Adrie van der Rhee (Alblasserdam, NL) claims fifth consecutive title of Emperor Entente Drechtsteden and says farewell to program races

Adrie van der Rhee prolongues his title of Emperor Entente Drechtsteden again in 2017 but this will be his last title for now: Adrie will no longer compete in the program races. From 2018 he will compete solely in the ZLU long distance competition in Ineke's name.

Adrie and Ineke van der Rhee celebrating another great season

Adrie and Ineke van der Rhee, a great combination

Pigeon racing has always had a prominent place in the life of Adrie van der Rhee, who kept his first pigeons at the age of 14. He completed his first races together with his uncle, and he raced pigeons together with his father for a while as well. He has been in a combination with Ineke since 1983. Adrie has been involved in the sport for more than 50 years now, and he thinks the time has come to take a step back. He will no longer compete in the program races, opting instead for the ZLU races, racing in Ineke's name. After winning a national first prize from Pau in 2014, Adrie successfully competed in the ZLU for the first time in 2017, albeit with a limited number of pigeons. This team was raced in Ineke's name as well, and they are clearly on the right track, with a 100% prize percentage in Barcelona and Marseille. Adrie and Ineke really started to excel in the program racs from 1987 onwards; here is a look at the most notable results:

1st National Loft Champion One Day Long Distance 1999
1st National Best Ace Cock WHZB 2008 with NL07-1841493 De Peter
1st National Blois (10927 p.)
1st National Bourges (10856 p.)
2nd National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2008 with NL06-1085964 De Gentleman
3rd National Champion Young Birds 2016
3rd National Loft Champion Middle Distance
3rd National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2008 with NL06-1091913 De Schim
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Budapest Cat. G Superior Yearlings with NL13-1255767 Chantalleke
4th National Loft Champion One Day Long Distance
4th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2014 with NL11-1760761 De Vierzon 
(and 1st substitute pigeon Olympiad Long Distance Budapest)
4th Best Young Bird TBOTB 2011 with NL11-1760727 Puk
4th Best Sprint Pigeon Olympiad Gran Canaria 1993 (89-461)

Emperor Entente Drechtsteden from 2013 to 2017

Adrie did not want his exit to go by unnoticed, and so he won his fifth consecutive title of Emperor Entente Drechtsteden in 2017. His victories from Duffel, Quiévrain and Blois illustrate how versatile his pigeon breed is: they can excel across every distance. In fact, Adrie has finished in the top four of each emperor championship this season, except for the overnight long distance. In addition, he has several pigeons in the top ten of the ace pigeon championships, with no less than four top ten placings in the middle distance and young birds championships.

Founded on a top class breed

This success story is founded on a group of very talented pigeons, and one of them is NL87-2070804 De Super, winner of five first prizes in major races. He then became the sire and grandfather of several top class pigeons including Olympiade 61 (4st Sprint Pigeon Gran Canaria). A round of pigeons of the De Wit Brothers (Koudekerk, NL) were successfully introduced in 1991 and '92, with the Reims bloodline proving particularly valuable. A group of about 20 pigeons of G&S Verkerk were obtained as well, that was in 2004. In the following years additional pigeons of the V.D. Heuvel Brothers (Gouderak, NL), the B&W Combination, W vd Pasch, Jan Eskens and Jan van de Pasch were purchased as well (these had some Van der Rhee origins as well). The remainder of this report will be about some of the team's most important bloodlines, and we begin with a few proven breeders:

NL12-1637231 Leeuwinneke

NL12-1637231 Leeuwinneke, a great breeder for Adrie van der Rhee

One of the hens that played a defining role in this breed is NL12-1637231 Leeuwinneke. She was bred from two pigeons that originate from Leo Heremans (Vorselaar, BE). The pedigree of Leeuwinneke shows that she is related to a few renowned pigeons of some of Belgium's grandmasters, including Olympiade, Tongerke, Safier, Tori and De Jan. Leeuwinneke is the dam of the following prize winners:

NL13-1255822   2nd Ace Pigeon YBs Rayon A Entente Drechtstreden
NL14-1076355   1st Duffel 1931 p.
NL14-1076410   1st St.-Quentin 854 p.
               1st Morlincourt 810 p.
               1st Duffel 642 p.
NL15-1721607   1st Arras 1091 p.
               1st Pont-St.-Maxence 685 p.
NL15-1721643   1st Duffel 2533 p.
               1st Quiévrain 880 p.

Click here for an extensive overview of the best achievements of Leeuwinneke's youngsters.

One of her best daughters is without doubt NL14-1076410 Dafne.

NL14-1076410 Dafne, a great racing hen bred straight from Leeuwinneke

Dafne is a daughter of Leeuwinneke, which was paired to NL10-1706689 De Contador. This cock is a grandson of NL06-1085964 De Gentleman, which became 2nd Best Ace Pigeon in the national WHZB competition in WHZB. Dafne came to the fore with three impressive victories - her impressive palmares can be found here.

NL09-1209619 The Winner

NL09-1209619 The Winner, winner of 68 prizes

The breeding loft is also home to NL09-1209619 The Winner, which was a proven racing bird with an impressive 68 prizes (19 x top 10) on his palmares. He was the fastest of 32,000 pigeons in Pommeroeul in 2012. Click here for his most impressive achievements. The Winner has been invaluable in the breeding loft as well, as the sire of: 

NL14-1076311: 1st Quiévrain 2,294 p.
NL14-1076312: 1st Sens 538 p.

NL11-1760728 De Bonte br:Puk

NL11-1760728 De Bonte br:Puk, a great racing bird and winner of four first prizes

Another renowned racing bird in this team is NL11-1760728 De Bonte br:Puk, who owes his name to his sister NL11-1760727 Puk. She was quite successful as well as 3rd Best Young Bird in the national TBOTB competition in 2011. Her brother, the 11-728, was almost just as successful, winning a 1st Peronne 2,904 p., 1st Nivelles 2,139 p., 1st Lille-Lesquin 2,104 p. and 1st Duffel 607 p. Click here for his list of achievements.

We will now take a look at a few racing cocks from the 2017 racing team that really showed their worth this season.

NL15-1721616 Mister Perfect

NL15-1721616 Mister Perfect. In 2015 2e Asduif Jong Afdeling 5

Racing bird NL15-1721616 Mister Perfect is quite a strong pigeon. He came into prominence as a young bird, winning the title of 2nd Ace Pigeon YBs in Province 5. The sire of Miss Perfect is a grandson of Gentleman (2nd Ace Pigeon WHZB 2008), which we talked about earlier. Adrie won himself a scooter with Mister Perfect, since this was the main prize in Fondclub Groot Rotterdam. He has won the following first prizes:

1st Blois        1,777 p.
1st Nanteuil     1,298 p.
1st Asse-Zellik    879 p.
1st Bourges        818 p.

An overview of his best results (with 11 x 1:100) can be found here.

NL15-1721607: 2 x teletext

NL15-1721607: teletext prizes from Pontoise and Bourges

We would also like to introduce you to blue whitepen cock NL15-1721607. This racing cock is a son of the renowned Leeuwinneke, paired to NL13-1255768 De Leerdammer. This pigeon has won two teletext prizes in 2017: he claimed a 6th prize of 19,072 pigeons in the middle distance teletext race from Pontoise, and went on to finish in 2nd place of 10,321 pigeons in the one day long distance race from Bourges NPO. In addition, the 15-607 wins a race from Arras of 1,091 pigeons, as well as a race from Pont-St.-Maxence of 685 pigeons. Click here for his best results.

A farewell

His excellent 2017 season marks the end of the program races for the fancier from Alblasserdam. Adrie van der Rhee became Emperor Entente Drechtsteden five years in a row but he will leave the title to someone else next year. He will be aiming for the ZLU competition in the next couple of years instead. We are eager to see what he can do in this discipline, although Ineke will the leader of the team now.