Devylder-Uyttendaele (Oordegem, BE) winners of 1st International Narbonne 8,910 yearlings!

Their winner was also the fastest of all the pigeons in the race from Narbonne with a velocity of 1298.49 m/min. On top of that they have clocked their three yearlings within the national top 55 which is a magnificent feat.

Narbonne was delayed a day because of the bad weather along the race route on the Saturday, especially towards the east and in Germany, where showers and heavy rain was expected in the late afternoon, but on the Sunday we had clear skies so the pigeons were released at 8 h 15 in fine weather. This resulted in early arrivals on Sunday evening, but by the end of the day not all the prizes had been awarded yet.

The fastest pigeon from Narbonne belongs to the Devylder-Uyttendaele duo of the east-flemish Oordegem (situated between Wetteren and Lede). Roland and Martin clocked their winner at exactly 19 h 26’ 49” after a race of 872.347 km. He reached a velocity of 1298.49 km, which made him the fastest pigeon from Narbonne and which resulted in a magnificent international win in the yearlings’ category. But there is more: about 42 minutes later each of the three yearlings in the race were clocked in Oordegem as well! These are their provisional results at national level against 6,857 yearlings and their time of arrival:

  1st National at 19h 26’ 49”
30th National at 19h 59’ 54” 
55th National at 20h 08’ 57” 

Quite an impressive feat! The pigeons that finished 30th and 55th national originate from the best pigeons of Jos & Jan Loobuyck of Aalter, namely Fantoom and Keikop. At the PIPA auction Roland had purchased a Son Fantoom. When he visited the Loobuyck family to pick up his new pigeon he was also interested in a few descendants of Keikop, so he bought five latebred youngsters which descend from Keikop. The top class pigeon that has won a 55th national had already won an 18th locally from Libourne (against 131 birds). The international winner is a direct Patrick De Smet from Semmerzake and there is an interesting story about this pigeon.

Roland had met Patrick at the end of 2010 at one of the annual pigeon events in winter, where they had a conversation. Patrick promised Roland a couple of youngsters of some of his very best pigeons as a gift. At the end of March Roland went to Semmerzake to pick up the pair. One of the two birds he picked up is the international winner from Narbonne! This is the list of achievements of this champion:

-Blauwwitpen Narbonne BE11-4280860

12/5 Angerville      68 p. 9
30/6 Argenton       285 p. 41
            FCD   1,268 p. 179
            Prov  5,547 p. 985
            Nat  22,384 p. 3488
16/7 Limoges        271 p. 91
            FCD   1,174 p. 313
29/7 Narbonne Nat 6,441 YL 1
            I.Nat 8,910 YL 1


Sire: Jonge Stier III BE07-4025219… a son of Stier 194/05 (which stems from Ronaldo III 826/00 x First Lady 293/99) x Het Nootje, winner of nine first prizes and 185 other prizes and a daughter of the top couple Tulle 178/89 x Miss World 192/92)… a descendant of some of the very best pigeons from Semmerzake.

Dam: Jonge Caroline BE07-4025232… a daughter of Jonge Super Star 065/02 (which stems from a brother of the 1st Nat Limoges hen Madeleine, Super Star 335/92 x Caroline 227/94) x Jonge Karen 038/02 (bred from Jonge Tulle 255/98 x Karen 187/97).
This international winner from Narbonne is partly an inbred of the legendary Tulle of Andre & Patrick De Smet (click here for a full pedigree). In fact the two pigeons look very similar

This is a crowning achievement for Devylder-Uyttendaele in an already successful 2012 season. Up to now their best result had been a great win in the national Chateauroux KBDB in the beginning of June 2012, but the win from Narbonne was of course the greatest victory in their career! Last season it was already clear that they had a strong loft of birds: the youngsters were champions in the long distance for youngsters OVV-FVOV 2011 and 2nd provincial champion in the long distance for youngsters East-Flanders 2011. It is no surprise that this team of birds is very successful in 2012 as well.

Roland Uyttendale (61) is chairman of the social agency OCMW in Lede and he is also a municipal executive in social affairs and health care. In other words he is a very busy man. In a few months’ time, at the regional elections in October, he hopes to become mayor of Lede as the number one of the Christian Democrats (CD&V). In his spare time he is an active musician and he is of course a passionate fancier, together with Martin Devijlder. The fact that Roland does not have a lot of spare time was the reason for him to form a partnership with Martin in 2010. In fact Martin is fond of the middle distance, whereas Roland is more of a long distance fanatic. The breeding pigeons are housed in the lofts of Roland, the racing pigeons live in the lofts of Martin. They have a total of 20 racing cocks and about 70 youngsters. Most of the people in the region think we focus on the youngsters, says Roland, but the results of our youngsters were not very well in the race from Bourges on Sunday. However, that is part of the game, Roland admits. But Bourges was soon forgotten after the victory from Narbonne! The breeding basis consists of pigeons from Etienne Devos- Deerlijk, Norbert Sierens- Zwevegem, Georges Peirs- Zulte and Jos & Jan Loobuyck- Aalter. The latest additions come from Eric Brootcorens of Idegem.

After the death of his father, Roland raced on his own from 2003 to 2009, with a 3rd national from Bourges in the youngsters’ category as his best result. In their first season as a partnership, in 2010, Martin & Roland took a 24th national Bourges. They did not have to wait long for their first international success… many congratulations!


Martin en roland van harte gefeliciteerd met julie PRACHTprestatie !!!!!!!
ik was aangenaam verast toen ik het nieuws hoorde van julie INTERNATIONALE overwinning vanuit Narbone en daarbij nog eens die twee andere duifjes héél vroeg !!! amaai ik kreeg er koude rillingen van.
daarom deze korte reactie, ik wens julie nog veel plezier en mooie prestaties in de toekomst.
en geniet er maar van met volle teugen !!!(daar zal het niet aan ontbreken zeker ? julie kennende ? lol )

patrick en micheline