"New Jens" of A. & R. De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) winner of 1st national Limoges

Fourteen days ago the famous Turbo of A & R De Saer took home the interprovincial classic first prize from Chateauroux. This time another champion of this loft, New Jens, took the national win from Limoges, covering the 594.741km at a speed of 1260m/min.

We remind you that they had two of their pigeons in the top 5 from the interprovincial Chateauroux race of 19th May and three pigeons in the top 10 interprovincial yearlings. This were the results:

Chateauroux fondclub 213 old birds: 1,2,6,8,10,12,13,14,17,20,21,24,26,30,...(20/24) Chateauroux prov.3486 old birds: 1,5,36,41,50,68,88,89,...(20/24) Chateauroux prov.885 yearlings: 6,8,9,19,22,31,32,33,64,75,...(22/33) 

This national victory from Limoges is yet another great result for the amazingly strong De Saer loft from Molendorp Ruiselede, which is situated along the border between East and West Flanders. Father Antoine and his son Rudi have been achieving a long list of important victories, including the title of 2nd national champion middle distance 2009 and 1st national champion middle distance 2010. In 2010, their last season, their best pigeons were auctioned at PIPA to begin the next season with a team of yearlings only. This is what Rudy has to say about this collection of yearlings, which had a wonderful 2011 season: “After last season I thought I would never be able to breed such an amazing team of youngsters again. But I have to say that my yearlings of 2012 seem to do even better than our 2011 team.” To illustrate, take a look at the national results of the Chateauroux race of 2 June. This shows once again that the breeding loft consists of a number of very talented pigeons.

New Jens, the star at the national Limoges 2012 old birds!

First of all we give you some of the results of the A. & R. De Saer colony from Limoges:

Fondclub Meulebeke:     221 p.:1–2–6–8–12-20 with 9 out of 13 listed
Provincial:            2441 p.:1–11–57-111 and a total of 8 out of 13
National (prognosis): 13781 p.:1-19-90-etc.

The New Jens bred a youngster in winter, just like the other pigeons in the loft, each pair bred one youngster. Sometime in March, as soon as better weather was coming up, the future racing pigeons spent about three more days with the hens. On the first weekend of the 2012 season they were basketed for the first time, despite the weather. As of the 7th of April they were raced every weekend apart from one when they were brought home due to the weather. Together with his fellow racing pigeons New Jens raced 2 x Arras and 3 x Clermont and then they headed to Chateauroux on 19 May. Some fourteen days later, some of the racers went to Chateauroux for the second time and the others went to Limoges.

New Jens did not have a result from Chateauroux on 19 May and the strange thing is that "four out of five pigeons that had a top result on the weekend of 2 May did not have a (good) result from Chateauroux", says Rudi.

The list of achievements of New Jens:
In 2011:

8°  / 194 p. from Moeskroen (35 km)
30° / 269 p. from Arras (95 km)
From Clermont (200 km) : 4° / 267 p.
   6°  / 459 p.
   20° / 340 p.
   30° / 223 p.
   30° / 609 p.
   55° / 474 p.
1° / 346 p. from Ablis (320 km)
1° / 547 p. from Ablis
From Bourges (445 km)  middle distance club:  11° /272 p.
   Provincial : 72° / 1388 p.
   Zone A : : 379° / 4873 p.
From La Chatre (515 km) : middle distance club: 5° / 291 p.
   Provinciaal 29° / 2815 p.
   Zone A :   237°/ 7487 p.
From Limoges (595 km) : middle distance club: 13° / 249 p.
   Provincial 63° / 2890 p.
   Zone A :  158° / 6706 p.
   National  219° / 14679 p.

In 2012 :

1°  /191 p. Arras
4°  /264 p. Clermont
40° /265 p. Clermont
1° national Limoges 13781 p.

This is a short overview of the pedigree of New Jens 10-3020896:

Sire : Gino Boy : 09-1371413 which was purchased at the auction of Gino Clicque in 2009. He is a brother of the 38th nat. Cahors against 7,292 pigeons and 80th nat. Brive against 17,456 pigeons.
Grandsire : Bijter: 05-3192693
Granddam: Liana: 05-3188726
Granddam: Geschelpte Neptunus: 03-3220181 ( G. Vandenabeele)
Grandsire:   Het Pootje: 03-3220003 (G.  Vandenabeele)
The loft of A. & R. De Saer is largely based on the pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele (at least 95%) plus some other lines including G. Clicque, Rik Cools, Gyselbrecht-Madeira, Van Cauwenberghe-Ally etc.

Strict selection leads to success!

As was mentioned before, Rudi had to start all over again in 2011 with new yearlings and it proved to be an exceptional team of yearlings. There were 50 pigeons and he selected 25 of them, based on the following requirements:

- They had to win at least one prize per 50 at the 4 national races
- They also had to do well at the provincial races with at least 1 x per 20 and 1 x per 10 

"Almost all the pigeons that met the requirements are very good racers" says Rudi. "So I was really looking for the very best racers, the average pigeons have been left out."

In a nutshell!

All the products that are used in Ruiselede are from the Röhnfried company.
When the pigeons arrive they are given electrolites, Beyers moult mixture and a junior mixture.
On Mondays and Wednesdays they are fed with Vandenabeele mixtures.

They also receive medical guidance from doctor Piet Blancke, who has worked out a scheme for the pigeons.

On Wednesdays : pure water and Vandenabeele mixture
On Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays : tea and Vandenabeele mixture
The next Monday : pure water and Vandenabeele mixture
Tuesday and Wednesday : Blitzform, vitamins Gervit-W and a combination of three types of racing mixtures: Beyers, Versele-Laga and Vanrobaeys.

On the day of basketing they are only given pure water and some additional corn.

Yet another national success from Chateauroux!

Rudi was not only successful from Limoges. He did a great job in the national race of Cateauroux as well, both with his old birds and his yearlings!
The results of Chateauroux (2 July):

Fondclub : 157 old b: 1 – 2 - 3 – 9 – 18 - 21 - 29 -… 10 op 11 listed
Fondclub 197  yrlngs: 1 – 2 - 5 – 6 - 7 - 9 - 10 – 12 - 15 - 19 - …
and 19 out of 32 pigeons listed in the results
Provincial 2572  old b : 16 - 29 - 35 – 103 - … with 11 / 11
Provincial 2905 yrlngs : 25 - 27 - 39 - 43 - 45 - 77 - 79 and 19 / 32
National 16479 old birds:(provisional results) : 35 - 56 - 68 - 256 and 11 / 11
National yearlings (provisional results) : 40 - 41 – 76 - 83 - 87 - 132 - 133 and 19 / 32 

We (and many other fanciers) wish to congratulate Rudi on yet another national success!


Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze mooie overwinning !! gewoonweg TOP !!

Groetjes Frederik

proficiat rudy en de groeten verleije davy en amber

Hallo Rudy,

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 1e Nationaal Limoges!! Super!!

Groeten Hugo en Anita

Wat een seizoensbegin Rudi, proficiat!

Congratulations Rudy on this win .. and, God willing always to win good luck..

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what a result, top pigeons many congratulations.