Dumonceau-Pavoncelli win the very tough Montélimar 8.633 p. and clock 4 pigeons in the 'top 100' Nationally!


Dumonceau-Pavoncelli, Saint Vaast

The national Long Distance calendar 2008 has only just started, and already it is beginning to look like a soap series. Since the Vierzon weekend in the middle of May the weather gods have been anything but kind to our pigeon fanciers… with postponed liberations, numerous difficult to bad races, variable and especially misty weather… with the addition of a wind that week after week wouldn't go away and varied between north and east… making the sport season 'very tough'. If it carries on like this we don't know where the fanciers will be able to obtain the pigeons to complete the full calendar successfully.
The second Long Distance classic of the season from Montélimar was no exception to the above rule. On Saturday and Sunday the baskets remained locked due to 'unfavourable weather' along the flight line. On the Monday, without any radio announcement, we saw on ceefax that the pigeons had been liberated at 7.20am. Looking at the weather charts on the internet we saw that Montélimar was cloudy with some clear patches, but the area of Vichy-Argenton was cloudy and misty. Once passed there, it was 'open weather' up until Belgium.
The whole of the route had a Northern wind, very difficult circumstances after being basketted for 2 days extra. The first reported arrivals confirmed this, because at the beginning it was useless. Slow arrivals and many clubs in the Flemish province where in the evening none or just 1 or 2 pigeons had been reported! Luckily everything improved the next morning, and the feared disaster scenario was avoided. It was the duo Dumonceau-Pavoncelli from Saint-Vaast (near La Louvière) with their 2-year old pigeon, ring 9095106/06… clocked at 7.15pm with a distance of 658,875 Km or a velocity of 921,50 m/min, who signed for the 'national victory'. Michel, who races together with his wife, had basketted 20 pigeons for Montélimar, and had an excellent result with no less than 4 pigeons in the 'top-68' national that he had respectively clocked at 7.15pm, 8.40pm, 9.21pm, 9.39pm with the provisional prognoses:
Montélimar Nat 8.633 p. 1,25,54,68… Club 275 p. 1,3,5,6,11,15,25,45,68,71,74,84… or 12 pigeons in the prizes locally in Estinnes (telephone reports). During our visit 15 pigeons had been clocked at 1pm (national closing time). Where the pigeons are concerned, Michel didn't only experience the best evening of his life, but maybe also the most turbulent night… he couldn't sleep, because the 'film' with the arrival of his '1° Nat Montélimar winner' kept playing over and over in his mind. It was so bad that he got up at 3 o'clock in the morning and sat on the terrace… all on his own in the quiet, to wipe away a few tears of joy!
Our pigeon sport can be very beautiful… Michel Dumonceau's colony belongs to the better lofts of the area, and is fully concentrated on working through the 'national Long Distance calendar'. Michel is 52 years young, and is an invalid… So the pigeon sport offers him a wonderful release with which to fill his days. The colony has been well-known for a long time under the name 'Dumonceau Père er Fils', but because Michel's son now races independently, Michel now races together with his wife under the name 'Dumonceau-Pavoncelli'.
The colony consists of 28 breeding couples, 70 widowers, 100 youngsters.

The basis of the colony lies with pigeons from Yvon Deneufbourg (the winner of the 'PiPa-IATP ranking 2007'), H. Paternoster, Norbert & Filip Norman and Adolf Nevens… whereby mainly the "Cerafin" 3250219/95 (a direct Norman), has developed into the absolute 'stock mother ' of the Dumonceau-colony! This is also evident in the pedigree of the national winner, because his father is a "Son Cerafin" (also father of the 22° Nat Argenton), so out this "Cerafin"-hen in crossing with a cock A. Nevens (son 1° Nat La Souterraine)… whilst the mother is a full "Sister Crack" (the 'Crack' won 4° Nat Bourges 12.161 p, 73° Nat Brive 22.026 p, 144° Nat Limoges 15.940 p and was 1° Ace pigeon 'Belg. Verstandhouding 2001), and was bred from "Father Crack 01" x an 'Inbreed Daughter Cerafin' 746/01 (who comes out the "Cerafin" coupled with her own 'Son')!

The winner "1° Nat. Montélimar" 106/06 previously won the following prizes:
'08 Orléans 700 p. 37
'08 Orléans 100 p. 37, union 707 p. 155
'08 Bourges Club 450 p. 27, Dub. 832 p. 71, Prov 1.833 p. 129, CFW 2.339 p. 130, Zone 5.743 p. 238
'08 Montélimar Nat 8.633 p. 1
'07 Lorris 231 p. 4
'07 Chateauroux 353 p. 62, dubb 510 p 81, CFW 1.696 p. 205, 2.383 p. 266, and 8218 p. 1196
'07 St.Vincent CFW 489 p. 37, 902 p. 89, 1.989 p. 262

Out the same Cerafin-line stems the super crack "The King", ring 9164924/02 who has raced the following 'magnificent honours list':
'04 Brive Club 284 p. 1 N.Zone 7.467 p. 11 Nat 19.477 p. 148
'04 Auxerre DH 474 p. 1 '04 Béziers Nat 4.957 p. 25
'05 Brive DH 568 p. 1 S-Nat 3.163 p. 2 N.Zone 7.471 p. 33 Nat 20.310 p. 102
'05 Cahors DH 520 p. 1 S-Nat 2.928 p. 2 N.Zone 3.587 p. 3 Nat 9.275 p. 59
'06 Jarnac Club 131 p. 1 S-Nat 4.182 p. 50
'06 Albi N.Zone 2.414 p. 3 Nat 5.060 p. 32
'06 Narbonne Intnat 9.634 p. 1574
'07 Vierzon Prov 1.174 p. 119
'07 Brive Club 446 p. 1 N.Zone 6.535 p. 2 Nat 16.007 p. 40
'07 Cahors Prov 1.295 p. 39 N.Zone 2.114 p. 89
'07 Orange Prov 1.968 p. 93 N.Zone 2.861 p. 137 Nat 6.035 p. 349

This giant of a 'crack pigeon' was 2 x 1° Ace pigeon 'All-round' LCB and 1° Ace pigeon 'LVC', and moved three weeks ago to the land of the 'rising sun'! With such super pigeons in the lofts, the chance of ever achieving a 'national win' was very likely, also due to the fact that there were a whole series of national top mentions recently including 4° Nat Bourges , 5° Nat Montélimar, 8° Nat Béziers, 15° Nat Montélimar, 22° Nat Argenton, 25° Nat Béziers.. etc.
The excellent top condition of the racing team was proved time and again in the previous races with Vierzon Club 113 p.
2,4,6,12,17,18,21,23,25,28,29,30,36 (21)
The same Vierzon team was also entered for Brive with the following result:
Brive Club 339 p. 1,53,55,62,67,93,103 (21) D.H. 1.417 p. 3, and 7 pigeons by the 384° Prize Nat 14.521 p. 25… etc. It was the 5° year in a row that Michel won the 1° prize from Brive in his club, even though he wasn't 100% satisfied with the end result. In previous years if it wasn't 'The King' who won the lawsuit, then it was the 9095140/06 who followed in his footsteps with: 18/5 Vierzon Club 113 p. 4 Prov 1.690 p. 50 01/6 Brive Club 339 p. 1 Nat 14.521 p. 25 (temporary prognosis)
This team of Brive pigeons will now be split into 2 teams for Cahors and Montauban respectively. The team that achieved the magnificent series from Montélimar had already flown Orléans and the national Bourges! In building such plans for the future, and the groundwork that Dumonceau-Pavoncelli follow has now led to this national victory from Montélimar! A long cherished dream has been fulfilled!
The widowers are allowed to see their hens before they leave, mostly just for 2 to maximal 5 minutes, and are fed well. Michel told us that he 'never' gives depurative. Pigeons that have to work, have to receive 'good food'. In the beginning it is rationed, but for the last three days prior to basketting 'a belly full'! Michel is then also a man who can produce noble papers, with a huge amount of experience in the national Long Distance races… the achievements don't only prove that he is right, but also his way of approaching the Long Distance game! Our thanks for the warm welcome, and on behalf of the whole of the PiPa-team and it's readers, once again our sincere congratulations to the Dumonceau-Pavoncelli family!