National victory from Agen is crowning achievement for Bert Van den Berghe (Wortegem-Petegem, BE)

The successful businessman from Wortegem-Petegem had already been close to a great result a few times this season. He achieved two victories in the zone already and last weekend his pigeon Fyther put the icing on the cake with a national victory from Bordeaux against 5,799 old birds.

It was only a week ago when we published another report about the impressive results of Bert Van den Berghe this season. Click here to reread the report.

Bert Van den Berghe has been in a number of combinations with others fanciers but he decided to build a pigeon breed on his own in 2011. He has won an impressive number of top prizes in a very short period of time, in large part thanks to some carefully selected pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele, as well as some pigeons of Pollin, Houfflijn, Vanrenterghem, Devos, etc. The combination of this collection of top quality birds, the excellent management skills of Bert and the commitment of his assistants Wim and Vicky is a recipe for success. Most fanciers were convinced that he would take a national victory sooner or later. In the last two seasons he won the following top 10 prizes at national level:

1st nat. Agen
3rd nat. Poitiers
3rd nat. Libourne
4th nat. Limoges
4th nat. Libourne
8th nat. Limoges
8th nat. Châteauroux

His pigeon Fyther BE11-4291405 took the national victory in the wonderful lofts in Wortegem-Petegem. Fyther was clocked at 19h29min12sec on Sunday Evening after having covered 774km with a velocity of 1192.91 m/min. He was the fastest Belgian pigeon against 5,799 old birds and 5,313 yearlings. At international level there was some fierce competition from a number of strong lofts in The Netherlands but Bert managed to win a nice fifth place nonetheless. This is not the first impressive performance of Fyther; he already won a 50th national and 86th international prize in the international race from Narbonne last season.

Bert Van den Berghe is a keen fan of the Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons and he always follows the advice of the champion from Dentergem. Fyther is a direct Vandenabeele, bred from his best lines. The sire is Goliath BE09-3095224, a full brother of the 2nd in the One Million Dollar Race in South Africa and a brother of the 1st prov. Tours. Goliath was bred from Neptunus x Daughter Champion (2nd nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance ’05). Fyther’s dam is Sandrine BE07-3199994, which is an inbreed Wittenbuik: both the sire and the dam of Sandrine are grandchildren of this world famous breeding pigeon. Click here for the pedigree of Fyther.

Classic widowhood

Fyther is raced in classic widowhood. He was sent to Limoges and Cahors before being basketed for Agen. The Beyers Company provides the feed in this loft and Bert is very strict about the health of his pigeons. They are closely monitored by his vet Pascal Lanneau, who pays his pigeons a visit every week. You can see that Bert Van den Berghe leaves nothing to chance.

The pigeon family of Bert Van den Berghe is a collection of high quality racing pigeons, which has won a lot of excellent results and we have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of them!


Van harte proficiat aan het ganse team met het behalen van deze nationale overwinning.Vele groeten:De Saer Rudi

Ce qui devait arriver, arriva !


Van harte proficiat met deze nationale overwinning
Gerry Conaert