Dimitrios Schneider (Hilst, DE): 1st National Tarbes from Germany against 2,282 birds & 6th International against 10,675 birds

One of the luckiest fanciers on Long Distance Flight Tarbes was without doubt Dimitrios Schneider (Hilst/Germany) with his magnificent victory on National base and the Top placement International.

Tarbes was one of the hardest and longest Long Distance race in 2011. The birds had to stay round about 10 days in the baskets because of the bad weather. After all on 20th July the organizer said it is time to start the birds at 07:50 am. For the first time Dimitrios Schneider participate on that kind of long distance races. 

Dimitrios Schneider in front of the racing loft

A perfect dream...

52-year old Dimitrios works in the metal construction business and is pigeon fancier for life. But in the 80´s he had to stop everything because he wanted to build a new house. One night Dimitrios had a dream that pigeons fly around the new house and so he decided to try it again. Since 1999 he is back in pigeon sport. Because his neighbour T. Schwarz (he and Dimitrios raced together in combination) became allergy against feather dust Dimitrios took over all the birds and built a new loft in his gardenand raced for his own.


Why actually not Long distance?

In 2010 Dimitrios became more and more interst in long distance races. He was supported by his friend Eric Groh (he ownes a lot of birds from Kipp & sons , Althornbach), with his assistance, Dimitrios formed a team for long distance. His device was that he paired birds for short- and middle distance with long distance cracks especially from Eric Groh. Out of that copulation comes the National winner Tarbes. This year Dimitrios only participate in long distance races (not the normal program). Here are some results, for example:

Bourdeaux                        22 birds - 11 prices

Tarbes                              8 birds - 1st National Germany and 6th International against 10.675 birds


On the racing day...

a strange thing was that Dimitrios wanted to participate with 7 birds and he wanted to give only this hen (later she won) a rest. But then he decided to put her into the basket after he recognised what power she had on this day. Everybody knows the edn of the story! A another fluke for him was that on the racing day he had to stay at home beecause of illness and his friend Eric Groh informed him that the first birds are coming back. "Without the phone call of my friend Eric I am sure that I had forgot everything!" says Dimitrios. It is not amazing because the birds wwere 10 days in the basket and everyone thought they will cancel the race. Direcrly after the phone call Dimitrios went into the garden to activate the antenna. Just on that moment the hen arrived. What a fluke!

The winner "04075-09-163" - 1st National Tarbes Germany 2011 - 6th International Tarbes 2011

father: 04075-08-271 - bred out of the best lines of Franz Kölsch, especially the mother is from the old lines of "De Marcel" - Klaus Stieneker. This bird flew 18 x 1st!

mother: Direct daughter of the "51" from Eric Groh - he flew: 31st Perpignan, 32nd Perpignan, 51st Pau, 23rd Pau etc.


He had the right touch...

That shows us that our sport is one of the most varied in the world! To become National winner and a top place International is for sure a dream for every pigeon fancier. Dimitrios Schneider fulfilled this dream by his right touch. Congratulations and all the best wishes and for the future a lot of success!



Well done Dimitrios on winning the national Tarbes, a beautiful looking hen bird.. keep up the great work! Wink