“Den Turbo” from A & R De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) wins 1° provincial old birds Chateauroux

It was pretty much a perfect race for Turbo, covering 486km at a speed of 1287.35 m/min. It was yet another (inter)provincial win for a loft that has been collecting several important national wins in recent years.

Although many of the loft’s best pigeons have been auctioned recently, this colony has regained its position as a top-class loft in no time. It proves that they have a great selection of top-quality breeders: two times top-five interprovincial old birds and three times top-ten interprovincial yearlings: how about that? These results demonstrate the sheer talent among Rudi’s excellent pigeons.

Rudi De Saer with Turbo: 1° interprov. Chateauroux

Den Turbo took an interprovincial win

Den Turbo: In 2012, 10-3020908 flew 2 times in Arras and 3 times in Clermont (five sprint races) as a training, and his best result was 9° in Clermont against 231 pigeons. Some of his best results include

12° Clermont 467p.
32° Ablis 346p.
41° Ablis 547p.
35° Fondclub La Chatre 291p. and provincial 173° against 2815 p.
8°  Fondclub  Argenton 288p., provincial 49° against 3125p. and 
national 274° against 19782p.
In 2012 he was 1° in Fondclub in Chateauroux 213p. and 
1° interprovincial against 3486p.

This is what the pedigree of this provincial champion tells us:

Father : “de Cahors”: 02-3185795
Grandfather: Son Kleinen Vandenabeele: 93-3050291 (a direct G. Vandenabeele)
Grandmother: Dana 1: 97-3062343 (100 % G. Vandenabeele)
Mother : Bleekske: 08-3037425, full sister of  the 8° ace pigeon KBDB West-Flanders in 2009 and of 4° nat. ace pigeon KBDB middle distance 2010.
Grandfather: Den 18: 98-3240118, a grandson of Wittenbuik Vandenabeele, stems from Geschelpte Limoges 277/95 x Wittenbuikske: 275/95 .
Grandmother: ’t Goedje: 05-3177035, an excellent breeding hen which is a full sister of “Cahors” (Father of “Turbo”)

Seven first places already in 2012

It seems that the pigeons in Rudi's loft are in a perfect shape, just take a look at some of the results for 2012:

Arras 264 old pigeons: 1,2,3,16,17,27,30,31,32,34
Arras 147 yearlings: 1,6,7,13,14,15,17
Arras 191 old pigeons: 1,2,3,5,6,13,15,16,20,23,25,....(21/25)
Arras 291 yearlings: 1,3,4,11,13,17,25,26,28,....(27/35)
Clermont 231 old pigeons: 5,6,9,14,15,16,24,27,....(18/24)
Clermont 267 yearlings: 3,4,10,11,16,29,....(20/34)
Clermont 374 old pigeons: 5,12,20,25,36,...(14/24)
Clermont 461 yearlings: 12,13,20,51,52,....(15/34)
Clermont 265 old pigeons: 4,5,12,13,14,21,28,30,...(21/24)
Clermont 366 yearlings: 1,7,16,17,30,31,40,....(26/33)

Good results right from the start of the season

History has shown that the A & R De Saer pigeons are capable of doing anything. This weekend, on the 19th of May, the Inter-West-Flamish Union had a classic coming up: the interprovincial Chateauroux. This race usually has the best grand middle distance and middle distance lofts from West-Flanders as well as some lofts from East-Flanders at the start line. Most of the training races in West-Flanders had unfavourable weather conditions in the beginning of the season. But despite that, there was still a decent number of participants in Chateauroux.

Rudi had 24 old birds and 33 yearlings in the race, all performing very well:

Chateauroux 213 old birds: 1,2,6,8,10,12,13,14,17,20,21,24,26,30,....(20/24)
Chateauroux prov. 3486 old birds: 1,5,36,41,50,68,88,89,...(20/24)
Chateauroux prov. 885 yearlings: 6,8,9,19,22,31,32,33,64,75,...(22/33)

This was an impressive opener of the season by the dream team from Ruiselede. Many congratulations to Rudi with yet another (inter)provincial win for him.



Proficiat, doe zo verder

Johny & Kristof Carrette


Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze overwinning.


Hugo en Anita Batenburg

Sterk werk Rudi, proficiat !!
En nu op naar Bourges.


proficiat en doe zo verder.

groetjes christophe

Proficiat Rudi !!!

Proficiat Rudy met deze mooie overwinning doe zo voort groetjes Eddy

Proficiat Rudy met deze mooie overwinning doe zo voort groetjes Eddy