Louis Bellen (Loksbergen, BE) wins the top classic of the year from Bourges against 31.641 youngsters!

With Louis Bellen a small, but strong fancier has won the nicest national classic of the year in the long distance for youngsters… namely the Bourges II. Isn’t it this that makes our pigeon sport so nice?

It was a case of a worrying time, waiting to see what the national top classic from Bourges would have in store for the participating pigeons. The weather during the previous weeks was anything but hopeful for bragging about a smooth preparation for the national long distance season for the youngsters. A good two weeks previously bad racing weather was predicted, as a result of which a number of fanciers had raced on ‘reserves’ or even taken a week off… and the week before Bourges there were the races which had gone very badly in the middle distance (especially Angerville and Ablis) and the pigeons brought back from Pithiviers… which also interrupted an ideal preparation. The result was then, that the fanciers did go to the basketting centres, but with rather a smaller basket… or at least a smaller basket than first intended! Yet the organisers still had 31.641 youngsters at the start, a good 900 youngsters more than in 2010. Although the age old question will always be… how many there would have ben without that bad weekend the previous week ?

 Now, this Bourges was quite tough for the youngsters, with the prevailing northern wind and the thick clouds above out country. The fastest youngster landed in Loksbergen, a village in Limburg close to the border of the provinces Limburg and Flemish-Brabant, a municipality of the city Halen. Louis Bellen was the lucky winner of the ‘jackpot’ from this Bourges for youngsters… his winning pigeon was clocked at 16h 22’ 37” from a distance of 469,065 Km, which gave the highest average velocity by the youngsters  with 1136 m/min. Louis was closely followed by the brothers Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede from Zingem who ended in 2nd place with 1135 m/min, ahead of Ronny Menten from Rummen in 3rd place (1133 m).  It was one of the happiest moments in the life of Louis Bellen! Louis reminds us of the late Pros Roosen… Louis has been in a wheelchair for almost 30 years, this after an accident at work… anything but ideal then for practising the pigeon sport. It was exactly this accident which led up to Louis starting with the pigeon sport at the beginning of the ’80s, to give him something to do! Luckily his wife Godelieve is always there to take care of the pigeons perfectly… she seems to know perfectly how to put the advice from Louis into practice and deed, and now they have both been extra rewarded with this national victory from Bourges for youngsters! Yes… the pigeon sport can be beautiful! 


Small but strong

Louis is the owner of quite a small colony of pigeons. 9 breeding couples, 12 widowers and a good 40 youngsters make up the entire collection! All old birds (racers and breeders) take part in winter breed… also the national winning hen was ringed form a couple of yearlings under the team of racing pigeons!

Louis found the first real topper in a pigeon from Willy Polleunis… later other pigeons came from Paul Van Onckelen from Schaffen (who owned the Jos Soontjens pigeons), Jos Vaneleveren from Glabbeek (sort Gebr Janssen, Arendonk), and pigeons from Albert Bils from Binkom. These are the pigeons from which the Bellen colony is built up!

Louis more than knows how to hold his own with this rather small pigeon stock. This year he has already clocked national top pigeons from Bourges I and La Chatre, with:

51° National La Châtre  21.180 yl (with the ‘775/10’)

59° National Bourges I  20.544 yl (with the ‘776/10’)


We expressly mention the ring numbers because they are 2 nest brothers, , which not only won national ‘top’, but which also turned out to be brothers of the father of the current winning hen 1° National Bourges 31.641 youngsters, the ‘170-hen’ B11-5007170!

Father: ‘Zwarte Doffer’ B10-5160513

He comes self out the ‘Blauwen 944/08’ (in turn son of the ‘Geschelpten 168/07’ which won 2° Prov Gien 3.131 pigeons) x the ‘Zwart 361/08’.

Mother: ‘Geschelpte duivin’ B10-5160509

Daughter of the ‘Geschelpten 039/05’ (self a.o. 57° Prov Salbris 4.022 p.)

 The brand new national winner is rather a small, but well-muscled hen with long wings and fine quills! She was a regular prize racer, without any real highlights until now, although ‘front racing’ was clearly in her genes. She has won, in addition to a prize from Reims, over the last 3 weeks in the grand middle distance :

-‘Geschelpt 170-duivin’ B11-5007170

16/7 Orleans        183 p. 60
24/7 Nevers          51 p. 12
             Prov   785 p. 131
31/7 Bourges Nat 31.641 p. 1 


By the way, Louis had noticed that this pigeon looked she was in mourning after her cock didn’t return from a previous race. Louis thought and new that there was more to this pigeon. He tried to couple her with a new cock, and that seemed to work… the spark crossed over. To add even more fire to the pan, prior to basketting Godelieve had thrown another 3 spirited ladies into the loft… which immediately tried to seduce ‘cupido’ into the love game. This made the ‘170-duivinnetje’ extremely jealous, did this give her extra motivation which led to national victory? It could well have been!

Third time lucky

The youngsters were darkened from the beginning of March to about the longest day in June (from 18h to 8 h), at the moment lighting is used to keep up the condition. The team of youngsters from Louis Bellen have been well ‘in form’ over the last few weeks. With Bourges they won the 1st prize for 3 weeks in a row! Third time lucky… is the saying… will this victory then be carried on up to national level? Who knows? 


16/7 Orleans  Club  183 youngsters 1-3-4-36-55-60 (6/6)
           Prov  5.880 youngsters 8-23-50… (3 in the prov top-50)
24/4 Nevers   Club   51 youngsters 1-3-11-12 (4/8)
           Prov    785 youngsters 30-54… etc
31/7 Bourges  Club  267 youngsters 1-3-42-87 (4/9)
           Prov  3.460 youngsters 1-14-318… etc
           Nat  31.641 youngsters 1… etc. 


A small fancier with limited resources… who pinches it from the great tenors in our sport! In our pigeon sport this is perfectly possible… this was more than proven last weekend by Louis Bellen! A victory to be framed… congratulations Louis and Godelieve! 



Proficiat Louis en Godelieve.
Ik heb plezier in jullie groot succes op Bourges.

Godelieve en Louis,
Very Happy Zo'n repo lezen is GENIETEN !
Die extra motivatie van het duivinneke...En dan die OVERWINNING!
Vanharte proficiat en verder nog veel duivenplezier! Exclamation

voila de nationale zege zit waar ie moet zitten bij de echte diuve melker en zijn vrouwe daaraan zie je wel dat ge iets van diuvensport moet afweten alles commanderen vanuit een rolstoel zeker geenlachterje voor wie het in depraktijk moet omzetten chapeau voor de melker en zijn vrouwe diuven komen naar huis voor de vrouwe waar een vrouw op hok zit word lastig tegen spelen proficiat geniet er van is waard


Een prachtige prestatie van je duifje.

Van harte proficiat!

Richard en Luc Severijns

Good on you Louis.a great result,hope the team keeps winning.. Rolling Eyes

welldone there.very nice lofts,could you possibly tell me were u got your sputnik traps,thank you.