G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) are today's WHZB stars

Over the years, we have seen some amazing achievements from father and son Verkerk. This partnership has won no less than 50 top 5 and top 10 finishes in the different Wie Heeft Ze Beter (WHZB) competitions since 2000.

Pigeon coach John van Laar made a study and he concluded that they are the most successful WHZB fanciers since 2000. The second and third best fanciers had 42 and 32 top results respectively. What makes their achievements even more remarkable is that they have moved house in between. They did great in their new lofts this season as well, with a 2nd, 7th and 8th best hen WHZB and an 8th best cock WHZB, resulting in a third prize in the ranking for best WHZB fancier.

The Verkerk pigeons seem to bring good luck to other pigeon lofts as well. The following titles were won in other lofts in 2013 alone:

1st National Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB 2013 for Ton Snoek
1st National Ace Pigeon Allround TBOTB 2013 for Ton Snoek
1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Rumania 2013 (via Reinhold Faust) for Cristi Gradinaru
1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Young Birds Canada 2013 for Nick Oud
2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint/Middle Distance TBOTB 2013 for Comb. Verbree
2nd Europe Cup Middle Distance 2014 for Comb. Verbree;
2nd Europe Cup Allround 2014 for Ton Snoek;

It is worth noting that the ace pigeons of Tom Snoeck and Nick Oud both originate from a sister of Olympic Solange. In addition, the sire of the ace pigeon of the Verbree partnership was bred from Revenge x Catwoman.

This impressive list tells a lot about the quality of the Verkerk pigeon breed. It appears that the quality of these pigeons plays an important role in the careers of many fanciers. All prize winners of Yong Lin, the best fancier of WHZB 2013, are related to Verkerk, including his first and second best cock WHZB 2013.

Top pair

One of the most important pairs is Olympic Surivor x Magic Amore. They are the parents of the following pigeons:

  • Olympic Solange, the dam of Utopia, Bonita and Euphoria
  • Houdini, the sire of Chanel, Jack and Cannonball
  • Solana, the dam of First Lady and Pippa
  • Sola, grandmother of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ton Snoek and Nick Oud
  • Eye Catcher

Each of these pigeons has bred ace pigeons and winners of teletext prizes.

It is generally known that Verkerk never sell their Olympiad Pigeons or Ace Pigeons. In addition, they can also breed from top class pigeons purchased from the Chinese Mr Dong. One of these descendants is Pink NL12-1619210, winner of a 3rd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Distrcit 5 South Holland Rayon East. She was bred from Icarus (son Bulldozer x Olympic Unbelievable) x Sissy, which was purchased here on PIPA.

Highlights of 2013

We have listed their impressive results of 2013 in the one day long distance below:

25/05 Chateaud. NPO Distr. 5&12 502 km 11.572 p. 2,3,4,10,12,13,14,21, etc. 85/112 (72 x 1:10)
08/06 Bourges   NPO Distr. 5&12 576 km  9.896 p. 4,5,16,18,26,60,70,79, etc. 62/98(46 x 1:10)
22/06 Argenton  NPO Distr. 5&12 650 km  9.601 p. 4,18,19,20,53,77, etc. 41/70(24 x 1:10)
06/07 Chateaur. Nat.Sect.  2    621 km 13.482 p. 1,6,11,34,47,52,91, etc. 48/74 (32 x 1:10)
20/07 Vierzon   NPO Distr. 5&12 570 km  6.146 p. 13,22,33,45,55, etc. 44/60 (28 x 1:10)
03/08 Ruffec    NPO Distr. 5&12 746 km  3.839 p. 8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16, etc. 54/59 (44 x 1:10)

The strongest pigeon in the one day long distance was Ivory Lady NL11-1740856, as she won the pigeon championship one day long distance in district 5.

These are the results of Ivory Lady in district 5:

25/05  Chateaudun    502 km  8,855 p.   22 
08/06  Bourges       576 km  7,586 p.  111
22/06  Argenton      650 km  7,576 p.   52
06/07  Chateauroux   621 km  6,609 p.   36
20/07  Vierzon       570 km  4,425 p.   94
03/08  Ruffec NPO    746 km  3,839 p.    8

She closes an excellent list of achievements with a top prize from Ruffec and she managed to win four prizes per ten in the one day long distance. Click here for the pedigree of Ivory Lady NL11-1740856.

Click here for an overview of all the highlights of 2013.

The 2013 season

A lot has been said about their methods and we will briefly discuss their approach for the 2013 season. The partners of some of their cocks and hens were kept at home instead of being basketed for the races. However, these cocks and hens did not appear to be doing any better and the fanciers had more work to do.  That is why all pigeons will be raced on total widowhood next season, just like they used to.

In addition, the partnership has decided to abandon the ZLU competition. Their ZLU pigeons trained less often, which means they should be released separately. Their other cocks and hens are trained twice a day in the season and this is difficult to combine with the ZLU birds. This characterises the Verkerk family. Many fanciers would be very satisfied with their results in the one day long distance and the ZLU and they would try to maintain that level of performance. However, the Verkerk family does not want to make compromises in their efforts to continue to be at the top in the national competitions.

Today they are still looking for a better ventilation system in their loft. Whenever they want to make changes to the loft they will try it out in the breeders' loft first before making adaptations to the racing loft.

All aspects of pigeon racing

It is great to see that everybody in Reeuwijk is really enjoying the sport, even though they have quite a big loft. They still like to take care of the pigeons and they built a wonderful loft for their retired pigeons as well. Pigeon racing has always been a hobby and they enjoy every bit of it. The Verkerk family has come full circle and they are obviously working to be at the top in 2014. We really look forward to this year’s results!


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