Keyers Louis (Molenbeersel, BE) wins 1st National Marseille Belgium

Louis Keyers clocked the fastest pigeon of our country from Marseille from one of the greatest distances! He had entered 2 pigeons for Marseille and both win top at national level!

Following a day’s delay, the Marseille pigeons took to the air on Sunday morning at 7 o’clock, in sunny weather but with a strong western wind. And this pushed them into the Rhônevalley  where a strong mistral was waiting for them, which made the return journey home more difficult… with speeds not even reaching 1100 metres! Yet the national victory was for one of the greatest distances of our country, near the Dutch border… in Molenbeersel to be more exact, a borough of Kinrooi… by Louis Keyers. Louis clocked his winning pigeon at 20h57’50” from a distance of 897,205 Km, which gave a velocity of 1070,86 m/min. Good  enough for national victory with a 10 minute lead on the pigeon from Joseph & F. Govaerts from Wierde who win 2nd national, and the inevitable Dieter Ballmann from Amel who ended with 3rd national!

 Small but brave

Louis Keyers (79 y.) describes himself as very large in stature, but extremely ‘small’ as a fancier. His pigeon stock consists of just 6 breeding couples, 22 widowers (cocks) wherefrom 10 o.b. and 12 yl… and 30 youngsters! His pigeons are all closely related and actually relate back to 2 lines… those of his ‘Barcelona’, and his ‘Bordeaux’. This stock was built up with pigeons from Eddy Stulens (pedigree Hendriks Teuge), Rik Stevens, Gaby Vandenabeele and Vanholsaet.

The youngsters are only trained well, meaning… taken away himself with the small basket a few times, and then raced from Chimay (about 200 Km) a few times. Louis says that this is enough for long distance candidates… it is only to familiarize them, nothing more is expected of them… as his pigeons are then not yet ‘ripe’, he gives them time to grow further. As yearlings they are then raced up to Argenton, then they are stopped. Louis used to let them race Jarnac, but not any more. Their real long distance career begins when they are 2 years old… and then they are tested thoroughly says Louis. It is not easy to race the entire long distance calendar with such a minimum occupancy… yet he manages to do this every year. Only a race for which he has to travel really far is sometimes skipped… as was the case this year with Tarbes. The national Limoges at the beginning of June was not raced either… the long distance for Louis actually starts from Brive. Only 2 or 3 pigeons are basketted for each race. This was also the case for Marseille, where Louis basketted 2 pigeons, and won as many early prizes. Because in addition to his national winner at 20h57, he also clocked his 2nd pigeon on Sunday evening at 21h53… with the following result: 

Marseille Provincial: 1-3 (2/2, provisional result)

National  3.283 o.b.: 1-20 (2/2)

Internat. 10.606 o.b.: 5-60 (2/2) 

It couldn’t be better! 


The 'Marseille'

The 'Marseille' ring B08-5093685 is a beautifully built chequered cock. He stems on father’s side from the 'Geschelpte Stevens' NL98-1623075 (a crossing Rik Stevens x Raeymakers x Van der Wegen), whilst the mother... the 'Blauwe' B03-5035477, was bred from a cock from Eddy Stulens (pedigree Hendriks Teuge) x hen Christ Van der Velden.

The racing pigeons are not allowed to breed before the season, but they are allowed to brood for 7 days twice. The eggs from the best cocks are placed under other feeding couples. Before leaving for the national races the cocks are allowed to see their hens for half an hour… they are even allowed to mate says Louis. This plays no role in the long distance. When they return home they stay with their hen until the following morning. Look, says Louis… seeing as how I live at one of the greatest distances of our country, the pigeons usually arrive home late at night… then they are allowed to remain with their hen until the next morning.

By the homecoming there is always fresh water in the drinking pots and the next day they are given B.S. from Belgica De Weerd to drink for 1 ½ days as a disinfectant. For the rest they have to make do with ‘good food’… vitamins and other by-products are not for him. Only the manufacturers become rich… but according to Louis the pigeons don’t benefit from them. Last year I bought a small bottle of Gervit-W, look… it is still more than half full, clarifies Louis! I read this in a book from the late Arie Van den Hoek… he once experimented with 2 lofts. One loft was given all sorts of various vitamins and other by-products, the other loft only grain and pure water! There was no difference in the performances from the two lofts… I have tested it myself, and have come to the same conclusion, adds Louis! The pigeons are given plenty to eat, and the best feed! For this Louis 3 mixes 3 types of racing mixture together (Beyers, Versele etc). I buy my 3 bags at the beginning of the season, and mix them together… with my small group of pigeons it lasts me nearly all the racing season!

I only visit the vet, Norbert Peeters, once a year and that is to vaccinate them against paramyxo… I stay away for the rest! The youngsters are selected on ‘natural health’, just like the yearlings! I remove the weaker pigeons, I don’t need them! The remaining pigeons have usually built up enough resistance to be able to take the knocks as an old bird! I used to also race for the big championships… but once lost 2 excellent pigeons from St.Vincent, as I had to basket them whatever the cost because of the championships. Since then I changed over to just some local championships, says Louis! But no longer to the cost of my pigeons…

Despite his national victory, Louis remains matter of fact. He says himself that he knows nothing about pigeons… in fact nobody does, he adds. If there is some-one who thinks they do… he can come here, laughs Louis! Physical appearance, yes… but nobody can see ‘inside’ a pigeon… in their soul, in their character! In Molenbeersel the basket is the only selector! Last winter my best Barcelona racer was eaten by a cat… when he was taking a bath… he stood in 15th  place in the 2 year classification from the Bruges Barcelona club, I believe. I always stay with my pigeons when they are bathing… but that time they were too quick for me, says Louis! An incident which will now be forgiven and forgotten with the national victory from Marseille!

Time to leave… Although I hope to see you again next week shouts Louis… after Narbonne… which is the following assignment for 2 Keyers pigeons! We hope it for him… congratulations Louis! 


Een dikke proficiat Louis!!

het kan niet beter een dikke proficiat waar is de tijd dat ze in de maaskant geen prijs konden halen nationaal en nu zijn er meerdere die werkelijk zich goed kunnen verdedigen nogmaals proficiat Louis.....

Prettig te lezen dat een 'kleine' melker met een doordacht kweek en speelsysteem zo'n prachtig resultaat neerzet.

pracht prestatie louis , daar kunnen veel grote duivenmelkers nog niet aan tippen.doe zo verder.

Well done Louis,u have top class pigeons.i love hearing these stories of being very successful and only sending small teams.. i wish u all the best for the future,and hope u keep on winning.. Wink

恭喜贺喜!+++ 感谢!

以量取勝一直是歐洲鴿友的商業手段.顯然Keyers Louis 違背了名利法則.用素質代替數量取得實質的尊重.在台灣這可是相當令人佩服.

Een dikke proficiat Louis !! Het is je van harte gegund !

牛!!!实战;比某些名血名家厉害一万倍; 值得引进!