De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte (Moortsele, BE) were unstoppable in 2015

2015 was another great success for DVV pigeons, which won a national first prize from Carnac YL with Belgium's best yearling over three national long distance races, a 4th place in the General Championship of Belgium, four national ace pigeon titles, and an additional four prizes in the national championships.

Strong together

DVV pigeons stands for a team of four highly ambitious pigeon fanciers. Their names: Johan De Vroe, Marnik & Tom Van Gaver and Rudi Vandeputte. They are each running their own loft and they each have their own specialties but they are basically using the same pigeons. This is a great approach for people with busy jobs or a lack of spare time, who are still trying to achieve their goals in this sport. The DVV pigeons combination is a leading example!

Johan De Vroe and Marnik Van Gaver were already quite successful in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Johan was an excellent middle distance and longer middle distance fancier, while Marnik achieved great results in the extreme long distance. Marnik's son Tom Van Gaver developed a passion for pigeon racing as well. Johan De Vroe moved to a new house just 100 metres away from the Van Gaver family, and one of their racing birds accidentally landed in Johan's loft. They told Johan to keep their bird, and it proved not only a highly successful racing bird but an equally valuable breeder. This was the pigeon that eventually sparked the creation of the successful Van Gaver-De Vroe combination! Johan started focusing on the young birds' competition, and Marnik & Tom were happy to look after the old widower cocks. The best young hens moved to the lofts of Rudi Vandeputte in Lemberge, where they are put to the test as yearlings. This approach is the key to success behind DVV pigeons.

Dream Pair

Most successful pigeon lofts can rely on a solid pigeon family, based around just a few top quality bloodlines. DVV pigeons is no exception, since much of their success can be attributed to their Dream Pair, consisting of Kleinen Schonen BE06-4100920 x Van Gaver-hen BE03-4152445 (the hen that accidentally landed in Johan's loft). Among the descendants of this amazing pair are two national first prize winners from Bourges. In addition, no less than nine direct youngsters have won one or more first prizes, while 20 grandchildren have already won at least one first prize. This is quite impressive.

Working hard

The DVV pigeons have to work hard, since the fanciers are not afraid to test their racing birds' limits. In previous seasons the male widowers were also basketed for nearly every national race in the longer middle distance. The same approach will now be used in the long distance as well, by sometimes having their pigeons complete two consecutive long distance races. An increasing number of fanciers are adopting this approach, especially those that focus on the (national) ace pigeon championships. The fanciers of DVV pigeons were quite successful with this approach: it resulted in the following national championship prizes KBDB:

 3rd Nat. Champion longer middle distance yearlings KBDB '15
 4th General Champion of Belgium KBDB '15
 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB '15
 7th Nat. Asduif Grote Halve Fond Jonge KBDB '15
11th Nat. Asduif Grote Halve Fond Oude KBDB '15
13th Nat. Kampioen Kleine Halve Fond Jonge KBDB '15
14th Nat. Kampioen Grote Halve Fond Oude KBDB '15
15th Nat. Asduif Fond Jaarlingen KBDB '15 

This is an impressive palmares! Their approach proved successful, and it shows that their pigeon collection appears to be of excellent quality.

André, national winner and best yearling in the long distance

This is a great champion! As a young bird he won a prize in four national young birds's races. He started this season with a few preparatory flights in the sprint competition, followed by no less than six consecutive middle distance races: Souppes, Vierzon, Issoudun, Bourges, Chateauroux, and Gueret. He then had a week off, before winning a first prize in Zone A from Montélimar, afer which he completed the races from Brive and Jarnac. He was the best yearling of Belgium over three national long distance races (PIPA ranking)!

-André BE14-4102124

Best Yearling of Belgium in the national long distance – 3 races
5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2015
18/7 Jarnac    Nat  4,557 p. 1 (fastest of 8,436 p.)
11/7 Brive     Club   202 p. 2
               Zone 3,405 p. 26
               Nat  9,049 p. 118
27/6 Montélimar Zone  164 p. 1
               Nat  1,512 p. 12

Click here for his full palmares.

He is a son of Valence BE12-4253572 (winner of a 1st club and a 9th Prov. Valence 658 p., a 97th Nat. St.Vincent 3,037 p., and he was bred from the line of Dream Pair) x Geschelpt De Coene BE11-4143356 (a direct André De Coene) from Son Jumbo BE09-4029332 x Souterraine BE10-4112826 (53rd La Souterraine 700 p.).
Click here for the full pedigree of André.

The best old birds of 2015: Blue Lucien and Ricky

As we said, the racing birds of DVV pigeons are really put to the test; they have to work hard to make it to the team. The pigeons that can make it through the winter will have a long list of achievements. We started looking for the two leading names in the team of old birds of 2015, and we ended up with the two stars Blue Lucien and Ricky. They both managed to win a national ace pigeon title as well.

-Ricky BE13-4142684

9th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance old birds KBDB 2014
Best racing bird in 2015: winner of 6,481 Km worth of prizes
 1st  Prov Gueret         2,027 p. ’14 
 8th  Prov Bourges        4,055 p. ’15
10th  Zone A Limoges      6,266 p. ’15
61st  Zone A Brive        3,703 p. ’15
65th  Zone A2 Chateauroux 5,418 p. ’15
180th Nat Montluçon      19,298 p. ’14

Click here for the full palmares of Ricky

-Blue Lucien BE13-4142510

11th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2015

The full palmares of Blue Lucien can be found here

Blue Lucien is in turn the sire of several talented descendants, including Primo’s Blue: 1st Zone A2 Gueret 4,878 p. ’15 in the lofts of Rudi Vandeputte
Click here for the palmares of Primo’s Blue

Blue Lucien originates from cracks as well: his parents are Geschelpte Lucien BE08-4331461 (1st Ace Pigeon Belgian Long distance trophy ’14) x Geschelpt Dikke BE09-4164252.

The parents of Blue Lucien: Lucien x Geschelpte Dikke

The most successful young bird: Always There

This successful young bird managed to finish high up in the national ace pigeon championship longer middle distance young birds KBDB, thanks to the following results:

-Always There BE15-4211650

7th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance young birds KBDB 2015
11th Prov Argenton         2,733 p.
16th Zone Argenton         4,200 p.
23rd Prov Blois            4,590 p.
70th Zone Bourges         11,401 p.
46th Prov La Souterraine   2,682 p.
153rd Nat La Souterraine   9,760 p.
144th Prov Issoudun        2,874 p.
501st Nat Issoudun        11,984 p.

Click here for the full palmares of Always There

Winner One Loft Race Kuznica

The pigeons had a great season but they were really successful in other lofts as well. The highlight was of course a victory in the final race of the Kuznica One Loft Race 2015 in Poland (504km) last September, with a youngster from Grizzle Tiets (a brother of Tiets) Camille, a direct daughter of the Dream Pair (click here to reread our report)

A strong team of hens

It was the team of cocks and young birds that managed to win an ace pigeon title but the hens had a great season in Rudi Vandeputte's loft as well: they won three zonal first prizes (besides André's first prize from Jarnac). We have already discussed Primo Blue's winning race, we will now take a closer look at the other two prize winners:

Prima Donna: 1st Zone A2 Chateauroux 3,150 p.

Blue Sven: 1 Zone A2 Gueret 4,003 p.

A versatile team

The 2015 racing season will be one to remember, given the numerous prizes that have been won, both with the old and the young birds: a national first prize from Jarnac, a victory in a One Loft Race, four national first prizes in the zone, a 5-7-11-15th national ace pigeon title, a 3-4-13-14th national champion title, and possibly even more championship titles at provincial level and in prestigious competitions. It goes without saying that the team of DVV pigeons has a bright future ahead!


Dit is wat men noemt een topseizoen.

Alex en Corry,

Een ongelooflijk team met een toekomst visie! Vorig jaar reeds gezegd: recht naar de top... Voor mijn part zijn ze er al!
Knap staaltje all round werk! Pure klasse! One team one heart! #samensterk

Proficiat aan het voltallige team , wat een seizoen

Van harte proficiat met jullie supersterk seizoen op verschillende fronten!!!

Mvg,Rudi De Saer

Van harte proficiat tom en u team.zeer sterk seizoen.

Mvg kristof

Van Harte Gefeliciteerd
Klasse wat een seizoen en dat op alle fronten bij de besten,
asduiven ,nationale winnaar geweldig.
nogmaals gefeliciteerd Laughing

Bedankt voor de felicitaties en de reportage.

Nog even volgende opmerking:
Normaal ook 10e kampioen fond oude duiven & 13e kampioen fond jaarlingen in de nationale kampioenschappen 2015. Maar door een administratiefoutje en onderschatting, hier normaal geen klassement.
Hopelijk in de toekomst automatisch berekening van de nationale kampioenschappen op de nationale vluchten georganiseerd door de KBDB (veel kan, zie: klassementen pipa, Entente Belge, CC, kampioenschappen FVOV, AJD Beide Vlaanderen, etc. - moet de liefhebber zelf niets indienen of invullen). Op de hoklijsten kan dan misschien bv gevraagd worden of de liefhebber in kwestie wenst deel te nemen aan de nationale kampioenschappen, net zoals andere kampioenschappen waarvoor we lidgeld dienen te betalen.
Of misschien digitale formulieren via de website van de KBDB, waarbij enkel correct ingevulde digitale ingevulde formulieren kunnen verzonden en geaccepteerd worden, zo zouden al een hele hoop administratiefouten uitgesloten worden, een mooi voorbeeld hiervan zijn de "Mooie prestaties op pipa". Ik heb het hier enkel over de kampioenschappen die vervlogen worden op de nationale vluchten, voor snelheid en halve fond zal dit niet mogelijk zijn gezien uitslagen dienen gestaafd te worden met lokale uitslagen.

Er is heel veel mogelijk de dag van vandaag...

Aan alle andere kampioenen, op welk niveau het ook mag zijn, een dikke proficiat.

Tot binnenkort


Schitterend seizoen gemaakt mannen, Proficiat!!

Dikke proficiat mannen!

Sterke duiven die zich pas in hun nopjes voelen als de omstandigheden 'hard' zijn!
Cracks op de zware HF en F!
De duif van de toekomst! De echte flandriens!
Naar mijn mening momenteel de sterkste stam van België!
Sterk, puur en onversneden!

Keep the good shit coming!

Van harte proficiat, Tom, Johan en Rudi Smile

Beste groeten

Proficiat aan het team De Vroe-Van Gaver- Vandeputte ! Zij hebben echt een top jaar achter de rug. Ik heb er reeds 2 keer duiven gehaald en ook 2 keer zaten er echt wel goede duiven tussen ! Die mannen hebben klasse duiven onder de pannen zitten. Ook uit dezelfde moeder van de "TEEN" heb ik een goed duivinnetje zitten ! En vooral in de hand is het een zeer mooie duivin ! Nog veel succes in de toekomst ! Met sportieve groeten, Mario Linsen