Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) earns international fame with his Harry dynasty

Jan Hooymans had a pigeon he most recent final of the SAMPDR that was based on the Harry dynasty. The dam of this bronze medal winner, Jeanette, is a sister of Harry, who put the Jan Hooymans team on the map once again.

Jan Hooymans met zijn paradepaard Harry

Harry dynasty

Jan Hooymans does not cease to deliver: he continues to win national and international top results with talented racing birds that are closely related to his stock pair BE01-3266512 Jonge Bliksem x NL05-1936558 Dirkje. This pair is now very much in the shadow of their outstanding son Harry, who had an exceptional racing career, winning most notably the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance WHZB 2009, before turning into an invaluable breeding bird in Kerkdriel. In this report we would like to zoom in on this phenomenon once again, paying particular attention to a son, a few sisters and some other descendants, which highlight the value of the Harry bloodline either through great results or remarkable breeding references.


NL15-1849007 Harry Holland, tweemaal teletekst in 2016

In 2016 Jan Hooymans had a one year old cock in his loft that proved quite competitive, winning a teletext prize from Chateauroux (7th of 3587 p.) and Blois (10th of 2310 p.). His name is Harry Holland NL15-1849007, and as his name suggests he is a direct son of Harry, which shows once again to be an invaluable breeding bird. Click here for the pedigree of Harry Holland.


NL10-1864544 Alexia, sister of Harry

Harry is definitely not the only successful youngster of Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje; several brothers and sister of Harry have come into prominence in recent years as well. We would like to introduce you to NL10-1864544 Alexia, a sister of Harry. She really excelled in the one day long distance, winning most notably a 1st NPO Chateauroux 5620 p. Alexia proved to have excellent breeding potential as well, just like her illustrious brother.

Alexia is the dam of:
NL13-1395249 Alyda  1st NPO       Bourges  4843 p.
                    8th NPO       Blois    6613 p.
NL13-1395110 Alex   2nd NU        Argenton 1730 p.
Grandchildren of Alexia have won the following prizes for Bert Van Den Berghe (Wortegem-Petegem, BE) as yearlings:
                    2nd National Brive    5929 p. 
                   11th National Brive    5929 p.                             


NL09-1375301 Jeanette , the dam of Hali (3rd pigeon in the final SAMDPR)

Jan Hooymans was one of the main contenders in the final of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2017 (SAMDPR). Racing bird NL16-1663372 Hali was part of a leading group in a demanding 493km flight, and Hali was bred in the lofts in Kerkdriel. It was a great achievement, leaving team Hooymans more than excited. The dam of Hali is NL09-1375301 Jeanette, which is a sister of Harry as well. Jeanette had shown to be a talented breeder earlier on; she is the dam of:

Kleine Mario        1st NPO Blois
Balkan Bea          3rd Final Race Balkanic Fair Play OLR 2013

Olympiade Brussels

NL15-1849658 Olympic Jan (grandson Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje), 2nd Olympiad Pigeon (UK) Brussels Yearlings

NL16-1663148 Olympic Janette (granddaughter Harry), 3rd Olympiad Pigeon (UK) Brussels young birds

John Crehan put the Hooymans pigeons on the map in Great Britain. John has been performing at a very high level, especially with the descendants of breeding pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje. John's efforts paid off with two pigeons in the English Olympiad selection, which are both direct Jan Hooymans birds. NL15-1849658 Olympic Jan was part of the yearlings' selection; this blue coloured cock is a grandchild of Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje. John also had a pigeon in the young birds' selection with NL16-1663148 Olympic Janette, a granddaughter of none other than the legendary Harry.

Super trio

Jan Hooymans has a pigeon in his collection that has made itself immortal: Harry. Following in the footsteps of his illustrious forefathers he has in turn passed on his winning qualities to his own descendants as well. Click here for our most recent overview. Jan Hooymans has everything it takes to be running a precious important collection of Harry bloodlines. The lofts of Team GPS saw their NL12-1784621 Beauty Harry, a direct son of Harry, gain prominence as the sire of their 1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking young birds middle distance 2015 (Max). Team member Christian van de Wetering had a son of Harry in his loft as well, NL14-1219811, which is now called New Harry. This pigeon proved quite a talented racing bird as well, winning two provincial races in Province 7 (1st Niergnies 14,737 p. and 1st Pont St. Maxence 12,894 p.). Jan Hooymans managed to get his hands on both Beauty Harry and New Harry in 2016, and these two iconic pigeons were given a special spot in the breeding loft. He has now three very talented pigeons in his collection with Harry, his son Beauty Harry and his grandson New Harry.

The dream

This is what we read on the website of Jan Hooymans: "Harry was a dream come true for me. I will never even consider selling Harry! My dream pigeon will always stay in this loft." This has been a wonderful dream for the fancier from Kerkdriel indeed, a dream that will continue to live on for quite some time.