Antoine & Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) once again very strong in 2011

The national long distance champions KBDB 2010 faced a great challenge at the start of the season! After the sale of their entire racing team at the end of 2010, they only had a team of yearlings to start 2011 with… but they immediately displayed their class!

As Antoine & Rudi had sold their entire team of old racing birds in an internet auction through PIPA at the end of 2010, they only had a team of yearlings to start the 2011 racing season… although it was more extensive than usual of course. At the end of last year Rudi told us that in the future he wanted to strive towards the ‘national’ races, with a preference for the ‘extreme middle distance’… perhaps logical when you were proclaimed ‘National Champion KBDB’ in this discipline! In 2011 they made a start with the yearlings… which were given no less than 4 nationals to race… with Chateauroux, La Chatre, Argenton and the national Limoges for yearlings as end station!

From the first ‘grand middle distance race’ the De Saer pigeons gave it all they had, which immediately gave them ‘provincial victory’ from Tours! The De Saer colony was straight back from never having been gone… and it was very enjoyable as it immediately took away all doubts concerning the caution with which they had started 2011… because no-one could predict how quickly the gaps left by the auction of their team of old birds could be filled! When you can start the season with ‘provincial victory’ then it gives an assurance of peace… and some cause for euphoria! ‘Euforia’ which soon turned to incomprehension, to disbelief … because just 2 days later father Antoine suddenly passed away… like a bolt from the blue. A heavy blow to Rudi , who from one moment to the next came to stand alone. The following weeks both Rudi and the pigeons did their utmost to pay a worthy tribute to their master… and at times caused fireworks, which finally resulted in 3 provincial Ace birds KBDB West-Flanders!

Golden basis

It is a public secret that the Desaer colony is based on that noble Vandenabeele pedigree… whereby mainly the lines of the 1° Nat Limoges (Desyn-Vd Meulebroucke)- Turbo- Kleinen and Wittenbuik demanded a leading role in the stock building. In 1995 the first pigeons came from Dentergem to Ruiselede… 10 in total. In 1997 extra reinforcements came from the ‘Turbo’ together with 3 proven hens. The train started to roll… Later there was a shot of fresh blood from fellow villager Dr Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira, to cross with the Vandenabeele stock. At the end of 2010, following their national title KBDB, we paid a visit to the colony of Antoine & Rudi De Saer… whereby we discuseed their stock building, radcing system, coaching… can you can read it  here .

In the meantime a few toppers out the team of yearlings are ready to take over the torch from the success formation old birds, which in 2009 was flagged as 2° Nat. Long Distance Champion KBDB and in 2010 as national primus as 1° Nat. Long Distance Champion KBDB! A first in the row is a half-brother of the ‘Bleken’ (4° Nat Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2010), namely the 

-‘New Tours’ BE10-3020802

1° Ace bird Long distance club 2011
4° Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB W-Fl  2011
6° Ace bird Long Distance KBDB West-Fl 2011
Tours         77 p. 1
   Prov      518 p. 1
Tours        271 p. 2
   Prov    3.526 p. 11
Bourges      272 p. 3
   Prov    1.388 p. 15
Chateauroux  372 p. 12
   Prov    4.072 p. 120
   Nat.   25.263 p. 502
Argenton     288 p. 3
   Prov    3.125 p. 15
   Nat.   19.782 p. 87
Limoges      249 p. 1
   Prov    2.890 p. 3
   Nat.   14.673 p. 6 

Father: ‘Son Groten’BE02-3185762 ( 2° Prov Ace bird Long distance o.b. KBDB 2006 with:  35° Chateauroux 4.308 p. , 64° Limoges  5.804 p., 31° prov Brive 1.251 p., 34° nat Brive 9.466 p., 264° nat Brive 20.310 p.)
GF:  ‘The Groten’ BE98-3240120 ( won a.o. 1st Tours 267p, 1st Chartres 341p, 1st Angoulème, 2nd Blois 441p , 5th Tours 2409p, 7th Blois 1332p, 11th Poitiers 2766p.)
GM: ‘Rebecca’ BE98-3240153, excellent daughter out the ‘Geschelpten Limoges 277/95’ x ’t Wittenbuikske 275/95’ (daughter ‘Wittenbuik’ Gaby Vandenabeele)
Mother:’’t Goedje’ BE 05-3177035, a granddaughter of stock bear  ‘Kleinen’ van Gaby Vandenabeele and a super breeding hen … she is a.o. mother of the  ‘Bleken’ (4° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB 2010), from the  ‘Tours’, etc.
GF: ‘Son Kleinen’ BE93-3050291 ( direct  G. Vandenabeele)
GM: ‘Dana  1’ BE97-3062343 ( direct  G. Vandenabeele)

The great hope for the future, and already one of the great favourites of Rudi (together with ‘New Tours’) is the ‘Messi’… a name which was not given to any old pigeon in the loft, but to the ‘topper’, the ‘Nr 1’ of the loft… he performed as follows: 

-‘Messi’ BE10-3020855

2° Ace bird Long distance KBDB West-Fl 2011
Clermont     146 p. 1
Ablis        268 p. 1
Tours        249 p. 2
Clermont     340 p. 17
Ablis        217 p. 14
La Chatre    291 p. 2
   Prov    2.815 p. 8
   Zone A  7.487 p. 130
   Nat.   21.180 p. 1954
Argenton     288 p. 10
   Prov    3.125 p. 55
   Nat.   19.782 p. 327
Limoges      249 p. 2
   Prov    2.890 p. 4
   Nat.   14.673 p. 8 

Father: ‘Late Zwarten’BE08-3037496… also father of the ‘Iniesta’: 86° Nat Chateauroux 25.263 p., and a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon.

GF: ‘Périgueux’ BE99-3243699’, self 1° Perigeux 138 p. (6° Prov 1.053 p.), 2° Ruffec 278 p. (14° Prov 2.710 p.), which is also father of the 1°, 3°, 4° Prov. Ace bird Long distance KBDB W-Fl… as son of 2 direct Vandenabeele-pigeons, with the ‘Geschelpte Limoges 277/95 (Son 1° Nat Limoges) x ‘Wittenbuikske 275/95’ (direct daughter of the legendary ‘Wittenbuik’).

GM: ‘Corry’ BE01-3031189, mother of the 1° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’09, 3° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’06, 4° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’05… a direct Gaby Vandenabeele as daughter of the ‘Turbo 128/90’ (1° Prov Ace bird KBDB ’93, 2° Prov Ace bird KBDB ’94, 2° Nat Brive ’93…) x ‘Black Beauty 307/95’.

Mother: ‘Tamara’BE08-3037345… also mother of the aforementioned ‘Iniesta’.

GF: ‘Monty’ BE06-3125883, self  11° Nat Montauban 6.654 p., 34° Nat Souillac 7.039 p., 150° Nat Brive 17.456 p., 244° Nat Limoges 11.869 p. (out ‘Broere Bleken 575/01’ x ‘Nationalke 761/02’… both 100% Vandenabeele pigeons).

GM: ‘The 62’ BE03-3220062, daughter of ‘Den 17’ (a full brother of the ‘Perigueux’, so out the ‘Geschelpte Limoges’ x ‘Wittenbuikske’) x ‘Mora 445/89’.

The third yearling which also played an important role in 2011 was without doubt ‘Witpen Stier’, which also managed to rank itself within the ‘top-10’ of the provincial championships ‘long distance’ KBDB West-Fl, with the following performances: 

-‘Witpen Stier’ BE10-3020756

10° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB West-Fl 2011
Arras          173 p. 1
Ablis          346 p. 11
Tours          271 p. 28
   Prov YL     518 p. 44
   Prov Oude 3.526 p. 274
Chateauroux    372 p. 7
   Prov      4.072 p. 78
   Nat      25.263 p. 318
La Chatre      291 p. 25
   Prov      2.815 p. 127
Argenton       288 p. 1
   Prov      3.125 p. 2
   Nat      19.728 p. 10
Limoges        249 p. 36
   Prov      2.890 p. 220
   Nat      14.673 p. 890  

Father: ‘Son Stier’BE08-3037460

GF: ‘Stier 1’ BE95-3211266, father of the 1° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB W-Fl ’00 (and grandson of stock father ‘Kleinen’ by Gaby Vandenabeele)

GM: ‘Sister 2 Jens’ BE05-3177117, daughter of the ‘Geschelpte Neptunus 181/03’, a direct G.Vandenabeele (out the ‘Neptunus 708/99’ x ‘Pootje 003/03’… granddaughter of stock father ‘Kleinen 253/81’)

Mother: ‘Fietje’BE08-3037324

GF: ‘Tornado’ BE01-3117035, top breeder and father of the 1° Prov Tours, 1° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’06, and a 100% Vandenabeele (out ‘Son Kleinen 291/93’ x ‘Bontekopke 099/00’)

GM: ‘Argentonneke’ BE03-3220018, self 5° Prov Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’03, 1° Prov Argenton 1.904 p. (3° Nat 17.129 p.), 1° La Souterraine 129 p… and daughter of ‘Den 41’ 241/96 (out the top couple ‘Geschelpte Limoges 277/95’ x ‘Wittenbuikske 275/95) x ‘Fantasia 012/98’ (self 1° Blois 425 p., and 3° Prov 7.377 p.).

These 3 cocks were the trendsetters to the excellent sport season 2011 which the De Saer-pigoens achieved once again, resulting in no less than 15 x 1° prizes, and a chain of ‘Ace birds’ up to provincial level, wherefrom we have noted down the most prominent. The youngsters also did well in 2011 in the middle distance races, as shown in the following performance list. The road to new national successes seems to have been paved for Rudi…

A few results Yearlings 2011 

07/5 Ablis        547 p. 1-2-3-4-5-7-12-14-15… (40/52)
14/5 Tours Prov   518 p. 1-7-13-42-44… (13/24)
04/6 Chateauroux  372 p. 2-3-4-5-7-11-12-13-14-16-20-22-23 (31/50)
          Prov. 4.072 p. 17-36-38-39-78-115-120-123-124-166(35/50)
          Nat. 25.263 p. 86-169-172-185-318-477-502-505-511 (35/50)
17/6 La Chatre    291 p. 2-5-9-11-14-15-23-25-27-28… (21/46)
          Prov. 2.815 p. 8-29-36-55-58-60-105-127-140-142-172-174-184-187… (26/46)
          Zone  7.487 p. 130-237-275-340-366-367… (26/46)
01/7 Argenton     288 p. 1-3-7-8-10-13-17-19-21-22-24-27-28…(31/49)
          Prov  3.125 p. 2-15-47-49-55-72-100-169-177-185-190(33/49)
          Nat. 19.782 p. 10-87-270-274-327-410-526… (33/49)
15/7 Limoges      249 p. 1-2-8-13-15-19-22-29… (20/40)
          Prov. 2.890 p. 3-4-39-63-69-93-120… (20/40)
          Nat. 14.673 p. 6-8-129-219-238-340-435...(20/ 40)

A few results youngsters 2011

Tours    63 p. 1-2-3-6-8-10… (13/27)
Tours    66 p. 1-4-5… (10/21)
Tours   128 p. 2-5-8-9-11… (16/31)
Tours   117 p. 4-5-6-9-11… (11/14)
Brionne 229 p. 2-13-14-17-22… (17/26)
Ablis   245 p. 2-5-7-10-14… (22/43)
Ablis   108 p. 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11… (19/27)
Ablis   196 p. 1-2-7-9-10… (34/55)

(Distance: Ablis 300 Km, Tours 450 Km, Chateauroux 490 Km, La Chatre 510 Km, Argenton 515 Km, Limoges 600 Km)

Most prominent performances of the Antoine & Rudi De Saer loft in the period   2000-2011

-15 x 1° Provincial
- 5 x 1° Prov. Ace bird West-Flanders KBDB
- 3 x 2° Prov. Ace bird West- Flanders KBDB
- 4° National Ace bird Long distance KBDB 2010
- 10° National Ace bird Long distance KBDB 2009
- 1° National Champion Long distance KBDB 2010
- 2° National Champion Long distance KBDB 2009 



ha Rudi

Gecondoleerd met Antoine.

geweldig gespeelt met u duiven, en de echte zitten bij u, proviciat.
vorig jaar nog met pijn zien vertrekken de pedro, een geweldigge doffer.

peter gieskens

Hallo Rudi

Schitterend man wat jij hebt gepresteerd dit jaar toen je er plots alleen kwam voor te staan.
Je vader mag trots zijn op zijn opvolger de kolonie is in bekwame handen en de laatse provinciale asduif is nog niet naar de Zandvleuge "gevlogen" komen er nog.....zeker weten.
Een welverdiende proficiat Rudi.

Zedelgemse sportgroeten.

Eddy van "Casa Barca".(altijd welkom hé makker).

Hello De SAER
Congratulation ones again
Thankyou to send some fantastiq breeder´s to Portugal
Lucky to have in my loft your´s pigeon´s.

Hey broer

Het was geen gemakkelijk jaar door het plotse overlijden van "onze pa".
Hij zal trots zijn op wat jij hebt gepresteerd dit jaar en hoe je zijn levenswerk verder zet!
Doe zo verder,een dikke proficiat.

Petra De Saer


Congratulations from Hungary as well. Great results!!

Wish you all the best:

István Varga