Jacques and Gino Mispelaere (Moorsele, BE) take the national victory from Poitiers with old birds

This was not the first national success for father and son Mispelaere; they won their first national victory in 2010 in the yearlings’ race from Libourne. It was their 150 who achieved a national victory from Poitiers old birds last weekend. Two national victories in three years’ time is something not many fanciers have been able to achieve.

The national winner in his loft

Jacques and Gino

Jacques (72) had been involved in pigeon racing since his youth. However, he lost his interest in pigeons when he married his wife, but he picked up his hobby when his son Tino started keeping pigeons on his own. After a while, Tino got increasingly interested in keeping finches so Jacques and Gino decided to take over the maintenance of Tino’s pigeon loft. Jacques takes care of the lofts and the pigeons themselves. Gino (44) has a day time job so he can only assist Jacques in the evening. Gino is mainly responsible for the pedigrees and the book keeping. The two partners take all important decisions together.

Jacques and Gino, proud national winners

The racing team

Their team consists of 30 widowers, including 22 old birds and 10 yearlings. They raise 35 youngsters every season and they are trained for races up to 300km. They are put to the test for the first time only as yearlings. The old birds and the yearlings are basketed for races up to 300km before they are raced in national competitions. The basis of this loft consists mainly of descendants from their stock pair, combined with a few carefully selected reinforcements. Their stock pair is a cock from Gerard Latruwe (Ruddervoorde, BE), paired to a hen from Godfried Vanderstichel (Pittem, BE). Some pigeons that have shaped this successful pigeon team are, for instance, pigeons from Luc and Hilde Sioen (Moorslede, BE), D&D Platteeuw (Zillebeke, BE), Stefaan van Moerkerke (Brielen, BE) Marc Lernout (Geluwe, BE) and Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE).

The widowers' loft

The 150, national winner old birds Poitiers 2013

They have decided not to rename their national winner yet. This pigeon has always been known as the 150 and his national victory is not going to change that. He is a son of Zoon Primus Ally, a pigeon that was purchased at an auction of Norbert Ally's late breds. He originates from pigeons such as Wittenbuik Van Den Abeele, Marijke Vink, the Koopman bloodlines etc. The dam is a descendant of their stock pair. The 150 was raced from Arras and Clermont to prepare for the 2013 season. He was basketed for the first time from Fontenay-sur-Eure, where he settled for third place against 198 pigeons. He did not win a prize from Tours but he made up for it in the race from Poitiers with a great national win. We wish father and son Mispelaere a great season.

De 150, national winner Poitiers 2013 old birds


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