Gerard & Bas Verkerk impenetrable for weeks on end! Now 1st prize in large context against an average 2200 p. six weeks in a row

Over the last few weeks the impressive list of teletext publications from the family Verkerk was once again strongly replenished. No less than 6 publications in just over a week! With this, the total number of TT-publications in the Verkerk-career comes to no less than 64!

Over the last 4 weeks they have had several  impressive series such as:
1st,2nd,3rd,4th,9th,12th,13th,15th,18th,19th,21st,23rd,24th Chateauroux against 1.560 p.
1st & 2nd NPO-West Ablis against 7.560 p. en 1st,2nd,4th,5th,6th,12th against 2.736 p.
1st,2nd,6th,7th,9th,11th,13th,17th,19th,28th,33rd,34th,39th Epernay against 3.042 p.
1st,4th, 6th,7th, 12th,14th,16th,18th ,19th,22nd,25th,27th Blois against 2.138 p.

Also in the extreme middle distance from Chateauroux last weekend Gerard and Bas Verkerk performed strongly. Despite the mass liberation and the distance of more than 630 kilometres, 4 pigeons managed to arrive home at the same time. In addition they managed to pull an  incredible velocity of 1539 mpm out of the hat, this at just over 10km from the border with North-Holland. 1.560 pigeons were basketted for this race in the C.C. Leiden. The truly impressive series that was put down looked like this: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 24th etc.

National combine 5 the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th prize was achieved. Having to race the furthest distance and with the strong WSW-wind it was a magnificent performance. After the 1st and  2nd NPO-west last week from Ablis against 7.514 pigeons they can once again add four teletext publications to their already heaving honours list.

The first pigeon over the antenna was the 07-1817928 “Candy”. This is a daughter of 04-343 “Party Animal” x 03-415 “Brigitte”. “Candy” had already won a.o. a 13th (after 10 loft mates) NPO Argenton against 6.595 pigeons, 8th Creil against 2.339 pigeons and an 18th Creil against 3.761 pigeons.

The numbers two, three and four in the results were all clocked in the same second. Number 2 in the results is the 07-1817855 “Brad”. A son of 01-550 “Pavarotti” x 99-236 “Amorina”. In 2008 “Brad” was best cock WHZB and 13th National Ace pigeon extreme middle distance NPO. His wins include a 5th (after 4 loft mates) NPO Argenton against 6.595 pigeons, 8th NPO-west Bouillon against 13.710 pigeons and 14th NPO (after 9 loft mates) Bourges against 8.548 pigeons.

Number 3 in the results is the 08-1537248 “Elize”. A daughter of 05-772 “Benji” x 04-967 “Catwoman”. This topper has already won 6 1:100 prizes this year, including 2 first prizes. In big races a.o. 19th provincial Orleans against 21.470 pigeons, 3rd Chalons and Champagne against 4.556 pigeons and 11th NPO-west Ablis against 7.514 pigeons.

Number 4 is the 07-1817907 “Sieka”. She is a daughter of 03-686 “Mission Impossible” x 04-252 “Oprah”. The honours list of “Sieka” includes 11th NPO (after 6 loft mates) Bourges 8.548 pigeons, 11th NPO (after 8 loft mates) Argenton 6.595 pigeons, 2nd (after loft mate) Strombeek 5.328 pigeons, 4th (after 3 loft mates) Creil 3.761 pigeons.

So as mentioned earlier they also stunted in the middle distance just over a week ago. In this NPO-race from Ablis the illustrious duo from Alphen a/d Rijn not only won the 1st and 2nd in the C.C. Leiden, but also in District West of  province 5 against 7.514 pigeons and that while racing 60km further than the rest. The pigeons were liberated at 10h20 with westerly wind and variable weather with some rain showers.  All in all a nice race with most lofts having their good pigeons first.
It was no different by G. & S. Verkerk, it was once again, just like two weeks previously from Epernay, the 08-1537339 “Ronaldo’s Last” who achieved the victory in front of a loft mate. She now walked over the electronic system 3 seconds before the 08-1537373 “Fergie” . Once again an impressive series was set down in the C.C. Leiden: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th , 6th , 12th , etc. and this against 2.736 pigeons.

Over to the performances and pedigree of the winning hen “Ronaldo’s Last”. This yearling hen now has 11 prizes to her name wherefrom 9 per ten. At the beginning of the season she directly won a 3rd from Pommeroeul against 2.663 pigeons. She has been on the right road these past few weeks with a 1st from Epernay against 3.042 pigeons, 14th from Blois against 2.138 pigeons and a 58th Ablis against 21.510 pigeons. So as her name suggests “Ronaldo’s Last” is the last child of the 96-2279582 “Olympic Ronaldo”. This cock was the best pigeon in the world in the category Allround in the Olympiad in Blackpool 1999. He was also 1st best cock WHZB 1998.
Mother of “Ronaldo’s Last” is the 06-2162253 “Daylight”. They never raced with this pigeon. “Daylight” was bred from the 03-1135318 “Revenge” (he was a.o. the West European Counties Cup in Dortmund) with the 03-1135462 “Olympic Unbelievable” (she was a.o. 1st National Ace pigeon extreme middle distance NPO, 2nd best Ace pigeon WHZB, 4th best hen WHZB 2004 and Olympiad pigeon Allround in Porto).

The winning hen arrived home with another top pigeon, namely the 08-1537373 “Fergie”. This yearling hen was this year good for the 5th Bourges 1.604 p.; 7th Orleans 3.048 p.; 19th Blois 2.138 d and then now the 2nd Ablis against 7.514 pigeons. She also has a pedigree to make your mouth water. Her father is the 03-1103686 “Mission Impossible”. This magnificent cock that comes from Ruud v/d Wal was in 2005 1st national Ace pigeon < 500 km The best of the best and 2nd Sprint pigeon WHZB 2005. The mother of “Fergie” , the 07-1445537 “Gold Dust” was bred by Marcel Sangers-Paul Ung out their famous “Superbreeder” coupled with a daughter of “Olympic Unbelievable” that Marcel once again managed to obtain from Gerard and Bas.
Now for 6 weeks in a row they have won the 1st prize in large context! Gerard and Bas are busy with their umpteenth top season. Yet the Alphen combination think that the cocks are not yet performing to their maximum. After all ,the hens performed better. That’s why after a thorough investigation and consultation (so as always in these sort of cases) with Drs. Henk de Weerd, they decided (1,5 weeks before basketting for Chateauroux) to treat the cocks for tricho. In the meantime we can safely say that the cocks are now in excellent form.




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Rejoicing with you, Gerard & Bas ,
in the wonderful ways
Techavichian Brothers