G. and S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) are privileged to send three Olympiad Pigeons to Budapest this season

Gerard and Bas have had an impressive nine Olympiad Pigeons already, and this season they are the only fanciers to send three Olympiad Pigeons to Budapest in the sports category.

The achievements of Gerard & Bas Verkerk in the past season have been nothing but phenomenal. They did outstandingly well both in the sprint, the middle distance and the one day long distance, their favourite distance. As such, it is no surprise that they have three Olympiad Pigeons in their team for the Budapest Olympiad, as well as a substitute pigeon. Before taking a closer look at these Olympiad Pigeons we would like to discuss some of their greatest feats of 2014, just to illustrate the strength of this loft. An impressive 22 top 25 results have been won in the NPO one day long distance (500 to 750km) this season alone - click here for an overviewIn addition, they have won 31 top 25 results in the (semi) provincial races (250-450km) - click here for an overview. It goes without saying that they had several first prize winners and ace pigeons in 2014; an overview of which can be found here. We conclude with an overview of the highlights of 2014:

Asse-Zellik     133 km  5,659  p.: 14-16-17-20-21-22-23-25-26-27-29-30-... (115/223) (67x1:10)
Peronne         266 km 19,537  p.: 16-18-18-21-49-56-57-59-62-82-83-84-... (163/208) (93x1:10)
Meaux           368 km 17,204  p.: 1-2-3-9-10-12-14-17-18-19-23-28-29-... (133/186) (93x1:10)
                                   (and 1-2-3 32,917 p.)
Sens            440 km 11,608  p.: 3-6-7-22-27-29-30-44-45-49-70-72-77-... (114/160) (81x1:10)
                                   (and 3-6-7 22,028 p.)
Nanteuil        351 km  7,043  p.: 5-6-9-17-58-... (36/52) (24x1:10)
                                   (and 5-6-9 13,814 p.)
Argenton        650 km  6,926  p.: 4-5-6-7-10-12-13-18-19-21-22-23-27-... (79/105) (58x1:10)
Mantes la Jolie 400 km  5,940  p.: 3-12-36-37-39-44-54-56-59-... (66/110) (45x1:10)
                                   (and 5th 11,883 p.)
Nanteuil        351 km  4,359  p.: 7-8-9-16-23-35-36-39-40-... (63/100) (43x1:10)
                                   (and 7-8-9 8,045 p.)
Asse-Zellik     133 km  3,896 YL.: 24-25-26-29-31-33-36-37-38-39-40-... (111/180) (61x1:10)
Quievrain       195 km  3,644 YL.: 13-14-16-18-19-21-25-26-27-28-29-30-... (134/180) (85x1:10)

Olympiad pigeons Budapest

NL11-1740985 Olympic Valerie

Olympic Valerie was selected for the long distance category. You can find her pedigree here.

 1st NPO Ruffec      746 km  3,506 pigeons
16th NPO Vierzon     569 km  4,425 pigeons
20th NPO Ruffec      746 km  3,839 pigeons
23rd NPO Vierzon     569 km  3,865 pigeons
41st NPO Bourges     575 km 16,992 pigeons
66th NPO Chateautoux 620 km  6,609 pigeons

NL12-1618921 Olympic Bibi

Olympic Bibi is sent in for the Superior category (300-750km). Click here for the full pedigree.

19th NPO Argenton 650 km  6,926 pigeons
22nd Sens         440 km 11,608 pigeons
38th NPO Ruffec   746 km  3,506 pigeons
55th NPO Vierzon  569 km  6,146 pigeons
58th Nanteuil     351 km  7,043 pigeons

NL12-1619001 Olympic Sofie

Olympic Sofie is selected for the Superior category as well (300-750 km). Click here for the pedigree.

15th NPO Ruffec   746 km  3,839 pigeons
18th Sens         440 km 14,517 pigeons
20th Peronne      266 km  4,646 pigeons
43rd NPO Argenton 650 km  6,926 pigeons
44th Sens         440 km 11,608 pigeons

NL13-1239479 Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is second substitute one year old at the Olympiad. She was 5th best yearling in The Netherlands, and she had been sent to the Olympiad as 1st yearling if she had not been joined by 21 loft mates in the races that counted for Budapest. Click here for the full pedigree.

 1st Meaux        367 km 17,204 pigeons (and 1st provincial 32,917 p.)
 8th NPO Bourges  575 km  9,576 pigeons
 9th Nanteuil     351 km  7,043 pigeons (and 9th provincial 13,814 p.)
21st Peronne      266 km 19,537 pigeons (and 21st provincial 36,253 p.)
32nd NPO Argenton 650 km  6,926 pigeons 

The bloodline of NL07-1817923 Olympic Solange

One of the cornerstones in the loft of Gerard and Bas Verkerk is without doubt Olymic Solange. She is generally considered to be the best one day long distance racing bird in The Netherlands ever, thanks to six different national ace pigeon titles:

Olympiad pigeon All round Ostend 2009
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO 2008
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Hens WHZB 2008
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon All round WHZB 2008
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon All round Best of the Best 2008
1st Nat. Yearlings Best of the Best 2008
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon All round in May WHZB 2008

Olympic Solange

She had an outstanding career as a racing bird but she proved equally successful as a breeder. She is the dam of Ferrari (sire of NL13-311), Euphoria (dam of Felini), Replica (dam of 4th national ace pigeon long distance prov.), and Utopia (7th best hen WHZB 2013 with a 2nd NPO Chateaudun 11,572 p.), Bonita (1st ace pigeon young birds natour and dam of 1st Strombeek 2,269 p., 4th NPO Chateaudun 11,572 p., 5th NPO Bourges 9,896 p., 2nd prov. ace pigeon long distance 2013 etc.). She is also the dam of Double Olympic (sire of NL13-369, 7th NPO Argenton 6,926 p. and 11th NPO Ruffec 3,506 p.), Rembrandt (sire of 3 first prize winners and 3rd NPO Ruffec 4,942 p.), and NL09-579 (sire of 10th best cock WHZB 2013 and 1st Chateautoux 2,994 p. for Yong Lin).
Olympic Solange is also a full sister of Sola, Houdini and Eye Catcher. Sola is the dam of the super class breeder of Ton Snoek (Volendam, NL), which bred a 1st Ace Pigeon WHZB 2013, a 1st Ace Pigeon Allround TBOTB 2013 and a 5th Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2012. Sola is also the grandmother of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds Long Distance in Canada.


References in 2014

A large number of lofts have been able to achieve excellent results with pigeons of Verkerk. The 1st prov. Ace Pigeon long distance of Adrie van de Rhee (Alblasserdam, NL) is related to Verkerk both via his sire and his dam. This cock became 1st substitute Olymiad Pigeon long distance (after Olympic Valerie). His half sister did get selected for the Olympiad in the yearlings’ category.
The Berensfreise combination (Nieuwstad, NL) has a first prov. Ace Pigeon one day long distance that is also closely related to Verkerk. This crack has won a 1st NPO and the title of 4th nat. Ace Pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB. 
Herman Beverdam (Enter, NL) won a 1st NPO Bourges against 5,132 pigeons with a pigeon bred from a half brother of the 1st NPO La Souterraine of Florian Hendriks. 
The Lin combination (Rijnsaterwoude, NL) won a 1st semi prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance. The sire of this new crack is their new super class breeder, which is a half brother of Olympic Solange. 
In 2014 Sola became the grandmother of a 1st nat.  Troyes sector 3 for Kees Nijeboer (De Pullen, NL) against 17,351 pigeons.

Over the years the Verkerk pigeons have also performed really well overseas and in China. For instance, the pigeons of Mr. Dempsey Dong from Qingdao (All Round Ace Pigeon loft) have managed to really give their opponents a hard time in the most demanding one loft races. Mr. Dempsey Dong has won a total of 2 million Yuan (or about 250,000€) worth of prize money with pigeons based for at least 50% on the Verkerk breed. No wonder Mr. Dong started looking for a new challenge for his Verkerk pigeons. He has now decided to join one of the world’s most prestigious pigeon races, organised by the Pioneer Racing Club of China.

1st nat. Troyes Sector 3


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