The partnership Dumonceau-Pavoncelli (St.-Vaast, BE) win the 1st national Montauban against 6771 pigeons

Fourth long distance national race of the 2013 calendar, Montauban is a true classic for the Belgian pigeon sport. This year, 6.771 pigeons were basketted for this race, so only 49 less than the previous year.

The fourth!

Released at 7h15, the 6,771 pigeons had favourable flying conditions with a south-west wind during most of their trip. The 2013 edition of Montauban was finally won by a loft from the province of Hainaut and it is no less than the fourth national victory for the Walloon fanciers (French speaking part of Belgium) since the beginning of the season. All these victories were won in the long distance races and, in fact, all the long distance races from 2013 were won by the Walloon fanciers up until now. This is an excellent balance for the fanciers from the south of the country!

A thriller

In 2008, this loft won the 1st national Montélimar against 8,633 pigeons. It is the second time that they have had the honour to win a national victory!! But it was over the wire! Clocked at 15h09''09 for a distance of 744 kilometers, the winner achieved a speed of 1.573,96 m/min while the second national, the pigeon of Hendrik Mortier from St Kruis, was clocked at 15h49''34 for a distance of 809 kilometers, good for a speed of 1.573,77 m/min; so a différence of only a few seconds! ''When he came back, the pigeon flew twice round around the loft. If he had wanted to fly a third, I wouldn't be talking to you right now! I'm happy for him because he arrived from the right direction, at an incredible height and I quickly noticed he was wet. He went through some rainy clouds but it wasn't enough to stop him!''

This is how Michel (57 years) started our conversation. A few years ago, Michel raced in association with his son, Eddy, and they came under the spotlight thanks to the results of their Crack, a pigeon that won several national top 100 positions and that was crowned 1st Ace Pigeon of the famous Entente Belge / Belgische Verstandhouding. At the time, the origins of the colony were built on pigeons from Yvon Deneufbourg (Estinnes), Henri Paternoster (Vellereille), Kubica-Nanni (Boussoit) while the basis hen came from the famous colony of Norman (Knokke). Since then, Eddy has left the house and is now racing on his own (Dumonceau-Bergeret, Trivières), while Michel decided to race in partnership with his wife, Sérafina (57 years), with the same bloodlines.

The actual loft is formed by 100 racing cocks raced on classic widowhood and only destined for the national long distance races. They were paired in the middle of March and put on widowhood in April. The season begins with four sprint races and two middle distance ones before being entered in the national calendar. The pigeons are raced by team and when it's time to basket, all the pigeons from the same loft are basketed for the same race. It makes the daily chores easier. The yearlings are raced in a few longer middle distance races before being entered for Limoges, Bordeaux and sometimes Narbonne. They will face their first big test during the coming weekend from Bordeaux where 24 of them will try to represent their loft as best as possible. Being a true fan of the races of the Route du Rhône, Michel will basket a nice team for Orange. The selection only begins at the age of 2 years, Michel will keep all the yearlings who earn a prize.

Seeing the big number of racing cocks this year, only thirty youngsters were bred in 2013. They are only entered in three sprint races and only one middle distance race, enough to make them gain the experience they need. All the young cocks are kept for the next year.

The Montauban (BE 10-9003585)

506 Limoges interprov   2,590 p.
1er Montauban National  6,771 p.
​89  Brive Interprov     1,999 p.
458 Montauban Interprov 1,430 p.

The 1st national Montauban

The eye of the winner

Father: Kubica-Nanni (BE 07-9102708), son of 593/02 who won 3x a national top 100 position on Jarnac, Albi & Carcasonne, himself son of 425/93, 2 x top 40 national from Marseille
Mother: The Deneufbourg (BE 04-9156355), 100% Deneufbourg from Estinnes, her mother is a sister of 067 Deneufbourg who won the 2nd national Bourges, herself a niece of the 2nd national Limoges 22,944 pigeons. Good blood doesn't lie!
(If you want to check the pedigree of the Montauban, click here.)

Michel, Sérafina, congratulations on your second national victory and good luck for this weekend with Bordeaux and Orange!