Zwarten 313/47’, winner 1° Nat Chateauroux by P.Labeeuw… the race in which Andre Vanbruaene won 2° National) which was mother of the top breeder ‘Oude Zwarten 192/54’… indeed, the father of ‘Barcelona I’ 902/61. This ‘Barcelona I’ was coupled with the ‘Sproete 270/66’ (a daughter 1° Intnat Barcelona 1964 Deraedt-Van Grembergen), father of the ‘Elektriek 953/67’ and so also directly grandfather of the ‘Late Elektriek 701/75’… which, coupled with ‘Kardoese 094/76’ (a daughter of his grandmother, the ‘Sproete 270/66’)…was then father of  ‘Barcelona II’ 141/79! An entire pedigree with consecutive generations of ‘super pigeons’ which made Andre Vanbruaene ‘world famous’, and which lie at the basis of ‘national’ and ‘international’ triumphs in numerous other lofts …  with resounding Barcelona-victories by Gilmont in 1983, Vanbruaene self in 1984, Vervisch in 1985 and the Gyselbrecht family in 1995... 4 miraculous crack pigeons which all trace back through the new super breeder ‘Elektriek’ back to stock father the ‘Schuwen 933/31’… the success line of the ‘stray’ from Commine from Leers-North! You never know how the cards fall!
This line of the ‘Schuwen’ formed then the ‘core line’ of the stock building… into which a shot of ‘fresh blood’ was regularly pumped… followed by coupling once again back to the ‘core line’, with descendants which recede back to the ‘Schuwen’ and the ‘Oude Stier’. This is shown clearly in the attached schedules .


The late Andre Vanbruaene… the ‘toreador’ of Lauwe, as he is sometimes called… a name undoubtedly due to his wonder pigeon the ‘Stier’… not only the ‘super crack’ of the first hour, but also a ‘stock bear’ out thousands… as evidenced by these schedules concerning the stock building! The late Andre built up his ‘pigeon empire’ on this… seasoned with a.o. 2 international victories from the ‘ international top classic’ by far… from Barcelona’! Countless sport companions found in his footsteps the road to international ‘grand distance successes’ with descendants of those Vanbruaene pigeons… directs out that ‘very strong’ and ‘indestructible’ Vanbruaene strain! Not in the least his grandsons, active in the pigeon sport under the name Van Steenhuyze-Vanbruaene and Delrue-Vanbruaene 

Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene
Grandson Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene could and was allowed to, profit from the life’s work of grandfather Andre. By the way, it was grandfather Andre who inaugurated Patrick into the pigeon sport, and  taught him the first rituals of the craftsmanship. As a ‘youngster’ Patrick could always be found in the lofts of ‘grandfather Andre’… before he left for school in the morning, and as soon as he returned home, he was always in the lofts of grandfather! He obtained his first pigeon when he took home a pigeon with a ‘broken wing’ from his grandfather (on the other side of the street)… the first step into the independent pigeon sport was set! Patrick stood at the front of the queue then, not only to closely follow the ins and outs behind the colony of grandfather Andre Vanbruaene… but also later to stock his own loft with the very best present in grandfather’s lofts in Lauwe.   When grandfather Andre clocked no less than 6 top pigeons from the 6 basketted for the very warm Barcelona of 1984, with ‘international victory’ as icing on the cake… Patrick also scored a first-rate 4/4… in the same ‘leaden’ Barcelona in one of his first participations! He immediately got the taste for it! Years later Patrick nearly won a 1° National Barcelona… yet stranded in 2° place ‘national’ with his very strong hen ‘Luna’ in 2006… a stunt which he repeated in 2010 by not only winning 2° National Barcelona… but also the ‘Gouden Vleugel’! It is worth the effort to browse through the lineage of these top pigeons. Here we will undoubtedly end up by the stock father of the colony Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene :

-The ‘Geschelpten’ B82-3366362
The stock breeder ‘Nr 1’ by Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene! He is a son of the ‘Stouten’ B77-3470749, which is self an inbred product to the immortal stock bear of André Vanbruaene, the ‘Jonge Stier’ (with 1° Nat Libourne and 1° Intnat Pau in 1951 to his name)… which comes self out the ‘Bijter’ (1° prize Bordeaux) x ‘Jonge Sproete’ (daughter out an inbred coupling with the undoubtedly most famous son of ‘Barcelona I’, namely the ‘Electriek 953/67’ x his own mother ‘Sproete 270/66’, daughter of the 1° Intnat Barcelona 1964’ Deraedt-Van Grembergen). Mother is ‘Cecile’ B77-3058624 who in turn is a daughter of the ‘Molenaar 727/68’ (son 1° Nat Cahors) x ‘Sproete 270/66’ (cited earlier)… with which this ‘Cecile’ is a full sister of the famous top breeding hen ‘Kardoese 094/76’… you know, the mother of ‘Barcelona II’, winner 1° Intnat Barcelona 1984. With this, the stock breeder ‘Geschelpten 362/82’ is then inbred to both the ‘Sproete’ (3 x in the pedigree), the ‘Barcelona I’ (2 x in the pedigree), the ‘1° Nat Barcelona Deraedt-Van Grembergen’… as the ‘Jonge Stier 559/47’, which appears several times in the pedigree .

The ‘Geschelpten 362/82’ was a phenomenal breeding pigeons which a.o. was father of

-The Perpignan 740/87: 35° Nat Perpignan 3.306 p. and 65° Intnat Perpignan 10.444 p .

-TheBijter 259/84: 35° Prov Limoges 1.998 p., 86° Nat Narbonne 6.187 p., and also won more than 10 prizes per 10 in the national and international races .

-The Cahors 028/86: winner 2° Nat Cahors 7.271 p., and 19° Nat Brive 16.376 p 

-Topping 493/88: winner 1° Tours 298 p., 1° Tours 546 p., 1° Tours 851 p 

-Subliem BE96-3317101


Grandfather of the  2° Nat Barcelona 2010 and ‘Gouden Vleugel winner’ 2010 by the Bruges Barcelona club !

-the Geschelpte Stier 534/88: full brother of ‘Topping’ and without doubt the most famous son of the Geschelpten 362/82’, coupled with ‘Krulle 099/85’ (daughter of the 1° Intnat Barcelona 1984: the ‘Barcelona II 141/79’ x ‘Ali-hen 128/77’). This ‘Geschelpte Stier’ was a real ‘super crack’ which was crowned as 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB!  Coupled with ‘Laura 466/87’ (a daughter out the 3° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB: the ‘Laureaat 257/83’ x ‘Daughter Late Elektriek 357/82’) he was father of a super breeder…called the ‘Lange Stier 828/97’ (father of the 2° Nat Barcelona, 47° Nat Limoges, 72° Nat Cahors, 87° Nat Aurillac…).
The ‘Geschelpte Stier 534/88’ was also father of super hen ‘Jane 761/95’ (full sister of the ‘Lange  Stier), which was coupled with the excellent long distance racer ‘Athos 064/85’, self a.o. 54° Nat Marseille, 197° Nat Barcelona 12.283 p. (and son of the 1° Intnat Barcelona 1984: ‘Barcelona II 141/79’ x ‘Angela 288/81’, daughter of the ‘Notaris’)…  Out a coupling of this ‘Athos’ x ‘Jane’ came then 

-the ‘Juweel’ BE00-3183319

The goose with the golden eggs in the lofts of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene!
She is mother of the 

 2° Nat. Barcelona   11.802 p. in 2006!
19° Intnat. Narbonne 13.531 p. in 2010!
47° Nat Limoges
69° Intnat Dax
85° Nat Aurillac 

 Hereby ‘top of the bill’… of course, her famous daughter… the  super hen

 -Luna’ B04-3177330, winner of

 2° Nat Barcelona    11.802 p. in 2006 (with 1186 m/min)
4° Intnat Barcelona 22.887 p. 


A marvellous performance delivered in the lofts of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene… in that very tough Barcelona of 2006!
She is a daughter of the ‘Lange Stier 828/97’ x ‘Juweel 319/00’
Everyone who could and was allowed to admire this ‘Luna’ was in agreement … a ‘beautiful hen’ with a ‘cast-iron constitution’… a real Vanbruaene pigeon… a hen with more or less all the famous Vanbruaene pigeons in the pedigree so as both the 1° Intnat Barcelona winners: the ‘Barcelona I’, the ‘Barcelona II’, and further the ‘Sproete’, the ‘Jonge Stier’, the ‘Laureaat’, the ‘Notaris’… all ‘figureheads’ in the colony of the late ‘toreador’ Andre Vanbruaene!
One of the current top racers by Patrick is a half-brother of ‘Luna’ , namely 

-‘Iniesta’ B08-3003072

 10 Narbonne        293 p.  1
          Nat     6.362 p.  17
          Intnat 13.531 p. 19
Chateauroux         756 p.  5
          Prov    4.093 p. 38
Ablis               348 p.  13
Argenton            581 p.  23
Brive  Nat.      16.815 p. 989
Libourne Nat      8.723 p . 873 


Also a chap of iron and steel… the prototype of the real Vanbruaene pigeon! He is also a son of the ‘Juweel’ this time coupled with the ‘Daniel’  B01-3246870, self 

 8° Nat. Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB
80° Nat Dax             5.189 p.
82° Nat Perpignan       6.765 p . 

This ‘Daniel’ is self grandson of the sock bear ‘Late Elektriek’ Andre Vanbruaene, and also grandson of the super breeder ‘Geschelpte Stier’, the stock breeder by Patrick  Delrue-Vanbruaene!
Impressive isn’t it… what this wondrous breeding hen the ‘Juweel’ has produced, and… whoever thought we had written and said everything about this ‘Juweel’ is completely wrong! Because, coupled with the ‘Blauwe 790’ B99-3257790, father of the 39° Nat Dax (and self coming out a son of 1° Intnat Barcelona ’84: the ‘Aramis 316/86’ x ‘Linda 304/89’, a daughter ‘Mistral’)… is the ‘Juweel’ mother of the ‘Schuwe’ B01-3246891’… and she in turn is mother of the 

-‘Gouden vleugel’ B03-3239132

Winner ‘Gouden Vleugel’ 2010 BBC!

 2° ‘Primus Inter Pares’ Barcelona 2006-2010
’06 Barcelona Nat 11.802 p. 505
’07 Barcelona Nat 12.612 p. 822
’08 Barcelona Nat 11.484 p. 199
’09 Barcelona Nat 13.502 p. 1453
’10 Barcelona Nat 12.657 p . 2 

This’ Gouden Vleugel’ was not only the 2° Best Barcelona pigeon at national level in the period 2006-2010, he also won a cartload of top prizes at national level, with 

 ’04 Limoges     Nat 21.929 p. 1838
’04 Perpignan   Nat  4.086 p. 600
’05 Montauban   Nat  7.303 p. 511
’06 Cahors      Nat  6.654 p. 95
’07 Cahors      Nat  5.894 p. 465
’07 Perpignan   Nat  5.547 p. 588
’08 Narbonne    Nat  6.801 p. 361
’09 Brive       Nat 17.456 p. 922
’09 Perpignan   Nat  7.364 p. 54
’10 Chateauroux Nat 20.330 p. 238
’07 Chateauroux Prov 1.108 p . 36 

A pigeon that makes any further comment superfluous, simply because he can be counted amongst the best marathon racers of our country. Not really surprising when you take a look at his lineage… because he is an inbred product to the old stock lines of grandfather Andre Vanbruaene… and naturally to the own stock bear of the colony Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene, namely the ‘Geschelpten 3628/82’!
Father: The ‘Donkeren’ B97-3088639… self a top racer with 

 126° Nat. Perpignan 6.264 p.
190° Intnat Dax    11.807 p. 

But above all, he has earned his stripes as a breeding pigeon, so is he father of the 

 25° Nat Albi
44° Nat Gueret
54° Nat Perpignan
64° Nat Perpignan 

And so also of the 2° Nat Barcelona 2010 and ‘Gouden Vleugel winner’! He is also self son of the top breeder ‘Subliem 101/96 (son of stock bear ‘Geschelpten 362/82’ x ‘Daughter Laten Elektriek 290/90’) x ‘Jane 761/95’, the other of a.o the ‘Juweel’ (and self daughter of the ‘Geschelpte Stier 534/88’ x ‘Daughter Laureaat 466/87’… the line which also produced the 1° Intnat Barcelona ’95 for the Gyselbrecht family).
Mother: the ‘Schuwe’ B01-3246891… so as described above, a daughter of the ‘Blue 790/99’ x the  ‘Juweel 319/00’!

But not only the ‘Gouden Vleugel winner’ shined in the very tough Barcelona of 2010,  an ‘upcoming talent’ followed in his footsteps… who knows, the successor of the ‘Gouden Vleugel’ for the future, namely 

-‘XAVI’ B07-3012054


This ‘Xavi’ was the 2° pigeon clocked in the humid and tropical Barcelona of 2010 by Patrick… this Barcelona performance was not his first achievement, because he had already shined with h:

 ’10 Barcelona     754 p.  6
          Prov  1.901 p.  13
          Nat  12.641 p.  230
’09 Cahors      7.347 p.  485
’08 St.Vincent  7.356 p . 374 

He also has a lineage that speaks volumes... because he is a son of the excellent breeding cock ‘Dikke Poot’ B89-3394098… a.o. also father of the 86° Nat Aurillac (and self son of the ancient top couple of grandfather Andre Vanbruaene ‘Emperador’ x ‘Ariane’) x ‘Daughter Aramis’ B00-306592 (granddaughter of the famous ‘Barcelona II’ Andre Vanbruaene… winner 1° Intnat Barcelona 1984! Her father ‘Aramis’ is self great grandfather of the ‘Gouden Vleugel winner 2010’ )!

With these performances Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene is more or less the modern ‘signboard’ of the Vanbruaene family in the long distance and great distance races anno 2010! He, the man who not only managed to breed further the very strong Vanbruaene pigeon almost ‘pure’ and ‘uncut’… but who still manages to shine in the races… the subtropical and very tough Barcelona and the international Narbonne in 2010 are perfect examples of this! 
The Vanbruaene pigeons… pigeons of ‘iron’ and ‘steel’ which have clearly withstood all the evolutions in the modern pigeon sport with success. This is not only evident by Patrick Delrue… but also in so many other lofts at home and abroad.
We are thinking of the ‘golden ‘Laureaat line by the Gyselbrecht family from Knesselare from which a whole recital of superior Barcelona cracks have been bred, not in the least 


Naturally the flagship of the colony as winner 1°  Internat Barcelona 20.925 p. in 1995. He stems from the “Laureaat 972/86” (direct A.Vanbruane) x “Jupiter-hen 847/91” (direct Andre Brouckaert, Wervik )

-    The TURBO 810/91


Half-brother of the “Laureaat Barcelona”, as he is a son of the “Laureaat 972/86” x “Mother Turbo 164/88” (a daughter out “Son Vooruit 99/87” x “Marathon hen 519/84” Vanbruaene, also grandmother of the 1° Nat. Narbonne). The TURBO consecutively won :

 ’94 Barcelona    Internat    26.807 p.    270
’95 Barcelona    Internat    20.943 p.     96
’97 Barcelona     Internat   24.908 p.     76 

This ‘Turbo’ is father of the top breeding hen ‘Delphine’  BE98-4567692, which has a large share in the current stock building of the Gyselbrecht colony, this ‘Delphine is a.o.
-mother of ‘Mayo’: 57° Nat Barcelona 11.806 p.
-grandmother of the ‘St.Vincent’: 24° Nat. Barcelona  12.612 p.
                                                      34° Nat. St.Vincent 10.020 p.
And lies at the basis of several other prospective top pigeons in the breeding and racing lofts .

- The KING 816/91

Comes self out “Son Tee 242/83” (direct E.Denys) x “Laureaat-hen 034/86” (direct A.Vanbruane and nest sister of the “Laureaat 972/86). The  KING won:

 ’92 Limoges    Nationaal     19.250 p.    96
’94 Barcelona    Internat    26.807 p.    92
’95 Barcelona    Internat    20.943 p.    365  

The following fanciers followed in their footsteps, along with many… many others :

-Jean Moens from Grimbergen bought a.o. in the public auction in the Spring of  1996 a daughter (ring B96-4483308) of the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ (1° Intnat Barcelona) x ‘Bijou 253/93’ (a Vd Wegen-hen). This hen grew to be an excellent breeding mother and was a.o. mother of the 47° Nat Barcelona… but moreover the winner 1° National Pau 2.061 p. in 2006 .

- Fauche Frères from Waret L’Evêque won 1° Internat. Barcelona against 20.209 p. in 2003. Their Barcelona winner is a great granddaughter of the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’… and is so a grandchild of their star breeder, a direct ‘Son Laureaat Barcelona’ which the Fauche brothers bought from the Gyselbrecht family !

-Jean-Paul & Björn Van Kerckvoorde from Lovendegem won in 2008 the 2° Internat Barcelona against 23.695 p. They bought the father of their ‘Barcelona topper’ in the auction of Wim Boonen, and this clapper comes out a daughter ‘Daughter Laureaat Barcelona 367/97’… or once more that golden ‘Laureaat Barcelona’-line which lies at the basis of and international Barcelona topper

-Etienne Meirlaen from Deurle-St.Martens Latem, the celebrity who the last sport seasons has developed a real ‘coup’ at national level by winning the 1° National Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB both in 2008 as in 2009! His ‘1° National Ace pigeon’ of 2008… the ‘Cor 528/05’… has as mother a ‘Granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona 201/00’ which Etienne obtained from his now deceased sport friend Antoine Van Hove! Talk about top references !

The 2010 sport season was not only a top year in the lofts of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene… it was as if the ‘spirit’ of our late sport friend Andre descended over the pigeon peloton. Because also in other lofts descendants of the Vanbruaene pigeons also lay at the basis of  national and international successes… it was as if these Vanbruaene pigeons knew that 2010 was a sort of jubilee year for them … and therefore do something extra… race themselves into the spotlights… to pay tribute to their basis layer… for ‘100 years’ Andre Vanbruaene! A few examples of this are 

-Emiel Denys, Tielt (B)
Emiel obtained a full sister of  ‘Luna’ (2° Nat 11.802 p. and 4° Intnat Barcelona 22.887 p. in 2006) from Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene … the ‘Sister Luna’ B06-3003030… which together with the ‘Bibi Grote Marseille’ B03-3203895 formed the new ‘golden pair’ in Tielt in the Denys lofts! This ‘Bibi Grote Marseille’ also has that noble Vanbruaene blood flowing in the veins via his father ‘Grote Marseille 474/91’  (father of the 12° Nat Barcelona 13.966 p. ’99, 24° Nat Barcelona ’98), who in turn is a son of ‘Daughter Marseille B83-3347375’ from Andre Vanbruaene (and who is grandmother of the 5° Nat + 7° Intnat Barcelona ’97, 12° Nat Barcelona ’99 and 24° Nat Barcelona ’98).
This new ‘Golden pair’, as Emiel has named his new top couple… is then also for 65% formed with that very strong Vanbruaene blood. In the meantime this couple are parents of the following  ‘extreme long distance talent’ :

 -‘Bleke Libourne’ B09-3009537: 12° Nat Libourne 6.767 p. ‘10
-‘Santiago Luna’  B09-3009008: 7° FCI- final race Spain 2009 + 9° Ace pigeon FCI-races Spain 2009
-‘Sebastian Luna’ B08-3008105: 77° Intnat San Sebastian 1.243 p. ‘10
-‘Perpignan Luna’ B08-3008592: 59° Intnat Perpignan 3.464 Hens in ‘10 

-Jan van Engelen from Hedel (NL)
His ‘Don Tarbes’ ring NL07-2007100 developed into a real ‘marathon crack’! In 2010 this clapper managed to reach his loft from Tarbes on the same day for the 2° year in a row and bridge the 1025 Km in one go. He stems from a ‘grandson’ x ‘daughter’ of the ‘Witpen Ruffec NL95-2237021’ (which won 6 x national per 10-tal by 6 baskettings, and is a son of the ‘Tarzan’ from Andre Vanbruaene). See here his pedigree and performances:
-NL07-2007100 ‘Don Tarbes’
Father: NL02-1863046 ‘Marathon’
Self winner 190° Nat Perpignan 6.300 p. ’05 (499° Intnat ), 197° Nat Perpignan 4.719 p. ’06, 693° Nat Bergerac 20.261 p. ’04, 582° Nat St.Vincent 8.438 p. ’05 etc…
GF: NL00-2218666 ‘Tarzan’ Jan Van Engelen. Self father of the ‘Marseille’ (19° Nat Marseille, 125° Intnat Marseille etc…), the ‘Marathon’ etc… He is self a son of the ‘Witpen Ruffec 021/95’ x ‘Daughter King’ B99-4449315 Gyselbrecht (out the famous ‘King 816/91’ x ‘Sister Slim Laureaat 328/97’).
GM: JPN-94-ZA00078 ‘Rising Sun’… a 100% Andre Vanbruaene out the ‘Ribot 516/88’ (Son of ‘Odin 665/82’ x ‘Daughter President 427/82’) x ‘Valerie 604/91’ (out the ‘Mistral 382/82’ x ‘Sagreira 439/87’).
Mother: NL04-1039790 ‘Sister IV’
Super breeding hen
GF: NL95-2237021 ‘Witpen Ruffec’… won self 7° Dax 6.397 p., 94° Ruffec 6.868 p., 112° St.Vincent 9.729 p., 182° Dax 6.473 p., 340° Dax 6.326 p., 362° St.Vincent 8.467 p… and developed into a real ‘super breeder’… and is a.o. grandfather of the 4° Nat Ace pigeon Overnight 2009 and 1° Pigeon Champion Z.K. by P.Steeghs from Uden. The ‘Witpen Ruffec’ is self son of the ‘Tarzan 759/90’ (direct Andre Vanbruaene out the ‘Mistral 382/82’ x ‘Sister Diplomaat 687/82’) x ‘Mini 782/90’ (Jac van der Wegen).
GM: B99-4449247 ‘Utah’… Direct Remi Gyselbrecht and Sons, Knesselare… where she is half-sister of ‘Schumacher’ (2° Intnat Ace pigeon ‘Primus Inter Pares’ over 5 years Barcelona 1997-2001). She is a daughter of the super crack ‘Senna 990/85’, a 100% A.Vanbruaene (self 84° Intnat Perpignan 11.614 p., and 3 x prize from Barcelona… and son of the ’Marathon 596/84’ x ‘St.Vincent hen 522/84’) x ‘801 van der Wegen’ 801/94! This ‘Utah’ is an excellent breeding mother and self grandmother of the 1° Mont de Marsan 104 p., 1° + 2° Tarbes ZLU, 3° + 7° Limoges, 4° + 8° St.Vincent, 5° + 6° + 7° Bordeaux, 8° Brive, 13° Barcelona etc…
The ‘Don Tarbes’ is then cut from ‘good wood’… and he directly proved this with :
In 2009:
·    542° national St. Vincent 6.765 pigeons (989 mpm) 1025 Km.
•    189° national Tarbes ZLU 3.607 pigeons (1118 mpm)1025 Km.  Clocked on the day of liberation at 22.02. He further won 6° in ‘Fond Union 2000’ against 469 pigeons (only 6 pigeons home on the day of liberating in the Fond Union 2000). 2° in the club against 81 pigeons .
In 2010:
·    202° national St. Vincent 5.698 pigeons (887 mpm). 8° in the club against 145 p, 15° district 483 p, 68° in ‘Province 7’ van 2.113 p.
•    1° Tarbes ZLU in ‘Fond Union 2000’ against 359 pigeons (only pigeon home on the day of liberating, clocked at 22h11...), good enough for 30° national Tarbes ZLU 2.950 pigeons. Further 1° in the club against 74 p, 1° Fond club Utrecht 131 p .

-NL07-2007047 ‘Lucarno
Full brother of ‘Don Tarbes’! This ‘Lucarno’ won the following prizes by 4 baskettings :
In 2009:
·    7° Limoges club 153 p, 24° district 985 p, 132° in ‘Province 7’ against 5.702 p, 300° national 13.195 pigeons from 713 km (915 mpm).
•    6° Bordeaux club 224 p, 30° district 727 p, 199 in ‘Province 7’ against 3.166 p, 408° national 8.058 p. from 875km . (1076 mpm).
In 2010:
·    4° St. Vincent club 145 p, 10° district 483 p, 40° in ‘Province 7 against 2.113 p, 105° national 5.698 p. from 1025 km (908 mpm).
•    1055 national Cahors  4.998 pigeons  (888 Km).

Dennis Steeghs, Uden (NL)
Also in the lofts of Dennis Steeghs there is a real ‘marathon crack’ which has the noble Vanbruaene blood (via the Gyselbrecht family) flowing through the veins. So as you could read by the comments by the pigeons of Jan van Engelen, the line of the ‘Witpen Ruffec’ also lies at the basis of this top pigeon.
-NL06-4051361 ‘Acecock 361’
Father: NL00-2220400 ‘Spikkel’
Is in addition to being father ‘Acecock’, also father of the 7° NPO Bergerac 2005!
GF: NL95-2237021 ‘Witpen Ruffec’… the super crack and top breeder by Jan van Engelen (see higher)
GM: B98-4567632 ‘Verena’… a direct Remi Gyselbrecht & Sons as daughter of the 1° Internat Barcelona 1995: the ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ x ‘Cleopatra 232/94’ Van Steenhyuze-Vanbruaene (daughter of the ‘Barcelona II 141/79’… 1° Intnat Barcelona ’84).
Mother: B98-4567544 ‘Half-sister Ronaldo’
Direct Remi Gyselbrecht & Sons… and self already mother of the 7° NPO Bergerac ’05, grandmother of the 3° Nat Ruffec ’04, grandmother of the 9° NU Orange ’10 by G & G de Graaf.
GF: B93-4659088 The ‘Schift 088’… father of ‘Ronaldo’ (22° Intnat Barcelona 24.908 p. ’97), and a 100% van der Wegen pigeon (out the ‘Marathon 635/90’ x ‘Daughter Turbo 252/91’).
GM: B96-4605726 ‘Inbred Laureaat’… daughter of the 1° Intnat Barcelona ’95 Gyselbrecht: ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ x ‘Daughter Cahors 741/95’ (the ‘Cahors’ is half-brother of the ‘Laureaat Barcelona).
The ‘Acecock 361’ performed as follows :

 1° Pigeon Champion Z.K. 2010
4° Nat. Pigeon Champion Overnight 2009
4° NPO Bergerac          4.651 p.
16° Nat Tarbes           9.955 p.
70° Nat Mont de Marsan  10.231 p.
102° Nat Montauban      18.668 p.
146° Nat Bergerac       16.041 p.
His full sister ‘257/04’ did just as brilliantly with
  7° Z.K. Bergerac       5.071 p.
 70° Z.K. Bergerac       5.046 p.
157° Nat  Montauban     18.668 p.
235° Z.K. Bordeaux       6.164 p. etc  

Golden memories
Our pigeon sport is often a sport of memories, with stories from ‘days gone by’… with successes which were achieved ‘long gone’! Often nice pieces of nostalgia for the long and cold winter evenings with family and friends… to reminisce or enjoy yet again… the ‘good old days’.
The story concerning ‘100 years Andre Vanbruaene’ would fit in perfectly here… with this difference… that this success story doesn’t limit itself to the exploits in the distant past… but currently, anno 2011… is still topical. The Vanbruaene pigeons  still represent a prominent role within our international pigeon sport… still lying at the basis of numerous top successes achieved in the previous 2010 season, as you can read above. In the long distance… and especially ‘grand distance’… in other words the ‘international classics’ of our pigeon sport… the Vanbruane pigeons are still ‘top’… triumphs and resounding victories are still being achieved with this noble Vanbruane blood! The ‘roots’ of this success story lie somewhere in 1931 by the illustrious stock father of this story… the ‘Schuwen 933/31’!
Today… more than 80 years later… the descendants of this wondrous ‘stock pigeon’… still play a leading role in the competition happenings, are still the ‘deciding factor’ in the course of the race, still demand their share of the ‘prize pie’… are still in the winning camp! Admit it… it is not for many pigeon pedigrees… and it shows once more their ‘hybrid strength’, their ‘iron constitution’, their ‘mordant’, their boundless ‘vitality’… their dominant ‘breeding power’! A ‘very strong’ pigeon pedigree on which the ‘ravages of time’… apparently seems to have no control !


Proficiat Patrick, vanwege De Wilde M

Hi, Any body knows the contact number of Patrick? really nice pigeons